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coffee at Dexter’s on Queens Parade, Clifton Hill


I recently had a very good coffee at Dexter’s cafe and bar during a lazy Sunday stroll along Queens Parade. It’s a cute place with a large back room that is like a home living room, a small front bar with wall murals by Dabs and an upstairs area that I did not explore but which I will check out next time.


  1. Dexter’s is my local. Coffee good, (alcoholic) drinks good, atmosphere (usually) great, food .. good-ish. They have a small breakfast & lunch menu and use quality ingredients, but the lack of a proper kitchen shows. That being said, they do remarkably well under the circumstances and when I want to go out for brekkie, but can’t be bothered wandering down to Fitzroy North, I usually go to Dexters instead of any of the other Queens Parade cafes.

  2. If you fancy a side serve of attitude with your eggs, than look no further than Dexter. The dude seems to pick and choose the customers he wants to be rude to and who he will be friendly to, so if your not cool enough, don’t bother. The coffee is good, but not that good – there’s better coffee just about anywhere else in North Fitzroy. The girl who makes the food is lovely, but that doesn’t save this place either. Never going there again and warning everyone I know not to bother.

  3. The food and coffee at Dexter are good, but the bloke behind the counter will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. I think he needs to enrol at Box Hill TAFE in manners 101. I’m never going back, his insecurities are not mine to wear.

  4. I’m detecting a pattern here. John, as it’s your local, what do you think of man behind the counter?

  5. I went for drinks at Dexter once and the delightful aforementioned man-behind-the-counter waved a knife in my face and offered to ‘cut me a new cunt’, which qualifies as the most threatening and offensive thing I have ever heard, especially as I was at the time recovering from a recent sexual assault. I encourage everyone to boycott this venue.

    • This is vile. He sounds like he has mental health issues. I’m tempted to remove my review but that would also remove these comments so the review stays.

  6. Christ, that qualifies as the worst customer service that I’ve ever heard of. Staggering…Meg, you should have reported him to the cops immediately, he’s guilty of breaking a few laws there. Does anyone know if he’s the owner? If not the owner needs to know! If he is then he needs to seriously consider a change of business.

  7. I am really concerned and disturbed with the comments that have been made against Dexter’s. I am a regular at Dexter’s and enjoy going there and will keep going there. To those of you that have made negative comments……………GET A LIFE

    • Hmm, ok, but some of the comments are rather serious, and not merely grumbles about mediocre service. What has your experience been of the staff?

  8. Not vile, but certainly bizarre, rude and offputting; good coffee though. It shows how bad most coffee is in so-called coffee paradise melbourne that we have actually gone back there since

  9. I’m not someone to comment on a place I haven’t been to before…but I am totally shocked and disgusted by Meg’s comments.
    I would never go back to a place with staff like that!

    @ Maria: how would you feel if ANYONE, let alone someone in hospitality said that to you???

  10. Lets start at the bottom shall we; SAM Says: I love disclaimers, its like saying “I’m not racist but have you heard the one……”. Maybe you should go to Dexter before you comment. betty slocombe Says: Keep going back as you don’t seem to believe the story. DAVID Says: “Staggering…Meg, you should have reported him to the cops immediately”. Yes immediately Meg. It is obvious that Meg did not report it to the police as I believe it to be a falsehood and you get prosecuted for that. brian Says: “I thought they made one of the better coffees I have had recently.” Brian are you another who will believe anything you read.
    I think that these types of Blogs are dangerous and can be used for harm. I would check the truth of what is written before commenting on them.

    • And how do we check the truth of what people write? What is your position? I had a good coffee there and was served by a woman. I have not experienced the poor customer service others report, but that does not make it untrue. What type of blogs are dangerous? This one? Ones that encourage free speech?

  11. i would like to take the opportunity to reply to Megs comments Re: Dexter. Firstly I would like to qualify myself by first saying i am the owner of Hells Kitchen in the city, and have been involved in hospitality for many years. As the owner of a successful bar, I understand and appreciate the value of good service. I know the owner(man behind the counter) of Dexter on both a personnal and professional level, we have shared many hours working and socialising together in various bars and restaurants around Melbourne. I consider him to be a great friend and am honoured that he reciprocates this friendship. After reading “Megs” very serious and disturbing allegations, I have contacted the aforementioned “man behind the counter” and insist he seek legal advice immediately. These comments are slanderous and deflamatory and i can confidently and with total conviction denounce them as horrible and disgusting lies. To mention that someone has been rude or arrogant, for whatever reason is one thing, but to make the kind of allegations Meg is making, well, this is a whole new ball game, and “the man behind the counter” would be well advised to employ whatever services are necessay in order to apply the full force of the law in dealing with these “allegations” On a lighter note, Dexter porvides an awesome service to Clifton Hillians and surrounding locals that have been craving a bar/cafe of its kind for years. The “man behind the counter” has been brave and relentless in his mission to “dish up” an atmosphere that certainly varies from day to day, but always suprises and delights.

    • With respect, unless you were a witness to the conversation between Meg and the man at Dexter’s, and wish to provide legal testimony that Meg’s version of this story is untrue, then you are incapable of declaring it false. You can describe it as slanderous in your opinion, but that is all.

  12. This thread has raised some interesting points, Russell, good on you for sticking up for your mate, Dexter’s “man behind the counter”, and you’re right that, if the accusation is untrue then it should be pursued appropriately (how you do that I don’t know). We’ve all read/heard about the web being used in insidious and slanderous ways in order to malign someone’s reputation. The very democratic and often anonymous nature of the WWW unfortunately does sometimes get taken advantage of but by and large self governance works fantastically well. None of us here know the truth and can only take what’s reported on face value, on balance. If what Meg stated is untrue then that’s outrageous, if, on the other hand, it’s true then it’s an utterly despicable thing to say. One thing none of us can do is blame this forum. This blog isn’t responsible for people making false claims, that responsibility lies squarely with them.

  13. If Meg was serious and if what she is saying is true then she should have gone to the police, instead she has compromised any chance of it being investigated seriously by blabbing to the world. Free Speech should then allow me to say that this seems a bit retarded but then that would be offensive to mentally retarded people by including Meg within their number. Free speech is one of our greatest treasures but with that comes a great responsibility and we are still governed by laws and simply saying it is fine to say whatever you like because someone is exercising there rights under FREE Speech is a treacherous path to walk. So using my free speech rights I can say I still believe Blogs like this which are essentially unmonitored and allow people like Meg to say whatever she likes regardless of evidence or due process and use language that although does not offend me, will offend many who viewed her rant are dangerous.

    • Meg’s comments have not necessarily compromised her chances of having the alleged incident investigated by the Police if she reports it. Truth is an absolute defence to defamation. If required, Meg would be held accountable for the truthfulness of her comments. By drawing attention to the situation she may encourage other people to report their own experiences, and thus establish a pattern of behaviour on the part of the man at Dexter’s.

      Your failing is to assume that the conversations occurring on this site are “essentially unmonitored”. Every comment is held for approval before being published. As the author and publisher of this site I make a judgement about what comments to publish. I am a professional writer, editor, publisher and online community manager. This site is a hobby but I use the same skills in my real job.

      One of the reasons for the growth and success of Fitzoyalty has been, in my own opinion, the application of my professional print media stills to this social media platform. Anyone can rant about their personal opinions, and some of my posts accord to this basic blog style. Most of the content of Fitzroyalty, however, is investigated and reported on in the style of professional journalism (in fact my standards are significantly higher than those of some journalists, as you would be aware of if you have read some recent posts).

      Your implicit opinion of the low quality of blogs is not relevant to this site.

  14. This will be the one and only respose I intend to make in this forum. Meg’s allegation of my making threats to inflict serious injury to her and assault with a weapon, namely a knife, are categorically false. The implication that I have commited this act, and the fact that other small minded, life-lacking people are foolish enough to take such a wildly inflamatory and baseless, libellous statement on face value is of great concern to me. If a few people think I’m a bit rude, surly, or grumpy, so what? We’ve been operating for two years now, based solely on word of mouth, and that word of mouth works both ways. If you don’t know me by name and were made to feel uncomfortable, then perhaps there’s something in that for you. In my view, the police have not been contacted because Meg’s statement is a lie, and she is probably aware of the penalties of making a false report to police. Her malicious allegation, hidden behind the safety of blog anonymity, detracts from her credibility. Meg’s legal burden to prove truth as a defence to defamation in this instance cannot and will not be met, and I am now seeking legal counsel with respect to this matter. To those who love Dexter (and there are many) thankyou for your support, friendship and fun times in our little bar/cafe. To those who haven’t been in yet and are not yet tied up in this farce, we’ll see you for a beer of coffe sometime. To those who have been embroilled in this ridiculous exercise, please grow up and leave me (and Dexter) alone. To Brian, I hope you’ve done your homework with respect to publishing this material without ensuring it’s truth. And finally to Meg, whoever you are, you know where to find me when you wish to retract your ridiculous statement and apologise. Failing that, my solicitors and I will be looking for you.

    • Thanks for your response. I cannot verify the truth of any comment and take no responsbility for third party contributions. I remove what is obviously false or spam and ask for further comment on everything else.

  15. Brain, you cannot verify the truth of any comment… I would say that you should check and know if things are true on a site that you are the author and publisher of. Your Standards should be as closely aligned to the ‘Australian Press Council’ code of conduct.
    I am not inferring that you don’t know what is contained in the ‘Australian Press Council’ code of conduct or that you don’t religiously follow their guidelines but below is some infomation for your readers to help them understand some of the guiding principles that you must grapple with on a daily basis.

    “News and comment should be presented honestly and fairly, and with respect for the privacy and sensibilities of individuals. However, the right to privacy is not to be interpreted as preventing publication of matters of public record or obvious or significant public interest. Rumor and unconfirmed reports should be identified as such.
    A media organization should make amends for publishing any personal information that is found to be harmfully inaccurate, in accordance with Principle 2 of the Council’s Statement of Principles. The media organization should also take steps to correct any of its records containing that personal information, so as to avoid a harmful inaccuracy being repeated.
    Publications have a wide discretion in publishing material, but they should balance the public interest with the sensibilities of their readers, particularly when the material, such as photographs, could reasonably be expected to cause offence.

    • You are right in theory and wrong in practice, simply because I am not the author of the comment in question – Meg is. I can no more verify the truth of her comment than The Age can when it publishes a letter to the editor from some old codger who writes ‘back in my day we ate leaves we were so poor’. It is already obvious to readers that Meg’s comment is her individual opinion, that this opinion is not considered by me to be a verified fact, and that the truth of her comment has been questioned. Comments from third parties are clearly identified as such by the structure of this site. What else can you reasonably expect?

  16. Brian,

    Meg’s comments may not be your opinion, however by backing her up with comments such as “This is vile. He sounds like he has mental health issues. I’m tempted to remove my review but that would also remove these comments so the review stays.” you are making it your opinion. The very nature of the internet means that people can make unverified comments until their hearts are content, and unfortunately there is no code of conduct for bloggers requiring them to verify their sources (Another rant completely).

    However, fueling the fire is irresponsible. You have obviously taken sides with Meg without backing up her story, which if it is untrue simply discredits the reviews that you have on your site. What if I went to another blog and started defaming you, and that site owner started backing me up? I would imagine you would be pretty annoyed, especially when your reputation is on the line.

    If the owner did pull such a stunt, it really isn’t your responsibility to get involved. Besides, if he really did say that, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be in business anymore… Feel free to publish your opinions – just make sure they actually ARE your opinions.

    • The story Meg describes is vile, but its truth is another matter. Like some of the other commenters, you seem keen to rush to conclusions. Given that Meg appears not willing to contribute again, this will probably remain unresolved. Should the man from Dexter’s take legal action against Meg I will probably be told under threat of legal action to remove the comment. I didn’t try to get involved, other than opening a space for people to comment on my review. You misrepresent my actions. This is getting tedious…

  17. I have to say that I 100% back Brian in this, he’s basically in the old classic ‘rock and a hard place’ scenario, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. How are we, as viewers and contributors, supposed to respond to Meg’s comments? With a dismissive “yeah, right, whatever” or, as was witnessed here, should we respond in a humane and decent way? Are the people who did respond in such a way at fault? Surely that defies logic? How would you’ve liked Brian to handle this, perhaps by banning Meg for her unsubstantiated claims, by discrediting a potential victim until evidence proves otherwise? It’s basically a no win scenario. If Meg’s comments were in the form of a letter to The Age, would you blame the horrified readers for their response? Would you blame The Age for printing the letter? To be honest I think the baggers of the blog are being a little disingenuous. Like I said before, the subject and content of the criticism lies squarely with the person who made the comment, not the forum it was made in. Simple.

  18. …just to further qualify my last comment; I think it would be sensible, given the gravity of Meg’s comment and her subsequent lack of response, to delete this entire thread (or at least from Meg’s comment onwards) as, otherwise, it reflects unfairly on the business mentioned, especially considering the comment may remain ‘out there’ for a considerable period of time, unsubstantiated….in the interest of fairness and all that.

    • Thanks David for your calm and sensible comments. I have been struggling with the issue of whether to delete the comment. This discussion has led the participants to judge the comment to be false, and we have recognised the effects on the business concerned. Should I now remove all of this? It seems to have some value of its own.

  19. I’d remove from Meg’s comment onwards, archive it off. If it were my business and someone had made a false claim of that magnitude online I’d be utterly horrified…so I think it’d be wise to err on the side of caution.

  20. Beerman is disappointed that so many comments are now completely off the subject of “Coffee at Dexter’s on Queens Parade, Clifton Hill”. Sadly I will also have to make comment on it…

    I agree with David that the posts should be removed starting with the one from Meg – I believe that it would be the right thing to do. Nothing good can come of keeping these comments posted, and it will just increase the hurt that has already been caused (please no silly comments about morals, www freedom etc, I think too many cans of worms have been opened already).

    Anyway…. let’s talk about Dexter…

    As a back story, Beerman was finding it increasingly difficult to find a cafe that “ticks all the boxes”. You would think that this would be easy in a place like Melbourne, but I found it very difficult… Then I saw this cool little place called Dexter.

    The coffee (which is where this started) is really good and there is consistency no matter who is on the machine. A macchiato or an espresso is a great way of judging a cafes’ coffee, and Dexter passes with flying colours.

    Dexter is so much more though… the constantly changing menu is simple but soooo delicious, and there is always something on there that you feel like eating. What really separates Dexter from the rest?? it is a BAR/Cafe!! Beerman loves the Growler and Chief (by 2 Brothers) on tap, the St Arnou isn’t bad either… If you don’t feel like a beer, then why not try a Bloody Mary with breakfast, a cheeky glass of wine, or a G&T in the sun out the front or in the backyard.

    So many people have commented about “The Man Behind The Counter” so once again I will jump on the bandwagon… “The Man Behind The Counter” may not be your usual hospitality host, but does he need to be? I think not. He is knowledgeable, quick witted, and has great hair. So some people have not liked his demeanour, but the service and product is always good and that is what you want from a cafe. If you want “yes sir, no sir” service, go to Macca’s and get fries with that. If you want to just chill out for a while without bringing any baggage then come to Dexter

    From some of the comments it seems that Dexter may not for everyone, but it is for me.

    See you there

    • Interesting. You want the comments from Meg’s onwards deleted yet you bother writing this testimonial (which could be deleted). Everyone has an agenda.

  21. Thank you David for finally saying it clearly, yes Megs lack of response gives me the same idea that her comments should be removed. I do hope Brian that it doesn’t turn out that Meg is actually a rival business of Dexter because Myles’s comments about you commenting and seemingly backing her up without first checking the validity of her post may land you in trouble “in theory”. In theory you should have removed Megs posting and done some investigating before saying the man behind the counter may have mental health issues. Could your comments be deemed to be inflammatory and in a sense be slander? The law has many gray areas and he who has the better lawyer can often win where things are right in theory but wrong in practice.

    • I said “He sounds like he has mental health issues” [ie based on the limited information presented]. It’s easy to criticise when you don’t actually read what you’re talking about.

  22. game not worth candle, Brian.

  23. I don’t know you Brian, but I support what you’ve said. You weren’t alone in believing Meg’s blog initially. Unfortunately this forum has departed from its original purpose but I don’t think you have to delete anything. Anyone unbiased reading this whole thread would get the impression that Meg’s blog doesn’t ring true. No need to defend yourself Brian. This slander talk against you cannot go anywhere so I assume it’s purpose is venting frustration rather than being intimidation. I do wish Dexters all the best and I will pop in for a coffee. I also look forward to reading more reviews about local businesses.

  24. wow.
    I can understand people not getting “The Man behind the counter”s attitude and behaviour. He is an individual running his business the way he sees fit. If he chooses not to be all sweetness and light, that is his choice and it is your choice not to go there, either once or as a repeat visit.

    I deal with Dexter on a business level but started as a customer and never under any circumstances have I seen the kind of behaviour attributed to The Man by Meg, and I am there often, at all times of the day and on any day..

    The Man is a remarkably generous and giving person who has supported a vast array of the people who have passed through his door, helping with charity events as well as encouraging local artists; literary and musical.

    Cranky he may get if a customer asks for a coffee at 5pm on a Sunday or if some one asks for: the umbrella to be put up, 4 glasses of water, another coffee, the ashtray to be taken away and for their order to be taken AT THE SAME TIME, but I defy anyone not to if you also have a cafe full of other customers and you are in the process of delivering their first round of drinks.

    These are things I have witnessed on many occasion and sure, The Man might not be smiling, but threaten with a knife? doubt it.

    Dexter is a very open venue and all staff are on constant display. There is no where to hide.

    So, make up your own mind about previous entries, but the best way to help do this is via a visit. You might even bump into one of the many regulars that love the place and will be happy to explain to you why they love the place and all its little idiosyncracies.

    I’ll probably be sitting at the bar talking to my mate, The Man.

  25. Brian, I am glad you liked the cafe, but the majority of the replies are nothing to do with Dexter, it is all about 1 comment.

    The reason that I posted a testimonial was that the majority of the comments that have been posted were nothing to do with the cafe or individuals opinions on it, and I wanted to remind ALL posters (from Meg onwards) that this should be about the cafe and not all the BS that has followed. By all means, please delete my comments and the others, and I am more than happy to write another testimonial re this cafe and for the others that I frequent.

    I realise that moderating a site can sometimes be a difficult job, however I am sure that you would agree that sometimes enough is enough.

    • The way contributors have discussed this issue here is valuable in demonstrating how to come to a collective decision about the truth of Meg’s comment. We’ve decided it is not true. In the process we’re learned that some customers love this cafe and some think it’s owner is grumpy, which he admits. It’s all ok.

  26. I’ve been following this thread since it was brought to my attention, and while I’ve probably missed the boat in making a worthwhile observation, I’ll make it anyway.

    Meg said she went there once for drinks. Initial, I, like most readers I’m guessing, assume that it was within the vicinity of the time that she made the post, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so.

    What was allegedly said to her is definitely wrong, however, what were the circumstances that lead up to this comment and the apparent knife waving? She did, after all, say she went there for drinks, not necessarily coffee.

    Has anyone considered that for a brief while, there was actually two ‘Men Behind The Counter’, and that it may possibly have been this second that acted in this way, rather than the predominant ‘Man Behind The Counter’ that everyone knows and relates to Dexter’s? Fortunately, this ‘second’ is no longer connected to Dexter.

    And, as has been pointed out, Meg has only made the one comment and quietly disappeared into the ether. Who is to say that she isn’t a rival trying to create loss of business? Or even more so, just a customer who was slighted in someway, and thought this a better way to get back.

    Just my thoughts.

    And with regard to Dexter Bar/Cafe, the current/original Man Behind the counter has his moments, but as has been pointed out, it’s his business and the way he chooses to run it is up to him. If the place were truly that bad, would it still be here after almost 2 years?

  27. I think we’ve learned again that the things we say, even in a forum such as this, have a real impact.

    I am a Dexter’s regular, and know the man behind the counter can say things that are often odd, rude and may be offensive at times. But he is human, and the best thing we can do is set him straight when he says things that do offend, in the hope he may learn from it.

    He’s created a lovely place to go, and there is just nothing like it in the area. But he can make some women feel uncomfortable, because there is a humour and attitude that is blokey and insensitive at times.

    I would like to encourage the man behind the counter to keep making Dexter’s a great place for locals, and take the opportunity to reflect on how some people can misunderstand and take offense a things that may not be intended to do so.

    It would be a shame to miss this opportunity.

    • Good point. As a hospitality business owner who seems to go out of his way to discourage repeat customers, the Dexter man seems to not have his own business best interests at heart, which I find baffling.

  28. I have been to Dexter twice. The first time was about 1 year ago and I came away excited. Great food, great coffee, and only a few minutes walk from home. Several weeks later I took my brother there for breakfast. It was not busy. We found a table, and waited and waited and waited. The ‘bloke behind the counter’ came and served the two other tables either side of us and walked off. Over the next 20 minutes he kept walking past our table and was very obviously ignoring us. Finally my brother went to the counter and asked him for a menu and the bloke laughed in his face. When he was asked what the problem was, he just shrugged his shoulders and acted like he didn’t know what he was being asked. The café was not busy and we weren’t asking for a coffee at 5pm, or for the umbrella to be put up, or any other complicated task. We just wanted menus.

    After reading these posts I am concluding that we just mustn’t have been cool enough. No great loss though, Melbourne has plenty of other cafés that don’t seem to care whether you wear skinny leg jeans or whatever other informal criterion maybe is being applied here.

  29. Whether Meg’s comment is a hoax or not doesn’t change what I experienced. Anyway, it is just a café, and if it is the case that they don’t want a certain type in there, well, let them have it, it’s all theirs.

  30. Wow what an interesting thread for a small little bar.

    Can I just say that I am a Clifton Hill local…and I love Dexter’s. The staff are always friendly and overall I think it’s a really great bar. Coffee, beer, wine…all my vices are covered

    If you haven’t been there…get on down and check it out for yourself.

  31. I’m a local an have been to dicksters on several occasions. They sometimes have good live artists and it’s differnent from your ordinary cafe. However, the cafe and so this thread centre around one thing…. mr barman. This doesn’t really surprise me. From my experience, he is a jekyll and hyde (depending on what day it is he likes the look of you or he doesn’t and he’s pretty clear about it) and so i stopped going. No great loss to him or I. It is his place and he can do with it what he wants.

    His comments on this thread speak for themselves.

    “If you don’t know me by name and were made to feel uncomfortable, then perhaps there’s something in that for you.”

    “And finally to Meg, whoever you are, you know where to find me when you wish to retract your ridiculous statement and apologise. Failing that, my solicitors and I will be looking for you.”

  32. Brian,

    You are not only an awful, awful man, but also pretty stupid in this case. Meg’s content is clearly libellous. As you have stated above, ‘Every comment is held for approval before being published. As the author and publisher of this site I make a judgement about what comments to publish.’ Given that Meg is anonymous to readers in this context, this makes you primarily responsible for the comment’s publication. In fact, even if you abdicate responsibility for the comment through a disclaimer (as you have confusingly attempted to do elsewhere in this thread), you can still be held responsible, according to the definition of libel: “The communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image.” It is your blog, ultimately, that’s ‘communicating’ this claim, in fact propagating it through online networks. Aside from all this, you come across as a pompous asshole, which doesn’t do you any favours with most people I know. Take these comments down.

    • An anonymous commentator criticising another anonymous commenter and a named publisher. How transparent are you? You don’t get to tell me what to publish.

      I moderate comments based on their plausibility and remove moronic invective and spam. However contentious or whether I strongly disagree with them, comments are approved if plausible and coherent.

      I sometimes get called pompous etc, ususally by insipid passive-aggressive neurotic types who are threatened by my self confidence and assertiveness.

  33. I don’t need to be transparent, you retard! I’m just trying to give you advice on where you’re placed here, legally. You don’t come across as ‘assertive’, you come across as desperate for attention and willing to steamroll anyone else to get it. Loser.

  34. Q.E.D.

  35. Oh dear Brian, you start with great intentions to reflect on hospitality but you are now way out of your depth. If I were you I would stop defaming this business and return this site to its real purpose. I would love to comment on my experinces at Dexter here but think that it would be pointless as this thread is surely soon to be removed. I can only say that there are other sites which host reviews and a discussion of the venue would be great. I suggest that you do the safe thing Brian – pull the thread. I am not telling you what to publish but this seems to have got out of hand. I think that the safe option is to make this about coffee and service and not one comment from Meg. If it is true there are avenues for her to follow which might be more effective than this site. Good luck Brian – this is a tight corner but I suggest you get out of it now. LE

    • I find it bemusing to be underestimated by a stranger. I am fully aware of the complex issue of defamation. If I receive threatening letters from Dexter’s lawyers about libel action I will probably have to remove Meg’s comment. As an individual case it’s not something I care that much about.

      As I have already explained I feel Meg’s comment could be legitimate and the purpose of allowing comments on posts is to facilitate community dialogue. Meg’s failure to return arguably deminishes the authenticity of her comment. Dexter’s have not followed through with action to my knowledge.

      The discussion has been most useful to all concerned as an example of community discussion and moderation. It is this content that I am reluctant to delete. Should I remove Meg’s comment nothing that follows it would make sense.

      ps although LegalEagle has not included a URL, I believe s/he is one of the authors of and the author of

  36. Interesting reading!
    I love Dexter – the Man Behind the Counter makes great coffee and the food has always been spot on when I’ve eaten there.
    If you don’t like the service, like Grace (above), don’t go there.

  37. I’ve visited Dexter twice weekly for over 18 months. I think its as good as cafes get around that area, and worth a try. Mixed Business and Mitte are close rivals, but different in their own way. Sadly, I came across this site trying to find a link to promote it to a friend. As if its not hard enough for small business already, without under-moderated blogs posting such intensely destructive, unqualified remarks. People start small businesses because they want to run them the way they think is best, and serve the customers they wish to target. Complain about places you don’t like – but keep in mind that just because it didn’t suit you, it doesn’t make it a bad place. Obviously that shouldn’t extend to having your life threatened by a knife wielding barista completely out of the blue, but that claim is so completely removed from my 130-odd experiences at this place that even the profanity alleged would surprise me. The staff are a mix of males and females, hipsters and dags. A quick stroll past would reveal it to be anything but a den of misogynist, homicidal maniacs. I can only assume Dexter has his competitors rattled!

    • Sigh. Try reading and thinking before whinging. I actually gave Dexter’s a positive review. Other commenters gave it some negative reviews. If you have bothered to examine the discussion you would see that this site is far from ‘under-moderated’.

  38. There’s no reason to assume he hasn’t read the discussion. He’s not “whinging”. He’s making a simple, well-expressed point: the comments on this post are libelous. Take them down.

  39. i think the discussion has been very interesting!! there were indeed two ‘men from behind the bar’ (two owners) and one of them has pulled out. i know the one who has pulled out personally and yes he was indeed a jekyll and hyde! he can come across as charming at times but is an agressive and often violent character. he is definitely a dangerous person to know. i have received threats from him myself and no longer have anything to do with him. he has pulled out of the business though – thank god!!! if meg dealt with the second owner (who has left) i would not be suprised at all if she was treated the way she said she was treated!!! im sure that many people have had good experiences at dexters but i dont think we can ignore that many comments about the rude service or the threats made!!! hopefully the current owner is not responsible for any of this.

  40. When he talks about “under-moderated” I think he’s asking you to look outside your own concerns about the quality of discussion on your blog and consider the impact this is having on a small business. When you type “Dexter Cafe” into Google now – this collection of attention-seeking libel is the first result you get. Pretty unfortunate for a small business, wouldn’t you say? And in the face of this, the process of moderation you are advocating is, effectively, “Dexter can take me to court if they want to”. Which, of course, is completely untenable for a small business and disastrous if you extrapolate this situation out into a question about the ethics of online reviewing and recourse for traders.

    • Why do you insist on misrepresenting what I say? Why do you care? Apart from evidently disliking what I write I fail to understand your continuing presence here. Please go away.

      I don’t want to be taken to court. Dexter’s are fully aware of the post and have responded accordingly. They could get a cease and desist letter from a lawyer to force me to remove the comment in question and evidently have decided not to. The comments have been carefully moderated as the discussion throughout demonstrates.

      If I am better at SEO than other bloggers then lucky me.

  41. Because someone has to stand up to bullies. Because your online behaviour has an impact on people beyond your circle of supportive readers and I thing a voice of dissent is important. That’s why.

    • Who is the bully? Your supposed dissent is pointless if you simply make irrational statements and fail to address the issue. Why don’t you start your own blog?

  42. I Googled Dexter Cafe and the first result is an urbanspoon page.

    Please explain?

    • One of you may have used, another, or one used the web search and another the blog search, of the ranking changed in between the searches. Google is complicated and search results can change quite rapidly.

  43. Hi Brian

    What a difficult read. It took me over half an hour to read the entire thread, and on the way hurdle a few ‘jumps to conclusions’ and unmuddle some misunderstandings.

    To my way of thinking, the average casual ‘cafe-review-seeker’ would be unlikely to invest the time to read the whole thread, and perhaps would only read the first few pages of comments. My observation is that a reader would be left with a different impression from the first few pages (eg. the response from ‘Man’ is on page six) than if they spent the time to read through all – the former not being as positive and arguably not representative of the range of experiences of Dexter’s.

    As an alternative to the suggestion to delete the thread, would you consider updating the original post with a new (dated) paragraph to provide the time-poor ‘cafe-review-seeker’ with a brief balanced summary of the comments to date?

    If I did not have the time to read all the way through the comments, I may have clicked-on from this post with thoughts quite different from those I now have: those being*
    (1) there are many strong local supporters of Dexter’s; and
    (2) it seems more than likely that allegations raised in the second page of comments refer to a person no longer employed or associated with Dexter’s; and
    (3) therefore I will drop for a coffee next time I’m in the area.

    [*given the limited information published in the comments; without personally knowing any cafe staff or commentors (other than you); without independently verifying any statements and having no reason to support or doubt their authenticity and accuracy …]

    • Hi Karen, these are good suggestions, but I see no need to write a summary of the comments. It’s not just the comments for or against the cafe, it’s the way that the conversation has evolved and been moderated that is important, and I don’t know that I can summarise that.

      Also, given the difficulty of taking unsubstantiated information as fact, I do not know for sure that the information supplied about former and current staff or owners is correct. Dexter’s can of course comment again to provide ‘official’ information.

      And don’t take the opinions of various anonymous commenters at face value. I can see their IP numbers and I suspect that several are all the same person using different aliases.

  44. G’day Brian, long time reader, first time commenter. Please don’t give in to the bullies who want you to remove this thread. This is an incredibly valuable localised website/discussion.

    I take everything written on internet with a grain of salt. Comments especially. It’s quite obvious that Meg should take her grievance to the police, and not a website. Could be a disgruntled employee perhaps?

    The only person that has discouraged me from going to Dexter’s is ‘The Man Behind The Counter': ‘If you don’t know me by name and were made to feel uncomfortable, then perhaps there’s something in that for you.’ What a cryptic, uncomfortable way to explain alleged terrible service. It obviously means that he offers a comfortable experience in his cafe if he deems you fit the correct criteria, but if you don’t, he’ll just take your money and not expect you to come back.

    I don’t discriminate and will never patronise a business that does. I hate assholes that run small businesses and feel that shoddy business practices (in this case, treating paying customers with contempt) will never come back to bite them in the arse. We reap what we sow, Man Behind The Counter. We reap what we sow.

  45. I tuned into this debate a couple of months ago and have decided to put in my 2 cents firstly because I think this has gotten out of hand and also because I can see that people have accessed my review of Dexter by using offensive terms in conjunction with ‘Dexter and Clifton Hill’, I can only assume they were looking for this thread. For everything that Dexter may or may not be I think it is unfair that it would appear it is these terms which people now associate Dexter.

    I have been going to Dexter for about 2 years now, and sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t, but I do believe in being fair, so as an observer of both this and Dexter I would like to point out the following:
    This is a circular debate that won’t go anywhere, everyone should calm down because everyone is in fact correct.

    For Brian – I have looked at other pages in Brian’s site and it appears that Brian is correct in his statements that he publishes all comments. People have written some fairly offensive things about Brian himself on other posts and he has chosen not to filter these, therefore why would he filter comments here? Where Brian perhaps should have erred on the side of caution is by not immediately validating Meg’s claims in his response after. However, Brian did not make the claims, nor has he actually said anything offensive himself about Dexter, he in fact said he thought the coffee was good.

    For the Man Behind the Counter – For whatever one may think of him personally, I have never have I ever seen him threaten or attack anyone. I think that for his sake if Meg’s claims were true she should most definitely have followed them up, or taken them to the police. She has done neither, ergo it must be assumed her claims are false. And, therefore, the Man Behind the Counter has the right to legal recourse if he feels his reputation has been damaged. Nobody is saying you can’t make negative statements, just that you need to be able to back them up.
    People also seem to have forgotten that Meg also never stated it was the owner, just a man behind the counter.

    The Other Owner – Brian and others, I can’t make any official comments, but I can tell you that there were, at one point, 2 owners. There are also several male staff that have worked, and do work, at Dexter. Therefore, again, unless Meg chooses to provide additional information she is playing a very dangerous game.

    Supporters of Dexter – I think it is important that the supporters of Dexter have also commented, as small businesses survive on word of mouth (be it positive or negative.) I agree that this thread is far too long. Therefore as the majority of the first few comments are negative it might be helpful to provide a short summary or an additional positive review.

    Haters of Dexter – if you don’t like it, then don’t go there. Criticism is good and freedom of speech should be protected, but it would seem some people are wasting a lot of energy on contributing to slandering a bar you don’t like when the people at the bar probably aren’t too worried about what you think. What becomes a greater issue here is that much of this ‘criticism’ has followed on from a completely unsubstantiated claim which all evidence would suggest is likely false.
    I wonder whether some of these people are putting this much energy into every place they’ve been that they didn’t like or got bad service at? Or do they just want to be part of the debate. We’ve all been to places we don’t like, don’t like it – don’t go back there.

    I can’t tell you where people stand legally, but I will point out one very important legal point which has been overlooked. Burden of Proof does not lie with the accused but with the accuser. It is not up to the Man Behind the Counter, or anyone else for that matter, to try and prove him innocent when faced with a single allegation devoid of any detail, and which has never been followed up.
    It is up to Meg, if she actually exists, to provide additional information, proof or witnesses to this event. Dexter is a busy bar so I find it difficult to believe that if this took place that witnesses would not have been present and come forward by now.

    In summary –
    Brian has the right to publish all comments according to his standards, and it is these standards which he appears to have followed here.

    The Man Behind the Counter has the right to defend himself as it would appear that in fact the claims that have been made are false. And he has the right to legal recourse, perhaps not against Brian but certainly against Meg.

    If you like Dexter then keep going there and if you don’t then go elsewhere.

    Make Meg prove her claims and don’t make Dexter disprove them.

    Clearly this debate is gaining readership and it would be great if people stopped googling for Dexter with offensive terms, it is unfair considering these claims have never been followed up or proven. Everybody needs to calm down, Dexter is just a small bar in Clifton Hill, one which many people enjoy.

    • Thanks for this! I check my search terms too and have not noticed much in the way of searching for Dexter’s with offensive words. I appreciate another rare voice of reason.

  46. With 70-odd posts here, this series of rants pops up very quickly in all types of searches! A pretty interesting case study in the power/impact of new media, particularly for small businesses operating in very competitive industries. One thing it does allow us to do is quickly scan through and see Brian’s “moderation” technique in practice. The way I see it – agree with him and you’re a ‘voice of reason’ or ‘common-sense’, differ and he sighs, blusters or calls you a ‘whinger’! Brian has confused commenting for moderation. He is just the most active poster on his own site, not a moderator. I reckon Brian had a big impact on how this discussion went with his moderation/ commentary, and became “the story”, when if left completely unmoderated, it probably would’ve stayed more on topic and been more instructional for potential customers. Obviously he should run it how he wants, but I think its important to establish whether its properly moderated or not so readers know what’s going on.

    As examples, I thought trying to identify people (e.g., legal eagle) when they choose to be anonymous and suggesting there’s a conspiracy because you got multiple comments from the same IP (most cafes like Dexter offer free WIFI) seemed a bit out of line for a moderator. It’s just too easy for the people who run the site, to run down any post with tactics like these, and probably a good reason for them to stay right out of.

    • Your opinion on my moderation strategy is uninformed as it cannot be balanced by the many posts which did not get approved, so you cannot have a complete or informed opinion about what I deleted and what I approved.

      If you know anything about swarming and spamming then you will know that common IPs is a routine indication of organised commenting and is therefore suspicious.

      What people who run what site? What are you talking about?

  47. I concur with most the comments about ‘the man behind the counter’ he is a dick of the highest order… his service ruining his own business… and must admit had a good chuckle at the same (obviously Dexter staff) pumping their same old same old ‘positive’ reviews across the blogs to try and dampen the multitude of service complaints… most of us Normandy locals (a veritable mix of 20some/30somethings/most definitely not lager louts) have moved up the road to the Terminus instead thanks to his (and staff’s) actions… groovy bar… with groovy staff and more importantly… ‘keeping it real’ service…

    Keep up the great work Brian… your head must be sore after hitting it so many times against a brick wall with some of the dilettante comments…

    Best local blog there is… awesome effort!

  48. “The only person that has discouraged me from going to Dexter’s is ‘The Man Behind The Counter’: ‘If you don’t know me by name and were made to feel uncomfortable, then perhaps there’s something in that for you.’”

    Yep that’s definitely him and apt…

  49. A few things to note.. As far as I can tell, nobody knows if Meg went to the police or not. A lot of people are making assumptions.
    If I were in her position, I probably would not have gone to the police to be honest, because as people have said: the burden of proof lies with her.
    Something like that probably wouldn’t be said with people around to witness it, so it is her word against his and the police probably wouldn’t do anything. What could they do?

    People are very fond of saying ‘if you don’t like it go elsewhere’.. It’s a little redundant to say that, obviously we understand and we DO go elsewhere.
    The whole point of having a website like this is to allow people to express their opinion, and give feedback, good or bad.
    That is the feedback they are giving, they do not like the place in question, so they don’t go there. Sure it might be bad for business, but what is Brian supposed to do, only approve comments that are positive to the business in question?
    Of course not. Every cafe would be ‘good’, just some are better than others… seems worthless to me. Some cafes The bad reviews are just as important as the good ones. Bad reviews give feedback to the owners on how they could attract the person who wrote the review.

    Obviously in this case ‘the man’ knows who he wants in there (it is his cafe after all). This is great for him, and the trade off he makes is that the people he deems ‘not cool enough’ will be pissed off. I have seen him laugh in customers faces both as soon as they walked in and after they paid, and have actually felt embarrassed as he was doing it. What Grace said above happens all the time.

    About the cafe itself, I’ll be honest: the food is excellent, only ever had one average meal there. The coffee is ok, the alcoholic drinks are excellent, ‘the man’ really knows his stuff. The setting is good and the outdoor section is outstanding.

    But the cafe really is ‘the man’, you can’t get past that. If you like playing mind games, and having drinks and food you didn’t order put in front of you (it is always assumed you are staying for one more) then this is your cafe.

    I still find myself there on occasion, usually when someone I know has just discovered it and really wants to go, but I never choose to go there anymore.

    I recommend avoiding it. If you do go, just be aware that not matter if you are treated as a best friend or a loser, it is all about how much money you put in the till, nothing more. Seriously. If you fit the criteria to be accepted, you are Dexter’s new best friend. of those friends that is nothing but great to your face, will bitch about you when your not there, always wants money, and makes you feel guilty for not seeing them.

    Dexter is the kind of place you get really excited about the first couple of times you go there and rave to all your friends about, but once you realise how things work you never want to go back.

  50. Bigger picture, this is a genuine open community debate/discussion going on here – we are testing shared values. It’s a valuable & stimulating process. Don’t delete it!

    I demand the freedom to view uncensored content/information so I can arrive at my own conclusions. It is irrelevant whether or not others judge my conclusions as “correct”. What matters is that my conclusions are MINE (I consider this a basic right)

    Dexter: I acknowledge that Megs comment may present as problematic to your business. However, allow me to reassure you that I retain the brain capacity to remain unbiased. Furthermore, in keeping with the typecast of those who live in the innerNorth, I remain a desperado for discovering new local cafes&bars in which to “contemplate” (read: booze) away my flexibly-houred self-employed work days. In fact, reading this string has piqued my interest for a virgin Dexter visit. I’m compelled to GO AND BLOODY SEE FOR MYSELF.

    Brian: Thank you for providing the space for this converstaion to happen.

  51. Wow… I am a long customer of Dexter but have only just come across this site/thread when I wanted to send a link to a mate. I heard about the allegation made by “Meg” not long after all this started and, now that I have read this for the first time, I want to add my name to the list of those who are stating there is no way this is true. I agree, The Man can come across as grumpy and disinterested at times. But, as I think we have all agreed… if you don’t like it… go somewhere else! Dexter has gone from strength to strength since it first opened, which would suggest The Man has certainly been doing something right and keeping a good customer base. Meg’s allegation is defamatory, and an atrocious insult to The Man, his staff, his customers, his friends and his family.
    In terms of the place itself… It’s great. The changing menu and the quality of the food is outstanding. The coffee is the best in the area and the alcohol is free flowing! The atmosphere is awesome. From a quiet afternoon of coffee and reading in the upstairs lounge, to an entertaining evening in the bar, out the front, or in the rear courtyard… you can’t lose! There is always music playing, which is often quirky or funky… and then there’s the live music that he has from time to time. He’s a great supporter of local talent.
    Keep it up Dexter… and The Man Behind The Bar!!!!
    I’ll be back… and back… and back…. and back…….

  52. I’m not into marketing… just telling it like it is.

  53. Went to Dexters a few times because my gf loved the food (mushrooms with truffle oil on toast and the homemade baked beans on toast) and I’d have to say it was refreshing to have ‘Mr Man Behind The Bar’ give us a bit of stick for ordering vegie brekkies and soy milk with our (burnt (deliberately??)) coffees. Well above and beyond the standard of food for that little strip of queens pde. I’ll come back soon, and if the coffees good, I’ll stay.

  54. Fear not, Brian, the reputation of Dexter’s seems uniformly known all over the place, and I for one am only going to have a look from the outside (out of curiosity!) because a dag on a grand scale such as myself would surely get the cold shoulder from The Man. Even though a place that discourages kids is so tantalising! Oh well, can’t have everything, I guess, and I will stick to the cafes on the other side of Queen’s Pde (along with the screaming tots). *sigh*

  55. Parents went there a while back. Apparently very rude. Stick to Cavallini’s or Degani.

  56. I went there last weekend, out of sheer curiosity. Not sure I spotted The Man (I was sure I’d get the dag tag), however staff were friendly enough, coffee good and they certainly do a decent breakfast spicy bean burrito.

  57. Hmmm not a coincidence that your good service coincided with the absence of ‘the man behind the counter’.

  58. Once upon a time I really loved Dexter and planned on making it my local. Then I met ‘The Man.’ I don’t think I’ve ever felt more poorly treated than I was by that arrogant fellow at Dexter. And it seems he’s the manager. Why would anyone work in service with so much dislike of fellow humans bubbling inside them? Perhaps the taxation department or parking ticket inspection would be more suited to his unique temperament?

    Consequently I’ve advised everyone I know in the area to never go there. Luckily there’s so many other excellent cafes in the area that the boycott could go on forever.

    Perhaps The Man should take a look at the excellent Mixed Business or even the ‘uncool’ but very welcoming Clockwork Cafe just across the road for a fine example of how to retain their customers.

    It’s a shame. Otherwise it’d be a great place.
    Perhaps he can retire?

  59. What an amazing thing to find a blog that confirms my experience of Dexter.

    I quite liked Dexter Cafe when I first entered. My friend who lives around the corner recommended it to me. It had all the signs of a good local: great music and good selection drink and food. We ate and drank there regularly, enjoying the comfort of the back room. Some of my friends have played gigs there. Great.

    But I have not been back there for over a year. This is why:

    One quiet weekday, when no other patrons were in the venue, The Man Behind the Counter decided to show my friend and I how he treats those of his regular paying customers he doesn’t deem “cool” enough for his bar.
    We were in the back room enjoying our drinks, when he turned up the volume on the speakers above our table to a deafening level. We were at first bemused, but when ten minutes later he came in and turned the knob on the amp to a maximum level, we concluded that it was deliberate.

    When we went up to the counter to pay, he and his waitress had trouble containing their smirks. As I paid, he picked up his music player and turned the volume down.

    I understand the argument that many of you have made that “if you don’t like a place, don’t go there”. But we were loyal regulars and had put money in the till on more than one occasion. I can only conclude that the bar owner was bored one morning and wanted to bully his patrons. He just waited until no other patrons were in his bar so he could show his true colours. Bully or coward? You decide.

  60. That’s terrible. However, I’m beginning to think the Dexter “image” is in part at least, being concocted “behind the counter”.

    Check out Dexter’s reviews on the Eatability website –

    At least four of the reviews (check out the total of THREE coincidentally posted on 14 April 09 from reviewers who’ve never reviewed anything else) appear like bogus marketting spiels, all spoutting the message of no prams, attitude great coffee, music and drinks.

    Can it be that the “Man” is carefully crafting an image for his space?

    • As I have mentioned before here, there is definitely a degree of comment spam and marketing spin being generated at various sites by unknown people who are in favour of Dexter’s. They have a fairly consistent tone and voice and are obviously not genuine.

  61. After reading this thread in its entirety, I have a newfound respect for the power of the online forum to tease out truth. It’s clear that a great many entries are marketing dressed up as legitimate comment. Perhaps these are from friends of Dexter, or staff or even ‘the man behind the counter’ using different aliases. It’s funny how when you read these comments, ones bullshit detector spikes. On the other hand, when you come across an entry like Laurie’s (a few above this) every fibre in your body knows it rings truth. The anecdote about ‘the man’ is an important crescendo to this discussion, because it illustrates everything about the café that people need to know.

    So in sum, the coffee at Dexter’s in Clifton Hill is not great, because it comes with a side serve of ‘the man behind the counter’.

  62. Wow!

    The negative comments here certainly do not accord with my own experience of the place, which I find generally to be a nice place to have a coffee or a beer. However, I must say that the much-maligned “man behind the counter” is definitely prone to grumpiness. Especially if you ask for soy milk in your coffee. I agree that this is hardly professional, but I have seen far, far worse.

    Against the accusation of “marketing spin generated at various sites” it could also be said that there appears to be a small coterie of people posting negative reviews of Dexter, both here and at “various sites,” eg: . Personally, if I was more of a regular at Dexter, I’d certainly be tempted to go out of my way to try and balance the commentary with some positive reviews.

  63. Reading some of the comments here I think I’ll stay away. If the man behind the counter hates his patrons so much or is as bad as he sounds, I’d be concerned that he might be likely to spit in my food or piss in my coffee.

  64. Anyone who enjoys the coffee from Dexters has peculiar tastes imo. Over extracted espresso and burnt milk to create an unpalatable and disappointing cup. Why anyone would knowingly drink coffee there when Mixed Business is 2 mins walk away is beyond me. Might be good for a beer or whatever but the coffee is shite.

  65. I stopped going there too, couldn’t bear the thought of running into the troll in a bad mood. Pity, coffee and atmosphere were great but not good enough to balance out the bully with the googly eyes. I think drinking soy may have been my sin too, or maybe it was asking why he didn’t use Bonsoy. Thanks Brian, nice to realise it wasn’t just me after all.

  66. What an amazing thread! I had no idea…

    I just went back to Dexter’s for the 2nd time today, after being introduced to it last week.

    I am not hip or cool. I’m not that into coffee.

    I just appreciate the fact that they are the only cafe on Queens Pde who offer gluten free breakfast options!

  67. Interesting and relative article in The Age today….

    Maybe ‘Meg’ should be a wee bit nervous?

  68. Wow… I just stumbled on this thread and wasted 15 mins of my life reading this pointless dribble.

    The service at Dexters is no better or worse than any other cafe that I have been too. However, the coffee at Dexters is great (its supreme coffee) and I walk past most other cafes to get my coffee there on the weekends.

    ps. Brian – You probably should have removed that intial comment by meg to save your time responding to the rest of the comments. It was painful enough reading them.

  69. This column is a joke, as is this blog. You are a waste of time and serve no positive purpose in anyone’s life. Dexter is good, trivia is good. You are shit and a boring bitch.

  70. So why are you still reading?

  71. I LOVE DEXTER’S! The food is great, the drinks are wonderful, and “the man behind the counter” is a legend who always looks after us really well. I work in hospitality and people can be arseholes. If someone is short, grumpy or rude to you, wonder if you’ve given them cause to be that way. This (and Mixed Business) are the best places in the area. I’ve lived here my whole life, and you should definitely try it before you comment.
    Brian, i think the blog is great. Keep up the good work.

  72. I love that this is still getting commented on. I pass Dexter’s often and am almost enticed by it’s nice looking interior and the fact i’m convinced it will have good coffee.

    But i probably will never go in there in, I admit, trepidation of being slighted or, perhaps worse, treated nicely.

    Since I wish it to forever remain a mystery and to be continued to be amused by this post and it’s comments. I will be content to simply glance through the window :-)

  73. Great thread. I have only once been to Dexter’s but I broke all the rules – coffee after 5pm, asked for water, and worst of all I breasftfed. The man behind the counter was kind and laughed off my squawking baby as he came out from the bar and delivered my drinks to the table.

  74. It appears this place has a new owner, which is good as the last guy was really rude. Made me wonder why he would choose hospitality.

  75. oooh a new comment!!! new owners … i may brave stepping in there finally :D

  76. I came across this review a while ago and the speculation made me hesitant to visit the place. I never met the previous owner but I have met the new one. I was lucky enough to serve him (I work in customer service) and he was very pleasant and laid back. The nature of my work means we often have many disgruntled customers who end up taking this frustration out on the staff; this good gentleman (I never learned his name) was patient and smiley, non demanding and definitely had an interest and flair with people that I rarely encounter in the high volume of people I encounter.

    Alas this is not strictly a -review-

    I simply wish to put forth that Dexter is under new management. We did talk briefly of the stigma that could possibly be attached to the place (especially on the net); I got the impression that part of his business plan was to remedy what is now permanent via a google search, and via here-say.

    Anyone who was previously turned off, or hesitant because of the previous owner should give this place a retry (or try!).

    Wishing all net go-ers out there contentment and great perspective on life!


  77. i’m ashamed to say … i still scuttle past!

  78. I wish I’d known earlier there was a post about this place. The bar man was an arsehole, the food boring and so was the decor. Big YAWN for Dicksters. It’s probably much better now – on the grounds that is couldn’t be worse.

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