Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

more kebabs for Smith St

When Efes Kebabs closed I didn’t expect another kebab shop to open in its place, but Istanbul will open soon. Similarly nearby, Goshen Korean closed and Mr Bulgogi Korean has opened in its place. And the kebab shop on Johnston St near LuWow has changed again. I do like a good openning. If only commercial signwriters were literate and could correct small business owners’ errors…



I find it so amusing when I see taggers criticising their moron brethren as if they are better than them. They accept no responsibility for the criminal damage they cause but then complain if their illiterate rubbish is interfered with. They really are too stupid to deserve human rights. This is on the laneway between and parallel to Brunswick and Fitzroy streets just off Leicester St.



go home commercial real estate agent, you’re drunk

Who was the clown that approved this? In the former Bala’s space where Latin Passion and Dibacio’s, both amateurish failures, closed within a year, another styleless restaurant has opened. I predict East Meets West will similarly close within a year. It uses the same ugly furniture and has the same uninviting interior as its predecessors. No one will go here. How can anyone be so clueless as to invent this mediocrity?