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new local content about Carlton and Fitzroy


Over the weekend I moved Fitzroyalty to a new server running php5 so I could use a lot of new WordPress plugins and tools. I think it went smoothly and hopefully readers did not even notice. I also completed and published two new pages, which contain guides to accommodation in Fitzroy and Fitzroy bottle shops. In the coming months I plan to research and publish more guides, including one to Fitzroy’s three supermarkets. The Fitzroy events calendar I began publishing in January is being filled with events. In time this could become a collaborative tool that multiple users could contribute to.

The other reason to move to a new server was to be able to start publishing some new sites. I’ve been planning for several months to publish sites for inner city suburbs that bring together all the content about a suburb in one place. The first site – about Carlton and North Carlton – is now live. New sites for Collingwood and Brunswick and East Brunswick will be published later this month. I will also do one for Fitzroy as a companion to my own site, and I’m looking into the depth of content about Clifton Hill and Northcote to see whether they are locations that can support hyperlocal news sites.

Carlton is an entertainment precinct and cosmopolitan inner city suburb in Melbourne, Australia. This site aggregates news and reviews about Carlton cafes, restaurants, businesses and social events published on numerous blogs. It is provided as a not for profit community service and as a way for content creators to syndicate their work and increase their audiences. It is published with the consent and cooperation of some of Melbourne’s best bloggers and local content creators.

To have a feed of your content included, use WordPress categories or tags or Blogger labels to identify ‘Carlton’ content, then contact me. I can do the coding of the feed for the specific category, tag or label. At this stage I can only to this for the WordPress (.com and self hosted) and Blogger platforms.

Many people create content about local places, but most are not primarily concerned with the concept of place, and do not manage their taxonomies and metadata accordingly. I hope to demonstrate how content creators can, bby adopting some simple tagging practices, contribute to the production of a useful community resource.

For example, try searching the Carlton site for reviews of the stylish bar and restaurant Markov Place (click the link to see the search results). Instantly you have access to multiple reviews.

It’s not my plan to manage this site in the long term. I’d like to hand it on to someone else, perhaps someone who would like to be more of an editor, publisher and manager than a writer. Would you like to edit or manage the Carlton and North Carlton site? Contributors and collaborators are invited to participate.


  1. Awesome, thanks! I love in Carlton North very close to where Carlton, Carlton North, Fitzroy and Fitzroy north converge.

    Is it possible to get a full post RSS feed for that blog too?

    • Because of the publishing model, where I post only an excerpt of each story with a link to the complete original at its source, I have decided not publish a full post RSS feed for these sites. Also, because I am combining multiple sources, some of which are excerpt feeds and some are full feeds, the full feed I could produce would not be full anyway. By making it excerpt only it is more consistent and fair to the original sources. I agree that full feed is preferable but explaining that argument to over 50 content creators would take up too much time. Thanks for your interest!

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