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street art doesn’t discourage taggers because taggers are morons

The title of this post is self explanatory. Spending thousands of dollars of ratepayers’ money to put a mural on private residential property, which should be maintained by its owners, won’t work. Street art doesn’t discourage taggers because taggers are morons who cannot be reasoned with. This mural on Young St is not even complete and they’re already doing it.


breakfast at Archies All Day on Gertrude St

Archies All Day is a new cafe / restaurant that opened a week ago today. I visited on Saturday afternoon for a late brunch. It’s in the space of the former Southpaw, and in terms of its all day and night service and contemporary menu it is in the style of Hammer and Tong.

I ordered the huevos sucio (dirty eggs), which is fried eggs on tater tots with avocado, black beans, tomatillo salsa, chipotle mayo and jalapeño-spiked Monterrey Jack cheese. My companion ordered the miso cured salmon with pickled cucumber, daikon, seaweed butter and croutons.

My mistake was not knowing what tater tots are. I guessed some small form of potato, and was vaguely right, but I was expecting pieces of real potato and in that aspect I was wrong. Tater tots are American manufactured potato croquettes that you buy frozen from the supermarket. Australians of a certain age may be more familiar with their round equivalent, pommes noisettes.


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