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my anonymous internet stalker is a coward and a criminal


I am being stalked by someone anonymously on the internet. They regularly post insulting and offensive comments to Fitzroyalty (which I don’t publish). Someone is also writing posts on the anti-Fitzroyalty blog that reference posts from Fitzroyalty in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to annoy me. Although I cannot yet prove it, it is plausible to think that the comments and the posts are written by the same person. There is evidence of a particular voice and style of writing that is common to both.

The anti-Fitzroyalty blog attempts satire but achieves only banal and bitter mimicry. Many of its posts would have no meaning to the general reader, who would not see the connections between the mimicry in its posts and the original stories here on Fitzroyalty. These posts are aimed specifically at me because I know the content I have created better than anyone else.

For example, this post reference this post. This post references this post. This post references this post. There are many more examples but I’m sure you can see the pattern already. My stalker has evidently developed a bizarre obsession with me and my writing. Rather than creating their own original content, they are obsessed with mimicking mine.

S/he is driven by resentment. There is no logic to their behaviour, but its intentions are clear. Their posts and comments are meant to imply that I am being watched, that what I do and say is under surveillance. My stalker hides behind their anonymity. S/he is incapable of engaging in reasoned debate, or of owning their opinions by putting their name to them. They are not proud of their intellectual capacity.

I’m one of thousands of people in Melbourne, and millions around the world, who writes and freely publishes content on the internet to share my thoughts on life with my friends and peers. I may be unique but that does not make me important or special.

I consider my writing, photography and worldview to be worth reading, and I am pleased to have developed an audience, but I expect nothing from them. I don’t ask for money. I don’t tell them what to believe in. I don’t use my engagement with them to gain social status or indirect reward, such as free meals from restaurants. I simply write down and thus preserve what would otherwise be intangible items of conversation with friends that would quickly be forgotten. If you like it, good; if you don’t, that’s fine too. I write for my own pleasure, not for your approval.

My stalker claims to have met me in real life ‘several times’ and apparently knows what I look like, though I cannot determine whether this is from meeting me in person or seeing photographs of me. S/he describes me as ‘balding’, which is true, but uses this term as an implied insult. Given that it is a genetically determined biological phenomenon, it is a pointless and powerless attempt at an insult. Genetics has also determined that I have big feet (all the better to kick you with).

I have several ideas about who the stalker may be. It is potentially of dubious coincidence that s/he began posting their comments to Fitzroyalty after I exposed the publishers of ThreeThousand for posting offensive comments on Fitzroyalty via various pseudonyms after I held them to account for stealing my content. S/he may be continuing their trolling via a different IP number.

S/he may also be connected to the street art scene based on their criticism of Deb and praise of other artists in this post, which references this post. But it doesn’t matter who they are, because they mean nothing to me, and their petty inadequacies are of no importance to the world.

I believe nothing that my stalker tells me. Their irrational, unstable behaviour is evidence of someone who is emotionally disturbed. S/he needs psychiatric attention. Stalking is also a criminal act. My stalker has broken the law by:

contacting the affected person by post, telephone, fax, text message, email or other electronic communication or means; publishing on the internet or by an email or other electronic communication a statement relating to the affected person or purporting to relate to or originate from the affected person[.]

I will be making a formal statement to the Victorian Police and am also in the process of applying for a Stalking Intervention Order from the Victorian Magistrate’s Court.

Cyberbullying may be commonly associated with children and teenagers, and while it is an immature behaviour it obviously can also affect adults. For more information, see Reachout and Lifeline. If you too are being stalked or bullied by an anonymous coward online, speak out about it.


  1. Come on Brian… just ignore them… you’re making a mockery of yourself far more than they ever could!

    “I believe nothing that my stalker tells me. Their irrational, unstable behaviour is evidence of someone who is emotionally disturbed. S/he needs psychiatric attention. Stalking is also a criminal act. […]

    I will be making a formal statement to the Victorian Police and am also in the process of applying for a Stalking Intervention Order from the Victorian Magistrate’s Court.”

    Really? you consider them emotionally disturbed? They are expressing the views of many (including my own) but I generally refrain from commenting because arguing on the internet is offensive to Sarah Palin’s son.

    You have good content on here, I like discovering new cafes and restaurants and Fitzroy secrets, and I approve whole-heartedly of you writing about other subjects in addition to that of Fitzroy… and your overly aggressive and self-righteous attitude can be annoying — but that is part of the package. I don’t believe THE LAW comes into the equation. You are allowed to be annoying on YOUR website, and people can read it (and roll their eyes but continue reading) or not read it. Same goes for the satire blog (which you obviously read as you have combed through it looking for evidence of their identity/insanity) — you can read it and gnash your teeth, or you can simply not read it. Writing about it, especially in your usual style, just makes you sound like the arrogant fuckwit they make you out to be.

    I have read a comment you wrote some time back, about how your occasionally abrasive and confronting writing style is just a persona you affect, in order to make people react. Maybe you could consider dropping that so-called front for just a minute, and say something that comes from the heart, something human so that people stop hating on you — or apparently, on the Brian you choose to put out there. And please don’t say that you don’t care what people (the “stalkers” and myself included) think about you, and that it’s simply that you hate the law being broken. Fuck the law! be an anarchist… because what really matters is what makes us human. Be a human, Brian, please?

    • Would you say the same thing if a woman said she was being stalked? Don’t men deserve the same legal protection? Your dismissive attitude fails to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation.

  2. The landing page at the anti-fitzroyalty blog seems to be password protected.

  3. “Writing about it, especially in your usual style, just makes you sound like the arrogant fuckwit they make you out to be … Be a human, Brian, please”

    From my personal observations, most humans are arrogant fuckwits.

  4. It could be argued that by closing down anti-fitzroyalty website, it’s owner is not willing to support or stand by their own actions or content in the wake of Brian’s counter criticism.

  5. If you were a woman being stalked, or a man being stalked, I would leap to your defence. But she isn’t stalking you, any more than I am. Fitzroy is a small place, you’re fairly open about who you are and where you go. Without being in any way interested in you, I know who you are, where you live, what you look like… Just because we are close neighbours. I also know where that girl who works at Coles lives, and that guy from the Veggie bar, and the regulars at the pub opposite my house know that I often go running around 5.30pm and the woman across the street agrees that the cat we always see is extraordinarily aloof, even for a cat. That’s not stalking, and if you’d ever had a stalker or been harrassed in real life you wouldn’t be making such comparisons.

    As for the internet, I don’t know how long you’ve been around but surely you have seen enough things like flamecup, encyclopedia dramatica and /b/ to know that there will always be people out there ripping the piss out of those with more idiosyncratic online personalities. I have read the anti blog and I think you have got off pretty lightly to be honest.

    If you think someone mocking you online, someone with the added annoyance factor of knowing who you are without you knowing them, amounts to stalking, then I have to say I have no more or less sympathy for a male “victim” than I would for a female one. It’s all in your head. Once again, Brian, I beg of you to see reason, to laugh it off and to move on. Ignore the parodies and the mockers, because you’re doing what you love unimpeded and that is all that matters.

    Also, I’d like to refer you to this, showing that anonymity on the internet is rare, and that idiots are not so rare – but that those who back down and admit to over-reacting or simply behaving like dickheads often find their tormentors surprisingly sympathetic. Don’t be a lolcow!

    • Mocking someone and stalking over the internet may look similar but are not. Read the legal definition I linked to. Your refusal to acknowledge the facts of the matter suggest you have little understanding of the law.

  6. I enjoy reading fitzroyalty and am sorry that you have had to take action against this person. You need to do what you can to make yourself feel safe. Unfortunately, this sort of thing has happened on another blog I regularly read. It seems to be that ‘success’ brings out the worst people.

    Robust comment is engaging to read, but being aggressive and offensive never is.

  7. I hope that your petty tantrum doesn’t take police resources away from people who really need them.

    • I hope you don’t need the protection of the law (that all citizens have the right to access) and be denied it because an ignorant moron does not take the issue seriously.

  8. So, did anything ever come of this?

    • The fake blog was quickly password protected and thus impossible for the public to view. Fitzroyalty stopped receiving referral traffic from it which makes me think its author has stopped writing. The anonymous comments have stopped too so from my point of view I have achieved the outcome I desired.

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