Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065


The big sharps bin outside North Yarra Community Health is often mistaken for a charity donation bin, and clothes and toys are sometimes seen scattered around it. Yesterday it featured two frying pans, handles neatly symmetrical. I’m tempted to call it an installation.


breakfast at Leche cafe on Johnston St

Leche is new Latin American cafe on the edge of the Johnston St Hispanic strip, with Casa Iberica a couple of doors down and Los Amates just across the road. They make good coffee and have a short menu including arepas and sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. My delicious chorizo and cheese arepa was only $8.

I’ve maintained an interest in this building for several years as an example of the complex issue of how spaces work as hospitality venues. This building has been the location of repeated closures in 2012, 2013 and earlier in 2015. It’s a puzzle and a situation that I think can be changed. I hope they do well.


KikiRiki on Smith St is getting a complete makeover

Remember when Brother Burger took over from Retro cafe on Brunswick St three years ago? They began by putting a separate business, La Dulcita latin cafe, on the Brunswick St frontage with the much larger Brother Burger having the far less visible Westgarth St frontage.

La Dulcita closed after a couple of months as Brother Burger realised that hiding itself in plain sight on a busy high street was a nonsensical thing to do. It’s a lesson that KikiRiki Latin Street Food on Smith St should have paid attention to.


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