Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065


  1. That’s a shame! We’ve had a number of lovely meals there (and didn’t suffer long wait times). It’s not often that I favour a savoury breakfast over sweet, but the folks at Filter convinced me with their mushrooms on toast and terrific basil dressing.

  2. It’s been closed for a few months now. It happened pretty suddenly. I’m guessing they’re having trouble letting out the premises.

  3. Where else is good for Eggs Benedict?

  4. Mixed Business is great, but not sure if they do Eggs Benedict. They do other stuff so well anyway.

    Haven’t been to Arcadia for years.

    And haven’t been to Enni.

  5. Hello all, yes FILTER is closed. For all who are wondering, it was my business and we sold it id Dec 08 after 4 years, not because of the financial crisis but because we were bored.

    It had gone as far as we wanted to take it and we couldn’t be there anymore.

    After 20 years in cafes it was time to do something different and actually have a life rather than work 70 hours a week for very little reward.

    We got an offer that was miles to good to refuse, so we left immediately. The scaffolding had nothing to do with it.

    Thank you to all our customers but for us its time for a new life…one without a cafe!!!

  6. I only discovered Filter late last year but enthusiastically took up their bacon benedict – the best in Melbourne that I’d had! I quite liked the atmosphere and the coffee was reliably good. The twins running it were amusing too :)

    But then they never reopened after Christmas and I’ve been in mourning ever since. Where now? Was I the curse?…

    I love Arcadia, but the staff changes late last year have affected it. Still, it’s (usually) very good.

  7. It’s nice to be missed but I don’t miss it.

    By the way, I haven’t had a decent breakfast since I closed the place.

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