Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065



I can’t believe another restaurant has opened where L’Angolo Italiano closed last year and Vessarios before that in 2009. It’s a failed location. It has a complete vibe of failure. Why would anyone try opening a new business here knowing what has happened before?


  1. I recently walked by this place on a couple of Friday/Saturday nights to find it packed (inside and outside). It didn’t seem like a private function. I don’t know but it was very surprising given it’s out of the way of most foot traffic.

    It definitely didn’t have graffiti on it last time. Does it look shut down again?

    • I saw it for the first time on a Sunday so that is why it was closed. I’ve not been by there at night for a long time so was not aware that a new business had opened. Does anyone know how long it has been open?

  2. It been open for a while – my partner and i went there late last year (around November) and thought it was great!, we went on a friday night and was fairly busy

  3. No doubt it looks like a failed location. Completely uninviting. Looks like the sort of spot you’d see a dodgy accountant’s office.

    Having said that, most successful businesses reside in what was once a home to a failed business.

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