Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

Fitzroy history – corner of Johnston and Brunswick streets


This 1949 photo shows the intersection of Johnston and Brunswick Streets. What was the Solway mens’ clothing store on the left is now a convenience store, but the Provincial hotel is still the Provincial hotel. The ‘clock’ style traffic control signal at the intersection was new at the time.

Courtesy the Harold Paynting Collection, SLV / ID: H92.20/3328 / photographer: Lyle Fowler / copyright: expired – image is in the public domain / c1949


  1. I think they were called Marshalite traffic signs, I think there are some at Melbourne Museum now.

  2. You can see a bus there, which replaced the cable tram that once ran along johnston street up to the terminus hotel (hence the name).

    Just done a bit of research on Solway, was there from about 1912 (robbed in 1915 when they had a factory upstairs) to at least the 1950s – did they build that wonderful turreted thing “? Maybe. Then they moved across Brunswick Street in the 80s and 90s, and now they’re in abottsford. The Big Men’s Store !

    • where was the Terminus Hotel?

      I always thought the cable tram ran from Victoria Park Station to Smith St. I didn’t know it went any further

      ( Victoria Park was the end of the line at the beginning of last century before the train was extended into the city)

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