Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

N2 gelato needs to take responsibility for the litter it generates

According to Scally and Trombone (who have moved to Gertrude St and Smith St), this sculpture on display in their empty window was made from the novelty syringes served by their former neighbours, N2 gelato, on some icecreams that were discarded in the gutter by lazy customers. N2 seems to take no responsibility for the waste they generate, for example by putting a bin out the front for the syringes or information inside their shop about not littering.


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ethics vs taggers

Here’s more evidence of the nasty petty spiteful stupidity of tagging culture. Someone has been writing ‘nost’ around Fitzroy a lot, including here on the garage door part of the ratepayer funded Smug / Sofles / Adnate mural on Leicester St, thus defacing it.

Someone else, presumably from the scene, has criticised this by calling them ‘toy’ (loser) and ‘faggot’. Charming. We already know this moronic scene is misogynistic, anti-intellectual and pointlessly territorial. Now it’s homophobic as well. They’re male macho losers.


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brunch at Lady Melville in West Brunswick

I may have gone a bit overboard with winter and the craving for meat but I am unapologetic. Lamb ragu. Goat roll. Reuben sandwiches. Yes, those. Lady Melville in West Brunswick does one with a difference. The basic recipe as I understand it is corned beef, cheese, sauerkraut and mustard. Instead of corned beef, Lady Melville use pastrami, which is similar but different enough to be interesting.

The best thing is they don’t make a slim pile like an average Australian sandwich – they make a huge fat pile of meat like a proper American sandwich. Oh yes. All this for $14. It’s worth cycling up hills into the wind for. The coffee is a bit average in contrast to this exceptional sandwich, but it’s cosy inside and the staff are nice and the menu overall is better than those of many similar places.