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Guru on fire


I nearly forgot to report on the fire at the Guru Da Dhaba Indian restaurant on the corner of Johnston St and Gore St on the morning of 4 December 2008. I rode past about 9am on my motorbike on my way to work, and I did not have my camera with me so I had nothing worth publishing. Smoke was still coming from the upstairs windows and there was an enormous pile of something, perhaps carpets and curtains thrown out from the upstairs windows, out on the footpath. I thought no major media had reported on it but the Herald Sun ran a story about it.


Thanks to Neil from Melbourne metblogs for reminding me about the story, which prompted me to go back and have another look. I’m posting this story now, with photos taken on 22 December 2008, to show the extent of the damage and to report that the restaurant is unlikely to reopen soon. The building upstairs looks badly damaged and it may have to be demolished (that’s just my opinion – I’m no expert). Surprisingly the downstairs restaurant space (below) does not appear badly damaged.


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