Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

coffee and cake at Il Melograno in Northcote

Northcote is buzzing at the moment. Apart from the closure of the lovely United Arab Eatery (which is relocating further north on High St in Preston), the northern strip is full of places that are new to me. The very southern Westgarth section of High St is also interesting,with Il Melograno opening recently. They do icecream, cake, coffee and simple savoury dishes. The coffee is very impressive and the cake is divine. Behold the chocolate and pear cake. I’ll try the icecream when it gets warmer.

northcote food coffee

everything you’re being told about internet piracy is wrong

Yesterday’s Online Copyright Infringement Forum was a joke. It can be argued that the unauthorised reproduction of digital goods cannot be considered theft in the physical sense according to existing laws. Australian consumers are being exploited by content owners, who charge unreasonable amounts for content with no justification for the price differences between other countries and Australia. No wonder Australian consumers are rebelling and are pirating media.

One thing the government and content owners consistently get wrong is the issue of consumption. They assume the desire to consume content is guaranteed. From this premise they argue that the choice consumers make is between paying for content or stealing it and consuming it for free. This fundamental error needs to be contested.

Consumption cannot be assumed. It is not guaranteed. The choice many content consumers make is between viewing some media for free or not viewing it at all. They have no intention of paying for it. This is because it has negligible value for them. If something is easily available for free they will watch it. If not, they will do something else.

The internet has facilitated the development of a single global market for digital goods, including media content. Geographical boundaries and the different release dates, prices and other irregularities that form part of media territories are now meaningless. They are a barrier to consumption and have been declared illegitimate by consumers. Content owners cannot justify exploiting some customers more than others based on where they live.

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