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The City of Yarra publishes a video


The City of Yarra has published its first video on Youtube. It’s about the 2011 community projects undertaken thanks to grants from the council. It’s very well made and I hope it gets seen. I know about it because they sent me an email about it and asked me to link to it or embed it.

It would help if the City of Yarra enabled commenting on Youtube, and also if it embedded the video in the news item about it, rather than just linking to it. Their media people still have a lot to learn about delivering online communications. Why ask me to embed it but not do it themselves?

After more than a year after delivering a new website, the City of Yarra continues to underutilise it. They should be making it easy for the audience to view content, such as by reducing clicks to get to it. I’ve embedded it below for you, which is very easy to do (unless you’re in local government media).

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