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News Ltd and Fairfax are content kleptomaniacs


Thanks to @HughRundle for pointing me to the quote where media robber baron Murdoch claims that various internet content aggregators act as ‘content kleptomaniacs’. This is ironic when you realise how often News Ltd and Fairfax steal social media content created by citizen journalists. They republish video content without permission, attribution or recognition of creators’ moral rights. In doing so they also breach their own editorial guidelines, which make attribution mandatory.

Below are two screenshots showing how News Ltd and Fairfax stole this video from Youtube, which was created by Ryn Christoph. These corporations could republish the content under fair dealings for reporting the news, but they have no reason or justification for failing to attribute the content to its authors.

They should also link to or embed the creator’s original video, rather than republishing it, because they are stealing the creator’s traffic, and s/he will never know how many people have viewed their video because there are multiple versions of it on different news sites. This is unfair and unnecessary.

A screenshot of made on 11 December 2011

A screenshot of made on 11 December 2011


  1. Last time I checked, youtube videos were public

    • Public does not mean in the public domain. Publishing content does not mean relinquishing your moral or intellectual property rights to it. The fair dealings right to republish content has limits and responsibilities attached to it. Do try to say something more interesting next time.

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