Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

The Rickshaw is closed for renovations

This was spotted last week. Writing on the papered over window of The Rickshaw on Gertrude St says ‘closed for renovation’. After opening about 18 months ago they have struggled to attract customers. The vibe is wrong. The menu seemed contrived. I could not bring myself to enter. I believe the operators are the same as for the previous restaurant there, Tandoori Times, which also failed. I’ll be surprised if it reopens.


lunch at the Stone hotel

On a recent weekend I went to the new Stone hotel on the corner of Brunswick and Johnston streets for lunch with a friend. We entered from the Johnston St side and sat in the corner of the room and faced the large open room.

We were greeted by the barman and offered table service rather than ordering at the bar as it was not very busy. A large table in the middle of the room held several couples with babies and a few other couples sat about the room.

The menu is rather interesting, with share plates being a focus. It’s more restaurant than pub. We ordered cheddar and pickled walnut croquettes, lamb ribs with mustard puree (I can’t remember if it had a pumpkin or cauliflower base), bacon doughnuts with bay leaf butter and maple syrup, and carrot and feta salad.


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