Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

art or advertising?


This work by Klara is on Fitzroy St near the corner of Leicester St. It appears to reference nearby fashion label Nobody, so is it art or advertising? You can’t see it in this small picture but the ‘Nobody’ name appears in its branded font above the XXX on the envelope. It is possibly an opportunistic addition to the original work…


  1. This is not advertising. On her blog Klara explains the love letter as personal while acknowledging it would make perfect sense to those at nobody and little sense to everyone else.

  2. I love this.. love the sheer size of it. Thanks for sharing the link to her blog Rowena, i didnt know she had one.

  3. Thanks guys! I had hoped this piece would be viewed from various perspectives! Rowena- couldn’t have said it better myself…. Kx

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