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if you want this job you will give up your rights to privacy and free speech

I recently applied, and attended an interview, for an online community manager role at a prominent Melbourne based company that operates an online market for digital goods including software and media. Let’s call them Embargo. A few days after the interview I received a phone call from the company. Unfortunately for me they had chosen another candidate for the role.

They offered me some feedback about my performance in the interview. They said that while all my answers to their questions were more than satisfactory, which indicated that I had all the skills and experience required to be successful in the role, they were concerned about two issues.

First, I had mentioned in the interview that I am concerned about my privacy online. I asked to what extent the community manager needed to be publicly identifiable online, specifically in terms of a photo of them being published alongside their name in public facing websites and forums, effectively providing metadata about the image for search engines to index.

I said I was very reluctant to allow my identity to be published in this manner. The issue baffled them and they didn’t know how to respond. I explained that being visually anonymous was important to me. I have always known that being anonymous is an asset as a restaurant reviewer. I have always protected my name and my image to do my best to remain anonymous. Furthermore, I explained that I had suffered a nasty period of online stalking and real world harassment in 2010 that continued until 2012.

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