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another Melbourne content thief


Update 16 July 2009: Jessi has emailed me to apologise and I have responded thanking her and accepting her apology.

I’m getting bored with chasing down all the people who steal my content. Melbourne blogger Jess took my photo of Dexter’s and used it in her May 2009 post without the attribution and link to the original required by my Creative Commons licence. In June I posted a comment asking her to remove the image or add the attribution and link. She has not done so, has not emailed me back or even responded to the link. I tried to be nice and asked her to do the right thing and got nowhere had to make more noise about the issue to resolve it. Jess, you’re a content thief.


A screen capture of Jess’ Cookbook blog on 5 July 2009


  1. thanks for the notice brian. have dropped jess from rss feed and left note saying why.

    keep up the good work. always worth a read here!


    • Thanks Dan – I am adopting the policy of contacting the people first to ask for the stolen content to be removed or the license terms conformed to. I have several examples where people have done the right thing and I thank them for it. Equally, when people do the wrong thing and don’t take responsibility for it, it provides a good example of blogger ethics in practice.

  2. Wow! Your admonition is only lightly chastising. You getting soft in your old age? :D

    • I hope a certain person is reading this! I usually get criticised for being harsh and now I’m apparently not being harsh enough. People are so difficult to please! LOL

  3. Worth noting I think that Jess has now removed the offending image and apologised for the ‘misunderstanding’…

  4. Man you are a drama queen! You command respect over a couple of lousy photo’s but don’t give respect were it’s due. Re: ghostpatrols show and your blatant disrespect regarding publishing photo’s from the show before the opening.
    Your nothing but a culture vulture

    • As I said in a comment on the Ghostpatrol and Cat Rabbit show at Gorker, I was invited to the preview of While You Sleep by Gorker management and given permission by them to photograph the show with their full knowledge that I would be posting a review to promote the opening night of the exhibition. Nice creative use of apostrophes in your comment.

  5. Man you really are something else. The artist objected to the photo’s being up, it should stop with them. If you are such a fan of ghostpatrol you would think you would have some respect for their wishes. You are a typical wanker sitting on the peripherals of a culture sucking the blood of those that put in the hard work. You are everything that is ugly about Fitzroy these day’s.

  6. I think what he’s suggesting is – the people who matter are annoyed. They actually are. Does this bother you? You commentate, you pontificate, you are completely divorced from the culture around you. (And, to be honest, thank god for that.) Fitzroy doesn’t like you.

    • I have as many people who agree with me as disagree. Some who disagree respect the debate; it’s only a minority who don’t bother to consider the issues and instead make it a personality contest. I’m far from divorced from the culture around me. You know nothing about me and this is a worthless idea.

  7. No seriously, what are you talking about? Ghostpatrol’s exhibition?

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