Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

lunch at Leche on Johnston St

Soon after publishing my review of Leche on Johnston St a friend emailed me and said ‘I need that arepa. We must go there for lunch.’ So yesterday we went for lunch and found ourselves one of several tables enjoying the coffee and sandwiches.

Whereas I had previously had the simpler $8 chorizo and cheese arepa without realising it, we ordered the more complex $9 one with mushroom and rocket, which was fantastic, as were the Cuban and frittata sandwiches we shared. Simple things done well are a joy to eat, and Leche is providing it. I’ve hopeful they turn this difficult location into a success.

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dinner at Delhi Streets in the Melbourne CBD

The Indian street food cafe Delhi Streets opened in the fast developing west end of the CBD in March in a lane with several other small food businesses. As I’m rather keen on Indian food I was eager to get there, and it seemed the perfect place for a light dinner before my first MIFF film this year.

My charming dining companion, a chef, had opinions about the kitchen and the design of the compact room. We sat side by side at a bar space looking in at the kitchen. My chef friend was impressed with how new and clean it looked, while I marvelled at the chef wearing a thick cardigan taking breads out of the tandoor without breaking into a sweat.


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