Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

I think we should talk


This is supposedly a graffiti note from dicknose to tres (two of the most prolific graffiti vandals in Fitzroy). I can imagine the pathetic conversation should they ever get together. ‘How dare you tag over my tag. I hate you.’ ‘You tagged over my tag first.’ ‘I’m more insecure and desperate for attention than you are.’ ‘I have done more tags than you.’ ‘No, I am more insecure.’ ‘No, I have done more tags.’ And so on.

Ideally, both would be caught, shackled together into a chain gang with others of their moronic kind and forced to remove every tag they’ve ever made. Preferably while being whipped by vengeful property owners.


  1. I’m tempted to create a stencil that reads “is a dickhead” and go around putting it under the tags in my neighborhood.

  2. It’s always amusing to see DN’s tag throughout Toorak, from when he gets tired of smack life in Fitzroy and goes back home to mummy and daddy.

  3. What I don’t get with the good DN is that his product placement is spot on. Like in the space of 6 months he is at every hot spot and next to every tag in fitzroy – and I am talking some less famous laneways with very little traffic. And he tends to know and respect tag etiquette unlike Tres who I could strangle. If only DN had talent, he would be on a winner. Anyone want to mentor him???? Ps I would like him to tag creepy stalker whose name isn’t worth mentioning …

  4. I’ll pay money for information leading me to the guy who tags “dicknose” around fitzroy. Goto for more info. I am considering the idea of locating him and would be interested in perhaps launching a civil case against him for the damage he has caused. If anyone is interested in same then perhaps could look into a class action against him for the same…. Only thing is need to find him first which is why the money is being offered as a reward for any information which leads me closer to this goal! Personally i’d like to rename him to “broken nose” (bn) but that isnt allowed which is why perhaps making him pay is the best i can do :(

  5. RIP dick nose you will be missed.

    Please don’t politicise this Brian.

    The wild assumptions here are so way of the mark it’s not funny. Let’s just respect the dead.

  6. word tres, he was my best mate. we often talked about the so called beef/joke,( i dunno what u would call your back n forthness u two had goin on, as it was more out of love and fun than hate) as we were slashing you, he thought you were a dick head but he liked that. the fact u were down for alaugh. he enjoyed what you two had goin on. he will be missed. rip my brother i miss you

  7. nice one tres and tom. He was my friend too, and I will miss him.

  8. He was a good mate of mine too. My hearts a little broken cos of the stuff that doesn’t get to happen cos he left me and everyone else too soon. He sure as fuck wasn’t perfect but the way he lived his life was more than a little bit of an inspiration for me.

  9. Boo hoo, I’m about to break out my hanky over these wonderful sentiments for dick (head) nose, naaah !! just kidding, he was an asshole vandal who added nothing of value to society but had to try and destroy the beauty that others had earned, good riddance scumbag !

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