Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

go home commercial real estate agent, you’re drunk

Who was the clown that approved this? In the former Bala’s space where Latin Passion and Dibacio’s, both amateurish failures, closed within a year, another styleless restaurant has opened. I predict East Meets West will similarly close within a year. It uses the same ugly furniture and has the same uninviting interior as its predecessors. No one will go here. How can anyone be so clueless as to invent this mediocrity?


lunch at Rice Paper Scissors

This may be the last in my current short series of CBD lunch posts, as my job in the city is about to end. I’ve enjoyed finding some new, or just new to me, places to eat in the east end of the city and am impressed by how many interesting new places exist. The last place I ate at was Rice Paper Scissors, a hipster Thai bar restaurant in Liverpool St.

Their small plates are the perfect size for a solo lunch and would be great to share with someone for dinner. This chargrilled pork and herb salad was only $12 and the flavour was explosive – lots of chilli and lime juice and the freshest leaves made it a fantastic meal. I’d love to return in the evening to share more food and drinks with someone.