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spiced hot chocolate at Shocolate on Johnston St


Nearby providers of hot chocolate like Monsieur Truffe and the Gertrude St Enoteca need to be worried. The new chocolatier Shocolate has opened on Johnston St and I had possibly the best hot chocolate of my life there. Spiced with star anise and other things too secret to mention, it was thick, rich and creamy but also light, fluffy and perfectly delicious. Shocolate has chocolates, cakes and biscuits to eat at once or buy to take away. Everything is hand made on site by a French chocolatier trained in the mystical arts of chocolate making.


On my first visit I was fortunate to meet the owner, Nick, and to learn about some of the business, including a quick peek at the chocolate preparation area. There was lots of immaculate stainless steel and machines whirring and stirring. I felt faint and wondered when Johnny Depp was going to appear.


The staff were all very friendly and seemed delighted to be there. They had only been open a few days when I visited last week and already all the courtyard tables were full of people enjoying the Shocolate experience and the spring sunshine.



  1. Dropped in today for an ice chocolate (its hot!) – it was great.

    They started googling themselves while I was paying and came across your article Brian. Apparently you get a free coffee if you go back ;)

  2. Oh my, more chocolate for my neighbourhood! This is definitely on the to-do list. Thanks for the tip! Jetsetting Joyce

  3. mmm in my humble opinion nobody so far can beat the rough diamond ambiance and superb bitter chocolate flavours of Monsieur Truffe, especially not a place called …Shocolate? I tasted the shocolate the other day and it did not win me over, plus the surrounding are a touch…trite?…despite being only 100 metres from my daily place of work I will still take the trip down good old Smith Street for that fix of cocoa..

  4. Hello everybody!!
    Me too I’ve already been to the shop several times – absolutely love it!!!
    My favorite is the Rocher Ball!! One day I will get fat from these! LOL

    But there is something wrong in the article – I talked to the chef and he told me that ONLY the chocolate itself was from Belgium – he and his recipes are French!!!!
    Not to mess up people! ;-)
    Apart from that – very good article!!

    And a question to Carlo: Do you work for Monsieur Truffe? The way you talk about Shocolate sounds like they were your new business rivals!!
    Take it easy buddy!!

  5. I walk past there every day on my way to work, and I probably wouldn’t have ever actually stopped (hot/iced chocolate not really my thing) but after this I want to. Goddamn you. DAMN THOSE CHOCOLATES LOOK GOOD!

  6. A friend took me by yesterday because I had mentioned that my daughter loves vegemite after eating it every morning when she was away at school this year. Being American, it is an acquired taste and she had asked me to purchase her a jar. My friends said, we have something better ~ VEGEMITE CHOCOLATES. So they took me down and I purchased a dozen of them for her for Christmas. I’ll let you know Christmas Day how they were, but judging from the other mouthwatering treats in the case, I am sure they will be a hit!!!

  7. Heya

    I found Shocolate last week and it impressed the hell out of me, so much so I made a short video and stuck it on YouTube;

    It’s the first in-store filming and new camera equipment is on the way, so any feedback is appreciated – from here we start to film the intricacies of the chocolate making process, something Nick and the staff are really excited about :)

    Tasting nights and similar are on the cards; a mailing list has been attached to the video so please, anyone interested do jump on board.

  8. Nice video Philip. Maybe you should suggest to them to just redirect their website directly to your video as their website is still coming soon. Love the chocolate but why advertise your website on everything and have nothing to show for it.

  9. they seem to have gotten a bit snooty since you went there…
    i was asked not to take any photos unless i was from the Press… :(

  10. It did take some careful negotiation for me to be allowed to take the photos I did, and while they have some links to blog reviews on their site they don’t seemed to have learned to give up some control. They’re effectively discouraging people from reviewing them and they’ll learn the consequences.

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