Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

another food truck becomes a restaurant on Smith St

Following on from the business behind Gumbo food truck establishing itself as Po Boy Quarter on Smith St, the Beat Box truck operator is setting up in the former Vibe / Seraphim cafe on Smith St, which has been empty for nearly two years. I wonder if they will use the upstairs space, which used to host a comedy night that featured some memorable performances.

smith st opening soon fitzroy

attention hipsters, bogan suburbia says hello

Just for once I’d like the City of Yarra to demonstrate that it understands the consequences of its actions and thus that it makes considered decisions when spending ratepayers’ money. The latest example of their extreme incompetence is the issue of the new mural on the Leicester St side wall of Nobody jeans on the corner of Brunswick St.

street art leicester st fitzroy city of yarra

I didn’t realise when I watched it being painted recently that it was commissioned by the City of Yarra. I assumed Nobody had commissioned it. When I wrote previously about the work being sealed with an anti-tagging protectant I thought that was sensible as the previous work on the wall, a collaborative mural featuring many different faces, had gradually been tagged and defaced to such an extent that it looked neglected and abandoned to random derangement. It was exciting at first to see it being painted over and the wall being temporarily blank before the new work was begun.

But now we have all learned that the work was commissioned by the council, that it is apparently controversial, and that Yarra mayor Jackie Fristacky would have preferred ‘a mural of scenery of bushland or the Abbotsford Convent‘. How pathetic is that? How would this specific site have relevance to a mural of the Abbotsford Convent? How hilariously naive is she?

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