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Singapore – MINT toy museum


With the Monday after the Grand Prix free to do something other than F1, I went through the various tourist brochures I had collected and the newspapers I’d bought, found some things that interested me and planned my day. First, I saw the photo exhibition Grand Prix: The F1 Legend through Photography at the Cathay Gallery. I then went to the MINT toy museum where I was amazed by the collection. It is a privately owned 5 storey museum of toys from traditional dolls to science fiction characters, and showcases only 10% of the owner’s collection.

Apparently MINT stands for Moment of Inspiration and Nostalgia with Toys (sounds more Engrish than Singlish to me). The collection and its arrangement are extremely impressive and fascinating (sadly the website is half broken). If you’re going to Singapore and want to see something really different, try the MINT. It’s mint (Australian slang for good).


  1. Hi, Could you confirm that the Lesney-Matchbox toys were under a vacuum drawn plastic sheet of some kind? It looks like an excellent method of preserving these gems.

  2. As far as I could tell they were in a standard museum glass display case.

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