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breakfast at the Black Pudding deli, Echuca


On a recent visit to Echuca I had breakfast at the Black Pudding deli, which claims to deliver the best breakfast in town. If that is true, I feel sorry for the locals. Maybe they make their own breakfast at home and leave the cafes to the tourists. The coffee at the Black Pudding was watery and burned, with no crema or flavour, and the food was average.

My girlfriend chose the breakfast melt, which was avocado, bacon and parmesan on a toasted English muffin. Only one side had any avocado, and it was the most miserly spread of it I have ever seen. There could also have been more cheese on top.

My bacon and fried egg bagel was better, but it was merely good, not anything more than that. High St in Echuca was quite lively for a Sunday morning and the Black Pudding was one of the busiest cafes, which is usually a good sign of quality. I was surprised by how underwhelming the breakfast was and given the number of options available, I will try somewhere else next time.


  1. people who write reviews like this make me sick. go eat at mcdonalds mr sugar hound. maybe they’ll put enough avacado on there for you.

    i would never welcome you into my restaurant or any shop.

    the black pudding is excellent i have eaten there a number of times and the people working in there are really nice. make sure you try the bagel its my favourite.

    • The review I wrote was an honest representation of a real experience. I don’t doubt your good experiences, and you have no grounds to doubt my bad experience. With such an attitude I doubt you could run a successful business.

  2. Dear Brian,
    I am a local, and I eat at the Black Pudding on a regular basis. I am sorry you were not happy with your meal, and I am sure if you had spoken to the proprietors they would have been more than happy to add extra avocado and cheese if that is what you would have wanted. I have eaten at most places for breakfast and lunch in Echuca/Moama and I can assure you that it is the best place in town for breakfast and Lunch. My coffee is always strong and creamy, and never burnt! Try them again, I am sure that you will enjoy your meal. And if you are not happy please speak to the owners. (Try the eggs benedict)

    • Hi Sue, I’ve eaten very well in many towns in regional Victoria so Black Pudding was a disappointment. I rarely return to places that disappoint me and I don’t think I will be in Echuca again for a while, though I enjoy the wine from the area. I don’t think a customer should have to ask for more avocado or cheese on their meal; it should have a reasonable amount to start with!

  3. I agree with both the comments of my fellow ‘Black Pudding Deli’ loyals. Sue and Unknown. I have been a local for 23 year years, and have sampled food from almost every food outlet in town, and I believe that Black Pudding Deli does indeed serve “the best breakfast in town” as they claim! While I do not “doubt your bad experience” there, I feel that your review sounds overly critical! I mean really, what is a “reasonable amount” of avocado and cheese? Who are you to dictate how much avocado and cheese is required? That’s simply ridiculous! And as for the coffee, “burnt coffee” as you claim, in the years that I have frequented this establisment I have had nothing but superior coffee, and have never heard anything but complimentary remarks about them! As for the service – exceptional! It’s really disappointing to read remarks like this, that belittle such a fine establishment.

    • Who am I? I am the customer, and if I think the amount of avocado on my bagel is stingy and inadequate compared to other cafes then I am right. Maybe I was there on a bad day, and maybe locals are happy with what they are receiving, but this does not alter the reality of my experience.

  4. Good on you Brian. I am planing a trip to euchuca this week and its great to be able to read an honest opinion about the eateries in town. It’s crazy that people are getting so upset about your comments. Regional businesses really need to sit back and hear what tourists think- it is all too common that owners of these businesses and locals think they offer something that is much greater than what it is. I also read your review on oscar w’s and I will be dining there. I will give the black pudding a go- a friend highly recommended the black pudding and the muesli- I’ll stay away from the melt and the bagel though!

    • Oscar W’s is excellent, and I’ll be interested in hearing your opinion of Black Pudding. If you have your own blog and write a review please post a link.

  5. Brian, I am not an Echuca local but do travel to the great town from time to time to get away from the hussle and bussle. I tend to agree with the locals though. Every time I visit Echuca/Moama I dine at the black pudding and i have never once had an experience like yours. The staff are friendly, nice and always willing to prepare whatever i request whether it is on the menu or not. I also agree that u just should have asked for extra toppings when you recieved your meal or when your order was taken. The chesse you wanted more of was parmesan, it looks like a generous amount, any more and your partner would have stunk like smelly feet all day!! As for Jen’s comments its people like you that locals from small towns dislike, country victoria doesnt want you. Brian stop stressing about one meal and stop being the worst customer ever….. if u came to my work i would do much worse to your meal then leave out abit of chesse!! (oh no im sorry i forgot about the avacado)

    • Hopefully you are not a professional food handler, because if you are and you make comments like these then you deserve to be unemployed.

  6. Brian, do you actually get paid for this??

  7. Obviously Brian your the one who needs to get a job and while your at it why dont you get yourself a real hobby. Your not very good at what you try to do!

    • I do have a full-time job, but thanks for your concern. I enjoy the hobby of writing Fitzroyalty, but if you don’t enjoy reading it then don’t. Do you think I care for your facile illiterate opinion? If you do then you’re wrong again. I write for a literate educated inner-city audience, and frankly I doubt you fit my target demographic. Why don’t you pull up your trackie dacks, stub out your ciggie on one of your kids and learn how to use an apostrophe or two?

  8. Brian, Brian, Brian:if you can’t say anything nice, as my Grannie used to say……..I am your target demographic, but being a snob isn’t actually compulsory, is it?

  9. Brian, lol…”stub out your ciggie on one of your kids…”!

  10. A literate inner city audience may be your target audience Brian, however, judging from your extremely insensitive and stereotypical response to Brittany I highly doubt that this is group which you yourself belong to. For a self-professed “snob”, you have done a fantastic job of lowering yourself to a level beyond those that you so offensively tried to depict. Although Brittanys comment may not have been grammatically precise, her comments are just as valid as any other responder. All those who had previously taken you, and your reviews seriously, I fear will now see that you have no real insight into this industry, and your opinions and criticisms will be dismissed. You have done YOURSELF a real diservice.

    • I’ll have to differ. Threatening to pollute someone’s food out of petty spite is far worse than my sarcasm. How’s that for insight?

  11. Oh dear. I think you may have to take a long hard look at yourself, Brian. Really. You don’t need to be so combative. Bedside manner and all that. After all everyone in the inner city comes from somewhere else: Echuca for example, Or Surrey.

  12. For a start, Im not sure you grasp the meaning of the word “insight” as you have used it completely out of context (rather hypocrictial after referring to Brittany as a “facile illiterate”).

    As for your choice to differ with my opinion, I think you lack the capacity to view your comments objectively, and thus whether or not you chose to disagree is irrelevant. The fact, is regardless of any responders comments you should have had the journalistic integrity to reply factually and NOT attack them personally. Your choice to do so speaks volumes of your character, and as previously stated seriously diminishes the impact of your review.

    Further, in response to your original reply to me (April 2nd) where you claim the amount of avocado on your bagel was “stingy and inadequate compared to other cafes”, I’m not sure if you are aware but PROFFESSIONAL food reviews are independent evaluations devoid of any outside influence and not a comparitive analysis of other eateries.

    And finally, The Black Pudding Deli in Echuca, is one of the finest eating establishments in Victoria, having previously made The Age Good Food Guide, an extremely respected and trusted publication in Food circles. I think this fact says everything I need to, or will say on the issue.

    • I’m not sure if you ever eat out, but just in case you don’t let me tell you a secret: real customers out there in the real world compare cafes and restaurants against other ones all the time! Crazy I know! How dare they? I never claimed to be professional so whatever your point is about that is unclear. If you missed my sarcasm in reference to insight that’s simply further evidence that you’ve missed the point…

  13. Does it even have Black Pudding? I’m not going to make it myself but I am looking for the best Aussie Black Pudding and am having difficulty finding a good deli! 2203

  14. God all mighty, what great bitc*y drama…why dont you all go to Oscar Ws ?

  15. This place has come highly recommended and I will try it within the next few weeks /days and then give you my opinion.
    Brian you are right to say what you did and thank you for publishing it.
    Perhaps go back once more and give it another try ???
    But your negetive reports have made me really want to go there.
    We are all entitled to an opinion
    Will give you mine in a few weeks !
    Brian any places you enjoyed ??????
    Want to give a few a try

  16. My Partner and i went to black Pudding in Echuca and i would have to agree the breakfast was horrible. We were very disapointed. They were sold out of most things on the menu, for the quality of the breakfast i would say they were very exspensive. We will not be returning

  17. Browns or The Star Bar both on High street in Echuca are great for breakfast. Ceres near safeway is fantastic for dinner and tapas- they serve local wine and produce better than Oscar W’s. Dont not revisit Echuca due to one unpleasent meal. I do agree they need to improve their advertising.

  18. Oscar W’s is the most over rated restaurant i have experienced for some time. Try Ceres or Radcliffs.

  19. Brian,

    I accidentally came accross your site whilst doing a Google search. I wish I had not.

    There are a few points that I would like to address;

    You are more than a “Customer” when you place your experiences on a forum that can be read by the world. You become an unauthorised, (and by your own admission), “unqualified” Food Critic.

    It is unfortunate that you had a bad experience at the Black Pudding, and I do agree… are most certainly entitled to YOUR opinion. However, the problem arises when you then post that opinion, and the manner of your writing is slightly inflammatory. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that your “feel sorry for the locals,” comment was an attempt at humour?

    I hope that anyone that comes accross your post, actually takes the time to read the comments from other people that have eaten at the establishment…..and then, your response to them.

    If they were to do this….I think they would reach the same conclusion that I did. You are a person who needs some serious introspection. I also think you tend to display some Narcissistic triats and believe that your opinions are somewhat superior to those who have visited the establishment many more times than yourself.

    If you were hopeing to create a fair and objective food reviewing site. You have failed. Why were you unable to simply thank those people for adding another opinion to your page that is ‘supposed’ to give an honest account of a customers experience? Is that not the whole purpose of your page?

    Why are the locals and frequent customers opinions, disregarded by you, when you are not more qualified than them?

    I am pleased that you mentioned that the Black Pudding was busy. I hope that readers of this forum will see past your negative comments and take this for what it is.

    To anyone else reading this that would like another customers perspective………When I am in Echuca I always go to the Black Pudding. I have only ever experienced my coffee to be one of the best I have ever had. I have found the meals to be exemplary. I also would like to say that the Proprieters have been warm, accommadating and welcome to opinions. Also, which was not mentioned by Brian, I love the atmosphere, ambiance and the courtyard at the back. I think it has a lovely vibe to the place.

    Instead of posting your comments Brian, did you think to ask to speak to the owners and provide them with some constructive critism?

    On reading your comments, I doubt that you would. You do not strike me as being a person that has any charitable triats.

    From your comments Brian, you are not a person that I regard highly.
    I therefore, regard your opinions even less. I will not be refering to this site again.

    Instead of calling me a name, or assuming I am person from a lesser social strata than yourself, after you read my post, Brian. I hope can actually have a proper read of what I and others are suggesting to you and perhaps consider that you may need some self analysis.

    P. S. Brian. Please maintain your daytime employment. (That is my attempt at humour…..comparable to yours?)

    • All food critics are unauthorised. There’s no government regulatory agency handing out permits. I’m qualified because I eat and I write about it. End of story.

      As an experienced moderator of online communities (and with the technical ability to check IP numbers to identify trolling) I can separate the genuine commenters from the trolls. The trolls get vitriol.

      You are evidently less experienced in the nuances of blog dialogue and etiquette, and have seen one post in isolation. I have written many positive reviews of cafes and restaurants in regional areas. In fact I publish relatively few negative cafe review posts.

      Nice random use of capitalisation by the way…

  20. I had read this blog as part of some research I did before taking the family away for the weekend and decided to visit ‘The Black Pudding’ to see what all the fuss was about. I will say that I am from Essendon, previously Caulfield in Melbourne and have frequented most of Melbourne’s breakfast establishments over the past 20 years. Also had a connection to one of Melbourne’s best Chefs for a while so have some idea of what should constitute a good place to eat.

    My humble opinion, as an avid breakfast eater, the coffee was excellent (I’m married to an Italian) and the wife loved it. We had the same breakfast as Brian and his girlfriend, wanted to compare like with like. Maybe we got them on a good day but it was great (Even the kids loved it and they are fussy buggers).

    I brought up this blog with the owners and funnily they said it was actually good for business as people have mentioned that it spiked their interest and had resulted in them trying it for themselves.

    On a personal note I would have thought it does your credibility no good, Brian, to get involved in personal attacks on critics of your initial posting. You have your opinion and they have theirs. From the postings here I would surmise that you are the odd one out and if you wish to continue to write on food issues you should concentrate on the food. I wonder how you’d go at ‘Rockpool’ or the ‘Flower Drum’ where portions are for those who have already eaten prior to going there.

    When I read posts that criticise other contributors grammar, spelling etc it immediately conveys to me that they are 1. Shallow (The blog is not about grammar) 2. They are unsure of their initial posting and are trying to draw attention away from it 3. They have an inflated belief in their own worth and that of this blog (I had never heard of it until finding it on google).

    I would highly recommend ‘The Black Pudding’. But then again that is only my opinion.

  21. Good God, is the saga of Brian and The Black Pudding over? What a pretentious funny bugger you are, Brian.

  22. I eat at the black pudding at least twice a week and found the food to be great in fact i alway make it a point to thank the little chief there she dose a great job. Maybe the day before brain was there the kitchen hand had been ripped for putting to much avacardo on it .

  23. All you whiners can fuck off….

    The breakfast was kind of ho hum at best with a shit cup of coffee…

    It happens.

    One of my locals that I get my hamburgers with the lot from, depending on who cooks it, is a reasonably good effort, or a really spartan shit effort. One fills my belly and the other is a non event.

    So he says he got a lame breakfast and a shit coffee… that’s his experience.

    So you all say “You can’t say that! Everytime we eat there – it’s been really good – how dare you say that…”

    Brians experience is his, the rest of you crawley incrowd arse lickers can fuck off.

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