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I hate street art too


These are not my words, and I find the whole thing puzzling. Located on the back of the side wall of Flowers Vasette on Greeves St, this graffiti assumes the reader agrees with the author, but seems resigned to accepting the art in surrounding laneways. The point of the comment escapes me. It’s not so much a WTF as a WTP (what’s the point?)



  1. Speaking of WTPs, here’s a bumper sticker my sister saw, which is still twitching away unsolved in the backs of our brains:

    “Fear is an emotion. Bad is an attitude.”



  2. it is aimed at the flower shop that always buffs and paints over any graff that comes near their shop. it makes total sense if you are a painter you notice these things.. so its not aimed at the reader so much as the owners of the shop. so they probably dont hate street art they just put it that way assuming that the flower shop really hates on graff

    • Any property owner is perfectly entitled to dislike their property being vandalised. I wonder how so called ‘artists’ would feel if their property (their artworks) were vandalised when on display in a gallery?

  3. you think your really smart but art in a gallery is not really the same as a shop wall that backs onto an alley. can you comprehend how they are different?? its moronic to make that comparison.

  4. …and you seem to be an uptight corporate asshole who has no idea about graffiti but think you have the right to shove your narrow opinion down anyone’s throat as long as you try and make it sound sophisticated.

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