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Penang Affair has closed


Malaysian restaurant Penang Affair has closed. I’m sure I ate there years ago, long before I started writing about Fitzroy. It didn’t impress me then and I never returned. I’ve walked past hundreds of times and it always looked mostly empty, so I can’t understand how it stayed open so long. In addition to its closure, it has evicted its upstairs tenant, Rust bar. This high profile corner property must be a desirable proposition for a new restaurant.


  1. I believe it has actually changed hands recently so is probably getting a bit of a renovation. Is a shame to see the old owner move on, hopefully the great food continues…

  2. Ah, what a shame – C and I were pretty happy with their home-delivery options. It’s hard to find decent delivered takeaway food for the rainy nights when you can’t face biking out to pick something up.

  3. Nooooo penang affair was great! Really authentic and good value. It was so packed in there when I past went about five weeks ago we could barely heat ourselves speak. That night the owner told me that they’d opened a new cafe or restaurant somewhere. So maybe they decided to put their efforts into this? I felt afraid when I went past the other day when I saw all the tables gone when I walked past last week :-(

  4. That’s a real shame – the owner was fantastic and the food was always good. My nephew has Coeliac’s disease and the staff would always recognise us whenever we went in and make sure that anything that was ordered for him didn’t contain gluten without even having to ask.

    I’m going to miss Penang Affair!

  5. DAMN !!! Loved their food and service. Fingers crossed Penang Affair will return in the future.

  6. My god. The best resturaunt, food, service and host we have ever come accorss. Their food was unbeatable and forgettable. We have traveled all over Malaysia so many times looking to better what Penange Affair offers..have never found anything close.

  7. The owner said that he had started a new venture (cafe ?) somewhere in northcocte/thornbury..but was under the impression the brunswick location would stay open a few more yrs. hmmmm. walked past tonight and it was boarded up. You say that it looked empty most of the time ?! Really ?? I’ve been going for years and it’s always busy. Would love some salt and pepper calamari..mmm.

  8. Loved their Beef Rendang…..

  9. as a former lover of penang affair i went to china bar tonight after a few drinkies having a bit of hunger. the kway teow got the thumbs up and the friends i was with have been there two nights in a row. it was good.

  10. If anyone knows the new place i’d love to know it’s details.

    I’m disappointed it’s closed,

    Even though i didn’t make it there that often, i loved it there. Especially the rendang.

  11. Anyone know where Pete have moved to? I too have many great meals and fond memories of Penang Affair.

    Would love to try out his new restaurant/cafe

  12. Penang Affair was my all time favourite restaurant. Having moved to Queensland 15 years ago I only get to Melbourne every couple of years and always made visiting Penang Affair a top priority. There was mention Peter has a restaurant in Northcote – has anyone found it?

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