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Apologies for the unsolicited email


Spam marketers are the gift that keeps on giving, and I’m so very tempted to be rather naughty with one of them. Consider the latest from this aspirational advertising entrepreneur:

Hi Brian,

Apologies for the unsolicited email, but we’re an Australian video advertising business and I wanted to see if you’d be interested in joining our network (on a strictly opt-in, non-exclusive basis). There’s some more information here [link], but basically we invite you to run our advertisers’ videos, either in editorial or standard 300×250 positions, and you get a share of the per view rate that our advertisers pay. You’re never obliged to run any of the campaigns we invite you to, but if you see any come through with content that you think your readers will enjoy, you can put them up and earn revenue from each view.

We have a campaign right now for [a client] that would be a great fit for your site.

Please let me know if you’re interested or would like to chat about it.

Best regards,


I replied ‘Did you bother reading my information for media and marketers?’ He replied:

Hello Brian,

I’m afraid I didn’t see the link, but thanks for bringing it to my attention.

For your information, I am not a corporate goon but part of a small business trying to make a start. I think your anger is misplaced in this case but, on closer reading of your blog, you seem to be rather angry about a great many things.

There are very many terrible things going on in the world and they deserve to have a light shined on them but perhaps not everything is worthy of instant outrage or contempt.

Yours respectfully,


I replied:

Which is precisely why corporate goons like you should actually look at the sites you propose to advertise on before asking people like me stupid questions…

I have a delightfully amusing idea. I’ll accept one of these proposals and sign up for a campaign. I’ll publish an advertisement and surround it with content that is insidiously contrary to the message the advertiser wants to communicate.

I’ll then contact the advertiser and the advertising agency and point out the consequences of lazy advertisers hiring idiotic agencies to place advertising in unknown and potentially unsuitable media. What fun it could be! Who would like to see that?


  1. I WOULD!!!
    HAHA, you are hilarious!!!

  2. go on…you know you want to ;-)

  3. Wow, that reply from them is really passive aggressive, isn’t it?

    Let me paraphrase:

    “Well, no, we didn’t bother to read the information you already have about this topic, but because we’re a small business and not big corporation, we’re totally in the clear, anyway, and by the way, since we deem you to be angry, it completely diverts attention from our failure to do appropriate research prior to contacting you. Oh, and there are bad things happening in the world, so it’s okay for us to send unsolicited emails without first checking the site we’re sending them to.”

    Does that about sum it up?

  4. Poorly handled by all parties

  5. Spammers should be shot…..

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