Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

the gender horror of Spike Jonze’s Her

As a lover of science fiction, I eagerly went to see Spike Jonze’s film Her, which is about a man, Theodore Twombly, who falls in love with Samantha, the intuitive artificial intelligence that is the operating system of his computing devices. Theodore is about to be divorced from Catherine, is lonely and is desirous of companionship and understanding from women.

While the film is complex, intriguing and full of plausible near-future ideas, it is also full of disturbing representations of women and heterosexual sexual and romantic relationships. There are numerous spoilers ahead so, if you have not seen it and plan to, stop reading now.

sex and gender film

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dinner at Smith and Daughters on Brunswick St

Smith and Daughters is a new vegan restaurant on Brunswick St, which is located in the building formerly occupied by De Los Santos. The food is predominantly based on the central and south American dishes and flavours that are currently fashionable.

As an omnivore I’ll eat almost anything as long as it’s tasty and the food at Smith and Daughters is commendable. I tend to avoid mock meat, and don’t understand the point of it, and my dining companion and I ordered accordingly to (mostly) avoid it.

We shared (from the top down): sopa de frijoles negros (Brazilian black bean soup with avocado salsa), chiles rellenos (a large grilled pepper that is stuffed with mock chorizo, battered and deep fried, and served with red rice), tamales with mushrooms and nopales (cactus), champinones al ajillo (button mushrooms in a smoked paprika sauce, served with toast, not photographed) and a serve each of divine little doughnuts with quince jam.

restaurant dinners food fitzroy brunswick st

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lunch at the Kangaroo hotel in Maldon

A busy trading day on a public holiday with a local event filling the main street often results in slow service at a country pub. It was like this to begin with at the Kangaroo hotel in Maldon yesterday, but they did well overall and won my party of three’s admiration with some great pub food and cheerful service.

We started with a ‘local’ tasting plate (it was unclear what, if anything, on it was local, and it wasn’t much more than salami and salad). It took quite a while to arrive, and by that time a glass of Pondalowie’s silky smooth shiraz had already disappeared. Then our mains arrived while we were still dispatching the entree.

It didn’t matter as we were all rather hungry. I enjoyed my roast lamb with salsa verde and vegetables. My partner loved her pork ribs, chips and very tangy slaw, and the child serve chicken parma (not photographed) disappeared in record time. They had run out of burgers and some other menu items by the time we ordered but we were pleased with what was available to us.

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