Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065


  1. He was walking down Johnston friday night (30th) also carrying said vegetable.

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  2. He walked into Sonsa Foods (opposite ANZ Bank) today carrying the carrot, wandering around aimlessly. It’s changed colour a bit. Can someone please interview this man?

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  3. I’ve seen him a couple of times on Smith St, but then I saw him in Bourke St mall the other day, too.

    Actually it may be a different carrot!

    The first time I saw him it had plastic fern leaves , but the one in the photo looks like vine leaves.

    And the stringy bit on the end looks new, too…..

    Two giant carrots?

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  4. I’ve seen him a few times now.

    Once he was carrying an onion instead of the carrot standard.

    Good to see he likes to change things up a bit.

    He always is rather well dress for a carrotbearer.

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    • Carrot Man was on Brunswick Street last night around 8.30pm, near the San Churros. His carrot seemed a deeper carrot colour than the last time I saw it. Last night he walked a bit more slowly and seemed a bit more hesitant. Was the carrot getting cold?

      And yes, he is quite neat and tidily dressed, sometimes wearing overalls.

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  5. there was a mention of him in the week’s Melbourne Times:

    “He told one bystander he’s tried a few vegetables and the carrot was most effective”


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  6. He was at sircuit bar on Monday morning at 2am. He told me he carries the carrot around because it makes people smile. He was also handing out small plastic Xmas-cracker-like toys. I got a sow with suckling piglets, a stegosaurus and a lesbian legowoman with one foot and half a head.

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