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L’Angolo Italiano on Nicholson St has closed


Thanks to a reader, who informed me that L’Angolo Italiano restaurant on Nicholson St has closed) its website confirms it). It opened less than two years ago (as shown in the photo below) and, while I kept meaning to try it, I kept forgetting it was there. I suspect that many other locals think the same – when you discuss where to eat out, Nicholson St gets overlooked.



  1. Forgetting Nichloson st is the same for pubs. The Commercal Club is a fine hotel but it somehow seems an awkward spot to visit .

  2. It is unfortunately we great regret we had to close.
    Nicholson street does indeed get overlooked.

  3. Hi Lidia – Joanne and Nyall are gutted to learn that Langolo is no more – you were our go to choice when we visited Melbourne.

  4. Hi Nyall, it’ll be great if you could contact Lucy or I on our email address.

    For our loyal customers, we were guttered too.


  5. I’m curious to know if the very generous deal that you advertised with [a coupon site] had a detrimental effect on business? Or was the coupon deal a last gasp effort to help the business? [edited by the publisher to remove links to commercial spam].

  6. Brian, your editing of my comment removes a bit of information. The link is useful to get context of the value they were giving away.

    I’ll see if I can rephrase it to meet your standards. L’Angolo advertised with a group buy coupon site (there are many sites serving AUS) where you prepay a certain amount and receive a bigger value. In this case, it was $20 for $60 of food and drink. It was a very good deal and sold more than 800. While it was good for consumers, it seemed like a huge loss to the business. Anyway, that’s the context.

    • Which completely supports my thesis that the easiest way to tell if a business is in a terminal decline is if it participates in a coupon scheme that brings in customers looking for a bargain, not a good experience, and who have no loyalty to the business. Coupons are only good for coupon companies. Offering a loss leader to customers who will never return is business suicide.

  7. Well, yes and no. It’s definitely a win-win for coupon companies as they are selling nothing..or rather just a PDF.

    There are certainly businesses who use it as a last ditch effort to make money and have no intention of retaining customers. It doesn’t take much Googling to find horror stories of restaurants not redeeming vouchers or no being able to get a booking.

    Many businesses suffer mostly because they offer too much for too little and don’t have a cap on the amount the coupon company sells.

    Let’s talk Fitzroy. I’ve bought coupons for Shocolate, San Churro, Arepa Bar, Provenance (Collingwood technically), and Red Tounge Cafe.

    Shocolate continually uses these companies. While they don’t offer amazing deals, they do offer some value. Speaking to the owner, it has retained him some repeat customers like myself.

    San Churro is definitely a thriving chain and the Brunswick St. location does well. Provenance certainty seems a bit quieter than the nearby restaurants but doesn’t appear to be in a terminal decline. I’m a repeat customer of both. Provenance has a very good burger.

    Not sure about Red Tounge and Arepa. I’m not too thrilled with either’s food but I’m unsure of the state of their business. I guess at the end of the day, it’s as similar as advertising in a newspaper, tv or other form of media. Do the sums and never listen to what claims the ad reps make.

  8. Sorry, I just saw this now.
    The deal with the coupon site had nothing to do with “a last ditch effort”, in fact it was the opposite. Given that Nicholson St is not a Lygon or Jonston, that being you can’t rely on your daily walkin’s, it was our way to spread our name further.

    Just another marketing avenue. You find that whilst many ppl might indeed buy these vouchers, at $20 a pop, only 30-35% redeem.

    • And who receives that $20 if the coupon is not redeemed? The coupon company? Does the restaurant get anything? And what about the customers who have bought a coupon and now can’t use it?

  9. Right but to be fair that coupon doesn’t expire until the middle of October ’11. Your restaurant appeared to shut down around July leaving the coupon available for only 75% of the time. Redeeming happens mostly towards the end of the coupons expiry.

    It’s interesting to see it worked for you. While it’s great for consumers, I hate to see local businesses take on too many of these coupons thus affecting their service and their online repuation. Best of luck Lidia.

  10. Depends on the deal the business made and the coupon company involved. If the business and coupon company split 50% of sales then not redeeming coupon benefits the business. Of course, it should serve as a marketing campaign to get people in the door then bring them back as regular customers.

    A closing down business means the coupon company will refund those who bought the coupon. It will be the customer who needs to contact the coupon company to seek a refund and not the other way round. Not sure how the business deals with refunding the restaurant or vice versa but that’s why there is no shortage of solicitors.

  11. Neil, the coupon did in fact work for us. It generated at lot of new cliental for us. As mentioned, one of the reasons we closed was due to personal and family reasons, not financial, so it would be unfair to use this as an example.

    I receive many emails still on a weekly basis asking us when we’ll reopen, as we had many regulars, this is not far off.

    All those that purchased coupons do get their money back, so it’s to no loss for the client and a win to the small business if the marketing generates new business for them. I see positives all round.

  12. Sorry about the personal issues but good to hear you might open again.

    To the layman, giving away $32,000 (800 * $40 +? commission to coupon company) of food seemed like a big amount for 1 restaurant. Then again, you occasionally see single restaurants advertise on television, so I guess if you have the budget then why not.

    I’ve spoken to a few owners/managers of restaurants who entered into coupon agreements and have heard different stories. Would love to hear about your experience of how you entered into the agreement and how the refunds work? I don’t suppose there is anything in the contract that restricts you from talking about the deal?

  13. What utter bullshit. I AM NOT affiliated with any coupon business. I’ve been on this blog since the beginning and I have always been a straight shooter to where I am coming from. Is this how you debate people now?

    I am 100% a consumer at all of these places mentioned ( I can provide you with receipts if needed). The comment you pointed out refers to restaurants from 3 or 4 different coupon companies. I have mostly had mostly good experiences but I have a had a couple of bad experiences.

    I ask Lidia because I am interested. I am a volunteer moderator on a bargain site that deals a lot with consumer problems, in particular voucher companies. So perhaps you want to check the facts before you make false statements.

    • Your comments have been consistently positive about coupons. In your initial comments on this post you submitted comments including references and links to a website about coupons and you also inserted their URL in the ‘website’ field to indicate your association to it. You were evidently posting in order to promote these links. I removed these from your comments because I did not want my site used to promote this site. In your comments you have never acknowledged your association to this site. Thus your comments appear to support a particular commercial agenda that is not just a consumer opinion.

  14. Untrue. For the website field, I put in my personal blog url as I have done for the past few years. In my personal blog, I scrutinise group buy deals, bargains, or write about general things I run into on a daily basis. I ONLY linked my personal website in the website field. This has never been a problem when I used to write for Metblogs and linked to it in the website field. But now it is? If you don’t want us putting a link to our personal blogs in the website field, especially when it is related to the subject matter then perhaps you need to make this clear or remove the box. After you removed it, I haven’t bothered putting it in.

    As for the link, in the description, it was the link (non-affliated) to the voucher company deal that was selling L’Angolo Italiano. It was an important link to show people what the voucher company was offering to the restaurant including the insane amount of sales (800).

    So again, I have nothing to do with voucher companies. I am not positive about voucher companies but I am against general sweeping statements about a whole group of companies/people whatever. I’d like to think I have a lot of knowledge about voucher deals in the Fitzroy and Carlton areas through personal experience (I work in Collingwood and live in Carlton). Tomorrow, I will be dining at a place just off Lygon Street (Cafe Italia) with a voucher. Feel free to stop by and say hi. I’ll autograph my voucher for you.

    • Untrue. You used the URL of a voucher related site in the ‘website’ field of the comment submission form in earlier comments you submitted to this post. You have acted as an advocate of vouchers in more than a consumer capacity without disclosing your vested interest. I hate astroturfing and your behaviour has crossed the line.

  15. False accusations again with no evidence to back it up. Well, seems I proved myself right. Instead of fact checking you make things up to support your point when others have opposite view points. If I linked to anything it would have been 1. My website (first 2 letters start with de) 2. The voucher site that L’Angolo had its deal on (first letter starts with C). How can you discuss an issue regarding voucher companies and not link to the original source! Feel free to go to Google and type in L’Angolo + (name of voucher) company and the link will be the same. Maybe you can give me a clue to what the URL was? Perhaps the first letter or what restaurant it referred to?

    I have no vested interest. You can feel free to check the link to my personal website or to OzBargain to see I scrutinize deals and business all the time. I link to an issue 1 person had with a voucher deal where the police became involved, it was featured on Today Tonight.

    You can also feel free to check my tweets. Last time I ate at Provenance with a coupon, I mentioned them.

    With Fitzroy and Collingwood, I have had no problems with vouchers. This is a blog about Fitzroy so I have narrowed conversation to Fitzroy. Ask me about Carlton and I’ll tell you that I had a big issue with one restaurant (La Contadina) not even allowing me to use the voucher because I booked using some online booking service on their website. I got into a heated argument with the owner (John) and subsequently got a refund from the voucher company. Good on the voucher company, bad on the dodgy restaurant owner.

    So I know in future, we can’t link to original sources of information or personal websites but commercial review sites like Urbanspoon are fine? Your behaviour has crossed the line. You’ve never admitted to being wrong on this website and I don’t expect you to admit it here. I love your reviews of things in Fitzroy but you’ve created an atmosphere where commenters are scared to post differing opinions without being bullied or attacked. I won’t be bullied and made false statements about. I only give you facts about my personal experiences. You have my email address if you want to apologise.

    • I link to Urbanspoon sparingly as I dislike it and only do so when its informational value is important. You used the URL of a site that was not your personal site. It was a site about vouchers. You discussed vouchers positively. The context implied you were promoting an agenda that was fundamentally distinct from an individual consumer opinion. I made an editorial decision about it and removed the links to what I described as ‘commercial spam’. End of story.

  16. Back on topic, just wanted to add the perspective of someone purchased one of the $20 Cudo vouchers for this restaurant.

    I’d sat on my I’Angolo voucher for the best part of 9 months, and had been meaning to redeem it a few months ago when I saw the post on this website advising of its closure. Lidia’s comment that “All those that purchased coupons do get their money back”, is not accurate. Please note that purchasers must actively pursue the refund with the voucher company. The refund process in this matter was also (at least initially) hindered by the restaurant’s lack of notification of their closure to the voicher company – When I contacted Cudo, shortly after reading the Fitzroyalty post, they insisted that the restaurant was still open as they are supposed to be notified immediately of a closure. They proceeded to attempt to get in touch with the restaurant but gave up after a week with the phone ringing out, and finally processed a refund (which arrived 2 months later).

    Having said that, I’ve had great experiences with Porcino in Collingwood – service and food quantity/quality has been just as consistently good with voucher as with normal dining.

  17. Wonder if Cudo will automatically refund the remaining customers or bank on people forgetting about the vouchers. The latter would be a win-win for the voucher company and the restaurant. Why did it take 2 months for a refund?

    Would be interested in to hear if Lidia has informed Cudo of the closure.

  18. Adele, I am sincerely sorry for this. Not knowing what Cudos condition of purchase are, it would be unfair to comment of their refund process. I am just relaying what I read on their website.

    In terms of them not being able to contact us, they do have an alternative number if they wanted to get in touch with us.

    Without going into all the details, no we didn’t contact them, however with everything which was happening, it was unfortunately not something which was on the forefront of my mind. For that we sincerely apologise.

    Hopefully this thread won’t go on too much longer. L’angolo whilst it may have closed (for now), chefs Dario & Domenico brought some fantastic dishes to Fitzroy, their passion & honesty in the way they cooked will be missed by many of our locals and staff alike.

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