Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

Majority cafe has closed

Open a cafe in Fitzroy they said. It will be easy they said. Once the hipsters have paid off their tattoos they spend the rest of their money on all day breakfast. If only it was that simple. I’m no expert but it’s obvious that, for a cafe to be profitable, it has to be mostly full most of the time.

Majority cafe on Kerr St, just off Brunswick St, was mostly empty most of the time and, as predicted, it has failed and closed. The operators were not aware of how amateurish they were and the service was terrible. It lasted only about six months. I thought it looked abandoned just before Christmas but now it’s been confirmed the space will become a gin bar.

It’s another example of the premise I have repeatedly referred to: namely that if the aesthetics of an operator (and subsequently their venue) are less sophisticated than those of the customers then the venue will quickly fail. I’m sure you fondly remember Ta-co’s choc shock cafe on Brunswick St. No? Of course not. No one ever went in there because it looked awfully suburban.

Fitzroy locals don’t want suburban. Suburbans leave the banality of suburbia to visit the inner city for some style and culture. They don’t want to find suburban aesthetics here either. They’re looking for something more exotic or quixotic. Suburban aesthetics in an urban environment fail to meet the needs of the two major audiences. Why is this so hard for some operators to understand?


pink Capri

This horrendous pink Ford Capri has been abandoned on Fitzroy St around Hanover St. The plates have been removed. I’d be mortally embarrassed to admit ownership if it was mine too. And it has helpfully been annotated with a hashtag for the Instagrammers.


the ongoing disaster of the Fitzroy Residents’ Association website

There are may things I hate. I hate seeing the vulnerable being exploited. I hate unprofessional behaviour, particularly that of people I work with or who are in the same profession as me, because they undermine the reputation of their peers (including me). I hate stupidity and the passive-aggressive determination of people to continue to be exploited (after they become aware of their circumstances) rather than take some action to liberate themselves.

The following contains examples of all of these circumstances. First, let me summarise the role of a web developer. The job requires you to design and build websites for clients based on their needs. It also requires you to purchase services on behalf of clients, such as domain name registration and website hosting. You also provide advice about coordinating the use of other online services, such as Mailchimp.


The FRA website homepage at 15 January 2015

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