Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

a lawyer from hell and a vigilante editor


It is comforting to know that whenever an incoherent whinger on Johnston St resorts to poetry there is a freelance vigilante editor available to help them.

social issues notes johnston st fitzroy

social issues notes johnston st fitzroy

If only this editor would turn their attention to Alpha Ouzeri’s “Set Menu’s” (sic). I cannot take them or their food seriously while I see that abomination in the window. Waiter, there is an apostrophe in my soup…


  1. Sounds like you and Tim Holding have something in common.

  2. Please explain? I certainly hope not as I think he is a babbling imbecile! See my post about the City Museum signs.

  3. LOL
    Tiny Tim is indeed, Brian.

    • So you’re saying I’m like Tim Holding because I’m criticising the writing style in this poem? Your point is a bit obtuse but I understand. Having seen Holding speak in public, he’s the one that needs coaching.

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