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Ghostpatrol and Cat Rabbit – While You Sleep


A new collaborative exhibition featuring the work of Ghostpatrol and Cat Rabbit opens tonight at the Gorker gallery. I was lucky to be invited to the VIP preview of ‘While You Sleep’ last night, and I’d like to thank marketing director Lauren for the invite and co-owner Nathan for his time in discussing the gallery. The work, particularly that of Cat Rabbit, is stupendous in its technical achievement and remarkable in its emotional power. The transformation from the page into three dimensions gives Ghostpatrol’s characters even greater charm and intrigue.


2009 is the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’ and Darwin features in this exhibition.


Ghostpatrol’s characters are complex and his mythology is obscure – I wish each drawing and matching figure made by Cat Rabbit had a story written about them on a plaque beside them.


Characters dream of acorns, owls fly overhead, a mysterious knife appears in many scenes, rabbits are not what they appear to be and the whimsy, melancholy, nostalgia and surreal innocence of the scenes makes engrossing viewing. If an Enid Blyton book was made into a film by David Lynch, it may look like this.


The exclusive preview was mainly for collectors and people interested in the craft side of the exhibition. Fitzroy is one of the centres of the resurgence in fashion of handmade objects and craft activities but the collectors come from all around Melbourne. After the success of Ghostpatrol’s joint show with Miso at Metro 5 gallery on High St Armadale last year, Gorker is expecting as many peeps from the southside to venture to Fitzroy for this show as came from Fitzroy to see GP and Miso on High St.


Because this exhibition brings together two complimentary aspects of Melbourne’s creative culture, it will be very popular. The opening night tonight will be packed and I expect good crowds on the weekend too. Gorker opening nights have become a highlight of the Fitzroy social calendar and they work because they bring new audiences to the gallery and to art, and act to demystify and modernise what art is about.







  1. i’ve written you an email regarding this post
    if you didn’t get it please let me know, as i would like to address the points outlined in the email.

  2. Do you realise that the same artists you feature on this site of yours, are also the ones that you claim to be ruining the streets of your beloved Fitzroy.

    • Hi Reka, of course I know that the artists whose work I feature here also do tagging and / or approve of tagging. No one has to like everything thing another person does. I’ll give a political example: I approve of Kevin Rudd when he apologises to indigenous people, but I disapprove when he proposes to give $950 away as middle class welfare, because I think it will do nothing to fix the financial crisis. It sounds like you’re trying to see an inconsistency that is not there. I’ll ignore the unhelpful hyperbole about ‘ruining’, as I have not said that tags ruin streets, just that they are disliked by most people. As I’ve also said, the place of graffiti in the urban environment is a complex issue. Thanks for contributing.

  3. I wasn’t trying to quote you. If I did there would be lovely “” marks. Its not hard to find “inconsistencies” in your views on this issue. Your basically sitting on the fence (I know your not the only one.) You hate the tags but you love what its done to your Fitzroy in terms of culture and uniqueness. Quite frankly I think your Fitzroy would be about as exciting as shit covered cucumber if it didn’t have tags all over it. I’m not even talking about the street art.
    I’m sure this has been covered already but in the future don’t think your doing anyone a favour by posting this crap on your site. Have another look at the top of this page. Coming from an artists point of view, id be very angry with someone posting photos of all my work of my exhibition, especially before the opening night. It kind of loses that special quality don’t you think. Either way, thanks for contributing.

    • I was invited to the preview of While You Sleep by Gorker management and given permission by them to photograph the show with their full knowledge that I would be posting a review to promote the opening night of the exhibition. If you don’t like their social media marketing policies, talk to them about it. I disagree that I’m sitting on the fence regarding street art. I like art that communicates with its audience. Tags fail the ‘art’ test because they don’t communicate anything and they add nothing to Fitzroy. I dislike property damage and vandalism. What I choose to write and publish is for me to decide. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  4. Beautiful work, thanks so much for sharing so those of us who don’t live in Melbourne can see :)

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