Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

Cafe Klein has closed

The odd little experiment that was Cafe Klein on Brunswick St has closed. It featured an uninspiring dark aesthetic and, for a period, a retro trucker / bikie clientele or owner. I don’t know who it was meant to appeal to. It took over from the previous failure there, Max’s cafe. Next please…


from Burlesque to Marquis to Vice

Johnston Street’s bar strip has not been doing well in recent years. Bars and other businesses publicly declared two years ago that they had been struggling to survive. The Burlesque bar closed in 2013, to be replaced by the Marquis, which in turn closed in 2014 and Vice opened. Vice is offering cheap dumplings as a point of difference. But the business is also currently listed for sale. I doubt cheap dumplings are paying the rent.