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these look familiar


Update 19 April 2010: see my new post about the hidden pizza hype along with links to other sources.

Update 13 April 2010: Thanks to Michael from My Aching Head, he’s used Google’s cache to show the difference between the Hidden Pizza site from 6 April and 12 April. On 6 April is says:

‘Finding the restaurant is easy, just look it up the way you would any other business from April 12 – April 25 and the pizzas are free.’

On 12 April (launch day) it was changed to:

‘Finding the restaurant is easy, just look it up the way you would any other business from April 12 – April 25 and the pizzas are free. Make sure you phone ahead to order as no pizza orders are taken at the door.’

Update 12 April 2010: the whole marketing campaign is a trick. You have to call the 1300 number and get an order number to get in – the order no is your ticket. The web text saying ‘if you find us (deliberately vague and misleading) … you’ll get a free pizza’ is deceptive and unethical. Don’t bother turning up without doing this. I told them exactly what I thought about this annoying trick when I got there. They got nervous when I said ‘potential breach of the trade practices act’ and offered to let me in anywhay but I refused.

The new restaurant or whatever it is being constructed where Filter cafe used to be has a familiar feature – a wall of pots like in the Greenhouse, which was temporarily at Federation Square before being permanently installed in Perth. I’m not sure if the laneway behind Brunswick St is becoming permanently closed and used as a space, or if this is just temporary while it is being properly installed. Watch this space. Photographed on 8 April.


  1. The early bird catches the worm, and as we are up early at the flower markets, we have the inside goss on this installation. Although sworn to secrecy, we can drop a hint. In the days before we googled everything – how did we find a business? More clues Monday.

  2. Hmm…I think I have figured it out! It’s the hidden pizza restaurant!

    • Awesome! I think this will send them bankrupt as they say ‘from April 12 – April 25 we’re offering a free pizza to everyone who finds us.’ And we’ve just told everyone where they are… oops!

      With reference to the previous comment, it’s all a marketing strategy based on trying to get the young people to use those books with phone numbers in them. You know, the ones lying unused where the deliverer dumped them. Which is, and should be prosecuted as, littering.

      Cos we like have the interwebs now, we don’t need out of date dead tree media…

  3. Please put cat back in bag. Secret to remain hidden. Oops

  4. are you able to post a google map location for this. sounds like it will be the hidden pizza place opening in 3 days. i’m from sydney but will be visiting 24-25 so want to be able to visit when i’m there :-)

  5. Just got a new local yellow pages this week, and they have an add in it with just a phone number. Will definatly check it out. The website looks good.

  6. I really don’t understand how you can say that it’s “vague and misleading”. Another section on the website also says “Make sure you phone ahead to order as no pizza orders are taken at the door”.

    You were warned, so how the hell does that break the trade practices act?

    • Actually no. They admitted to me at the door that they had changed the text on the site today, and that it said the vague thing over the weekend. In other words, they realised they got it wrong from the online feedback over the weekend. I did not look at it again today so I did not know, and I am sure many people did not see the change either.

  7. The webpage below has a post from last Friday that said you had to call in advance for a pizza.

    so it seems they were quite open about what you had to do to get a pizza.

    • Again no, this post has been updated and the text changed since it was posted on 9 April. It originally did not include a link to my site, for example, as we published our stories at around the same time.

  8. Gah…all this effort for a free pizza??? what is the point??!! sorry, im a cheesephobic…lol

  9. For the sake of clarity Jo, I posted that deal on Ozbargain (April 5:08PM) shortly after Mellie’s comment on this post April 9, 4:09PM. I updated the description today to add you must call instead of just showing up after Brian’s update on this post here. Thanks for keeping free pizza controversial Brian! Never a dull moment in Fitzroyalty.

    • Thanks Neil – it’s always fascinating to see how effective marketing strategies are at herding naive punters! Add transparency to bullshit and you get controversy.

  10. Seems like their marketing is quite effective on bloggers as well as punters, since you are still giving them free publicity.

  11. Brian, you seem to be very resentful about this whole ‘turning up without having ordered’ debacle… it is only a pizza!

    • Congratulations on missing the point. It’s not about the pizza, it’s about a misleading and deceptive marketing and promotional campaign that is manipulative and unethical.

  12. I just found it by accident and asked what the go was, the staff are rude as hell, no assistance in anything and had nothing to say that would make me go there again, will utilize free pizza to the max just so it costs them money, jerks.!!!

  13. I’d go take a free pizza on Telstra’s dime, but it’s not going to change my opinion of them or make me actually use their product. They’ll still make their money off the 1300 calls I’m sure.

  14. The funniest thing about this is, everyone is now finding the number and address on Google. And when you Google “hidden pizza restaurant” these blogs posting the details rank higher than the site-that-shall-not-be-named that they want you to go to. what a #fail.

  15. I think I’ll stick to $5 Pizzas and cheap Mountain Goat beer up the road at Bar Fred, Nicholson St Carlton North…

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