Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

serious car accident on Johnston St yesterday


The scene outside the 7-11 on Johnston St, at the corner of Brunswick St, was chaotic last night at 7.30pm. A car accident resulted in one car crashing nose first into the 7-11, seemingly as the result of a previous impact with another car. The Police were on scene and fire engines quickly arrived too. I hope no one was badly hurt. Johnston St was closed to eastbound traffic at the intersection for some time.


  1. You wonder how a pedestrian was not hit.

  2. I witnessed this as I was sitting at an outdoor table having drinks with friends, directly opposite to where the car ended up and was facing the direction of the initial collision with a taxi. There were plenty of pedestrians only a few meters away. We were also lucky that he spun left instead of right as I probably wouldn’t be here writing this!

  3. We were outside the Provincial having drinks (sounds like Sean McNabb was also) – and it was a miracle that no-one was walking along by the 7/11 when the car spun and crashed into it…would have been horrific….it was very busy on that sunny Saturday early evening.
    The car had gone through a red light, taken the front off a cab and then spun once or twice and then into 7/11.
    Likewise, if it had spun the other way, I wouldn’t like to think what would have happened to us and others sitting outside on those table outside the Provincial…I don’t think the metal fencing there would have totally stopped the car.
    All in all, a very lucky escape for everyone nearby I think – both drivers ok too (although driver of blue car was clearly in severe shock) – leaving alone the issue of blame for the crash for a moment – that’s a separate issue.

  4. Yip, was at the Provincial too. Reckon you’re right Tim, would’ve been a lot worse had he come in our direction.

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