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$10 Tuesday night dinner at Grumpy’s Green on Smith St


With vegetarian friends visiting from interstate and coming with me to the Last Tuesday Society show at Yah Yah’s on 30 June, I needed to find somewhere convenient for dinner. On their last visit we sampled Trippy Taco, Peko Peko and several other places, so this time it seemed appropriate to visit the newest vegetarian eatery in the area – Grumpy’s Green on Smith St a few doors up from Yah Yah’s.


Tuesdays are currently $10 cheap nights at Grumpy’s Green, and I’m planning to try more of the recession inspired cheap nights that many pubs, cafes and restaurants are advertising. I’d had a good breakfast at Grumpy’s a while ago and was keen to try dinner. The verdict? Sadly average at best. Discounting potential downsizing of the serve to match the price reduction (something Hookturns comments on regarding the Builder’s Arms), the meals were of mixed quality.


The vegetable parma (top) seemed the best meal. The vegan burger (above) was considered acceptable. My nachos (below) were quite good but a bit bland – they needed lots more chilli. The warm vegetable salad (bottom) was disappointing – basically some roasted pumpkin over a green salad. It lacked both size and substance.



I like the idea of Grumpy’s more than the reality. They have lots of nice beers and some great wines on the list, including an excellent mourvedre (and like 100 Mile Cafe used to do, they include the distance of the winery from Melbourne in the list). They need to try a bit harder to improve the food given the quality of the competition in the area.


  1. Oh look at me, I could be a hand model.

    Actually, I’m sure the burger patty is from a supermarket, which is a bit crap. I think it would be loads improved if it came with some kind of (vegan) sauce or something… and I know I’m alone on this but DEATH TO CRINKLE CUT CHIPS. Anyway, agree that they have a great selection of booze, but need to pick things up in the food stakes.

    Also, they don’t have any vegan breakfast options.

  2. Hi Guys. I cant apologize enough that our food didn’t come up to scratch! Obviously I can fix the quality of previously purchased meals but I hopefully can clear up a couple of things! We do make our own burger patties here at Grumpys, something we are normally quite proud so once again I apologize for your experience! We do offer a few vegan sauce options as a alternative to the mayo and we are still experimenting with vegan cheese! We also do not intentionally ever downsize meals for the $10 Tuesday, kinda kills the point.
    The menu is currently going through (another) massive upheaval and hopefully the future holds much better culinary experiences for Grumpys Patrons. And as far as crinkle cut chips go? Staff, including myself, love them so they stay!
    Hopefully you come and try us again before writing us off, and I apologize again for your unfortunate Tuesday night!

  3. Hmmm. That is mean to say CANT fix the quality of previously purchased meals. Seems we stuff up blogg comments too…..

    • Thanks for commenting – we’re not giving up on you! Our Tuesday night was not bad as such, but equally it was not great. You’re getting some good reviews from different bloggers and I’ll be back again sometime.

  4. I really enjoy grumpy’s laid back atmosphere never feels rushed spent a couple of afternoon’s there starting with a coffee and moving to a beer. have ordered food a couple of times and have always been dissapointed, felt it was bland and uninspired.

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