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I agree with this Argyle St commenter completely. I am so sick of whinging pathetic junkies and having to deal with petty crime on the streets of Fitzroy. But I also love living here. There are no simple answers…


  1. I was walking down Gertrude street yesterday, when a woman got off the tram to ask me if I had “two dollars for a tram ticket”.

    Umm, no.

  2. To hell with junkies, they are nothing but selfish bastards.
    I once was asked for money “to buy food” so I gave the lass some dim sims I had in a back to munch on along with my steak and black bean sauce, only to be told “fuck off you fat fuck”.
    I vowed never to assist a junkie again and skipped the dim sim entrees from that point on.

  3. A junkie stole my iPod case at the train station today. I dropped it after I removed my iPod from it to adjust the volume. The bastard picked it up and ran off with it. It had Jesus on the cross listening to an iPod (tagline: “Jesus is listening, but not to you”), so I wonder what he thought of it?

  4. Argh!!
    the one single thing that is an actual blight on the day to day living in Melbourme is the friggin junkies.

    It beggers belief that anyone seeing these scum bags selling them selves, being found dead in toilets, stealing from children would ever think

    “You know that looks like a laugh, I must get myself some of this Heroin, for it’s all the rage with those in the know.”

  5. (I was googling about “smack” and was directed to this place.)

    Recently I was approached by two guys asking whether I had any “smack pack”. I just said no. They were swearing at me while I walked away…
    What is a “smack pack”? Is it what I think it is, or something else?

  6. It was my bike stolen and that was my sign. I now live in St Kilda. The bohemian pop culture revolution has gotten outta hand, fuck Fitzroy, fuck junkies and fuck emo’s just for the sake of it.

    I only miss Tomorrow cafe and that was gone to some la-di-frikkin-da tour-rorist magnet years ago anyway.

  7. Itwasme said “I only miss Tomorrow cafe and that was gone to some la-di-frikkin-da tour-rorist magnet years ago anyway.”

    Um, the la-di-frikkin-da place you refer to is mine, we took over two years ago when the owner sold it, having seen the state of the kitchen it’s lucky you still have your large intestine.

    Thanks for your input though. Sorry about your bike.


  8. I’m glad I never ate at Tomorrow! It’s now The Commoner where your intestines are tickled with feathers and they check the temperature of the outdoor wood fired oven (called Sergio) with a frickin laser (no shark though).

  9. B,

    Ha! And just sent you a mail…

    Davy McLa-di-frikkin-da

  10. Very “Are you being served?”

  11. I’d love a La-Di-Da cocktail with my baked eggs for breakfast next time in Melbs, pretty please?

  12. Oh yes I remember how much you liked The Commoner!

  13. how fucking ignorant and hateful are you all? really you should be ashamed, you think your making the world a better place by not stealing someones bike but hating on everyone??? GET a grip on reality you small minded fucks

  14. also i would rather be a junkie than a hater like you.

  15. So you think being a junkie gives you an excuse to make life difficult for other people by stealing their stuff? Get a life or fuck off and die in the gutter.

  16. There you go again Brian: for someone who is socially libertarian you have a strong streak of ‘Disgusted, Tonbridge Wells’ running through you. Or does ‘libertarian’ mean ‘laissez faire’?

    • With freedom comes responsibility. I am a utilitarian libertarian – do whatever you want as long as you do no harm to others. I have no problem with drug use. I would legalise all drugs but I also expect people to take responsbility for their own actions. No one has the right to make other people’s lives worse. Stealing is not excusable. Have you been a victim of crime? Had your home broken into? Lost money paying insurance excess and days off work dealing with the paperwork? The quicker junkie losers kill themselves the better…

  17. and of course dying does no harm to anyone else: the familes and children, loved ones etc of the junkie losers are presumably all gutter dwelling filth whose lives don’t count for anything.

    • I’m not sure what your point is. Are you saying junkies should be allowed to steal the possessions of others to get money because they need to feed their children? People have free will to choose to take drugs, and if they do they are responsible for the consequences.

  18. No: I am saying that it is far worse for anyone to die, especially for the people they leave behind, than it is for anyone to have things stolen from them, so that proclaiming that the more quickly certain people kill themselves ‘the better’ is a very tabloid thing to say. Presumably if someone you loved very dearly became a drug addict and then died you would say ‘Well that was their choice’ and trot off for breakfast?
    Have you never fallen from grace, Brian?

    • It is terrible to lose loved family members and friends. Self destruction is tragic but it does not make me condone selfish behaviour that impacts negatively on others. I’ve had my bicycle stolen, my motorbike vandalised, my home broken into and have been assaulted on the street, all by drunks and junkies. There is no justification for their behaviour and frankly yes I wish they would all disappear.

  19. Woo hoo, i still don’t like the Commoner and i miss the punters club, fitzroy’s gone to shit.

    Why don’t i like the commoner, the breakfasts suck, the courtyard with thousands of dollars of local graffiti art painted over, the court yard full of 4×4 drivers and ageing hipster wannabee’s.

    Tomorrow at the right time had the courtyard full of local hospitality staff, it was refuge from having to sit on brunswick st and bump into regulars. It had sunshine, somewhere to smoke, good hangover food, infectiously friendly wait staff and good coffee. More people smoked champion than anything else.

    There are enough nice and proper restaruants about, whatever you say about tomorrow’s kitchen is no reflection on the fact that it had character, it was by locals for locals. I never heard of anyone getting sick there.

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