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the Esco art bar has closed


This will come as no surprise to anyone. The short-lived Esco art bar has been closed for some time. It never gained a customer base and after only a few months ceased trading. I wrote this post last week but then had to go back to photograph the new paintwork, which screams low rent desperation. The snake pit? Could you make anything more appealing to bogans? There’s an ad in the window seeking staff for something called ‘Red Moon bar’. Good luck trying the make the most cursed venue on Brunswick St work…


  1. If I recall correctly, the nightclub in the Cowra Hotel was called The Snakepit back in the late 80s. It had a light up dancefloor for the girls to dance around their handbags, and benches around the sides for the boys to drink bundy and watch the girls dance. It was choice. Coincidentally, one of the in-pub nightclubs in Wollongong around the same time was called “Mirrors”.

    This venue seems to be channelling bad nights out from my past.

  2. RE: Red Moon Bar

    The curse has already begun, the contact number listed on their signs is a residential number not associated to the venue lol.

  3. I was wandering past this place when two people were out the front painting those snakes on the building. I stopped and chatted briefly to the owner who told me the other guy up the ladder was Henry Maas. Henry is known to many in Fitzroy as both the creator of the Black Cat Cafe and also the Night Cat. I have no idea if Henry is involved in the Snake Pit.

    I haven’t been back since that day but I at least plan on seeing what they have done.

  4. I was the previous owner when it was Mirrors lounge bar. This place started doing good as a function venue. its not the place its the planning permit and licenses and sound proofing and not to forget the area where every one is so different that they are all same. the person which lives behind mirrors lounge bar is retired and decide to live right next to the vibrant Brunswick street and has spent all his time complaining about noise. god bless

  5. It was never used as a beer garden only a smoking area however there were a couple times when few patrons went there with drinks as they found the door open and were sent back inside as we discovered . Illegal construction behind mirrors was the big front page but city of yarra came and investigated and fined the premises for not lodging application for replacing the old fence as overlaying and concreting doesent need permit and liquor licensing came every week to inspect. There was no effort made by my nice neighbours to contact me and discuss what the real issue was. Smoking area was must for the business as patrons don’t like standing on the main road. And beer garden was not what I aimed for …

    • Residential neighbours are not required to contact businesses. Businesses are required to apply for liquor license changes that are available for the public to view and comment on if they wish. The real issue was you doing something without permission that would never have been approved had you sought permission.

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