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one less vandal


Last week someone claiming to be the tagger ‘tres’ made a comment on a post I had written more than a year ago about competition between him and another tagger called ‘dick nose’ (dn). The comment suggested that dn was dead and that tres had misread the post as having just been written with reference to this.

Of course it was not as I do not associate with such people and did not know that dn was dead. Over the weekend I walked past this graffiti on Moor St (on the corner of Gore St), which also makes reference to dn being dead. Suddenly tres’ comment made sense. Happy days! There is one less moronic vandal in the world.


  1. The heroin dealers of Fitzroy have lost a loyal customer. RIP.

  2. Yes it is good when people die. Especially people who keep Fitzroy interesting rather than just taking up space and inflating house prices.

  3. You’re a total arse for being thankful he is dead. He had family and a heart. Get fucked.

  4. Your a fuking dog. seriously what is your problem? bullied as a child? your father beat you and i bet the cops wouldnt have you? so now your a fukin drop kick hero, with nothing better to to than slag of a dead man, a dead man being my best mate. you dogs are all fucked in the head. he did this shit to piss you off and he got exactly what he wanted from all of you. you are weak nothings, dn made a mark on fitzroy and hes still got you talking. whos gunna remember you when your dead? not as many as dn thats for sure. go die in your hole of hatred, its a wonderful life. rip my brother dn, its a week today since you passed and i miss you like crazy. fitzroy king forever. parzo dpr

    • Hilarious: ‘he did this shit to piss you off and he got exactly what he wanted from all of you’. What do you think I’m doing?

    • all that big talk for such a faceless person Mr P. Lame!!!!! If you want to threaten me how about doing it in public rather than doing it via proxy and a woman at that… Damn Lame! Oh btw what mark have you left on Fitzroy because atm i would assert you are a faceless wimp! You apparently (so you tell everyone) know where i live so why not come down for coffee then and take your issues up with me personally since you are big mouthing around the net ?

      • jason i would love nothing more than to come down and have a coffee with you to discuss this. where and when buddy? and to everyone else with nothing better to do than slag of a man who is not here to defend him mself, well you should be ashamed of yourselves. your fitzroy would be a piece of shit without graff. if you dont like it, your living in the wrong area. im not hiding my identity cos i honestly do not care if you know who i am. you shouldnt fuck with vandals mate, especially ones with nothing to lose. rip dicknose i love you brother

        • p.s sorry i didnt accept your facebook request. i dont associate with informant dogs. your 25 friends got your back though yeh?

        • Ok are you the same Tom Parso who said” YEH I GOT TEH DOGS ADDREESS IF ANYONE WOULD LIEK TO PAY HIM A VISIT ILL WORD U UP. HIS A HERO DOG FROM FITZROY NAMED JASON MOORE AND HE IS GOING TO GET FUCKED UP. WORD ROS, REP THE DICKNOSE LOVE.” who I tried to friend afterwards and asked for exp there ? If you confirm that you are the same I will pm you details through there as i am not posting it in public :) I’m sure you will understand. I’ve had some nasty people at my door recently, when i come out they dont seem happy to see me and some have even run…. any ideas why ?

          So can you confirm , same Tom Parso in order for me to send response to that account(knowing I have the right person) with my address details and suitable time as there is no mechanism for me to do so here without it being public ?

        • ” im not hiding my identity cos i honestly do not care if you know who i am. you shouldnt fuck with vandals mate, especially ones with nothing to lose. ”

          So are you telling me i shouldn’t fuck with you and that you are a vandal ?
          Further are you telling me seriously you have nothing to lose ?
          I’m clarifying here as i don’t want to get it wrong obviously…
          Cheers Tom

          • yep thats me buddy. send em thru. you can tell cops or who ever you want, i havent done anything harmful to you, others have your address, i cant take responsibility for them. but if you honestly want to have a talk about why we are angry at you, i will come down. i wont be violent, i can talk like a normal person.

          • Tom and I have come to an understanding that works for all. I would like to thank him for communicating with me and working through this in a civil fashion at the end of the day :)

    • my heart skipped 10 beats and my stomach fell out when I read the first post. Dn was an amazing person with the biggest heart and he made a lot of people really think about themselves. He holds a very big part of my heart and many many other people’s. He bought all kinds together and always had a story to cheer you up. Who gives a fuck what kind of life he chose to lead. He is without a doubt one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure to have met. Rip dn

      • Because terrifying people on a tram with a realistic looking gun and requiring the police to be called is just good clean fun isn’t it? He was a moron and the world is better without him.

  5. nice, celebrate death, wish death, and insult hard working rate payers in the city of yarra.

  6. Brian I rarely agree with anything you say but I do respect your right to say it. Often though I wonder if like what was portrayed in the Andrew Bolt story in the Good Weekend a while back, are you such a wretched person as you make yourself out to be or do you just do it to get a rise out of people? Either way, disrespecting the dead like I knew you would is going way too far, even for you.

  7. Brian, you lost me. I assume you have Aspergers, and not just an insensitive prick. The irony is you don’t even understand how beautiful the words on that wall are. Get counselling and I am with the above, get fucked. And for dicknoses mate, above, I am sorry for your loss and hope you don’t experience this sort of Shit again man.

  8. Brian, a man is dead. people loved him. people hated him. your words can never hurt him, and I cannot understand why you would write such things. I feel sorry for you. rip dn.

  9. Hi Brian,

    Must say this is the end of the line for me with Fitzroyality. This post is as they say, the final straw.

    Did you really just write that about someone child? Someones mate? Do you really carry that much anger and spite within you over something so trivial as vandalism?

    I haven’t checked the blog as often as l once did, but l would check in now and then to see what you were ranting about, more and more for a laugh at your expense as time went by… But speaking ill of the dead, for no reason any sane person could justify is really too much.

    For what it is worth as a resident of Collingwood for 20 years it’s become quite obvious to me that you really don’t fit in with the inner Melbourne life you seek so heavily acceptance from, time to move on l would suggest. There are plenty of quiet, clean, generic, quiet streets for you in outer suburban towns around Australia.

    Thanks for the posts over the years, l truly hope you find out how to deal with what ever it is the troubles you on the inside.

    I suggest you follow through with your talk of closing down the blog.

    Cheers Nick.

    • The end of someone who any law abiding citizens won’t have a problem with departing per se as it means they can go away on the long weekend rather than painting their wall at the demand of Council, you kidding about closing down the blog Nick? Why ? What good did this dead person impress upon society. I heard complaints about his tag to the effect of “It looks shithouse” and tbh i concur. One of the reasons the form5 complaint didn’t chase him is that obviously he (if anyone) had some form of excuse for the shithouse behaviour and lame tag, amongst other things……Seems you have dictated which side of the fence you are on Nick. If you ever become a property owner in Fitz and your property is hit with mindless “Tres” tags, please appreciate the cost of the removal like all the other citizens in Yarra! My guess is if that ever happens you may have more respect for the property you paid for and may object to it being an advertisement for “DICKNOSE”. I could be wrong however, just speculating, but then again I am assuming you do not own property and pay > 2k per year for removal of tagging (as opposed to real graffiti art). If you do and support tagging after having paid your yearly rates (which include graf removal in Yarra) and would want anyone to attend and tag up to drop your property value before auction, please feel free to contact me. If not then who cares what you think of Fitz as it implies you don’t pay rates and as such well….but like a lot of all the other tossers here! Bring it !

  10. Hi Brian,
    I think i understand your position, It also seems obvious many others don’t. What can I say but “oh dear!” ;) Who cares about them ? I don’t!.
    Here we go again ! ;)

  11. Fewer. Grrrrrr.

  12. Wow Jason, sound like a bogan much?


    Sick maaaaaaaaaate, yiew.

    Tell us some more about how you’ve bought into the lifestyle here, cos only people who own here count right?

    Dumbshit CUB, go back to Ringwood.

  13. I never can quite see what Brian is so angry about, but hey it’s his blog and it is what it is. I do have to agree with him this time and take issue with these “don’t speak ill of the dead” plonkers though. The dude’s tagging was shithouse, and the words of “beauty” are laughably bad. Truly awful. People speak ill of the dead every day. Why shouldn’t they? If you don’t know them it’s entirely appropriate, particularly as he seems to have been a deficit to the community apart from the few bad poets and others who may have known him. if you have a personal conection that’s sad, but your grief has no connection with the rest of the world. It’s like slagging off a dead Steve Jobs – yes, his wife might not like it, but that’s not relevant.

  14. Jason,

    Yes l do own property in the city of Yarra (not that l think that matters in any way, all community members count, not just those who are lucky enough to ‘own’ a piece of it).

    I laughed when you said you couldn’t go away for the weekend because you have to paint your fence, if you are letting a little letter from the laughable city of Yarra spoil your weekend plans then you l feel you might well and truly on the wrong track mate. Either that, or you need to get a bigger brush!

    For what it’s worth l also work in the city of Yarra, the council has asked the walls outside to be cleaned at certain times, l put these in the old round filing cabinet and paint the wall when it suits me, not them. l don’t mind getting out in the sun now and then and away from the desk, so it doesn’t phase me at all.

    Anyway, hope you can take something out of this discussion. But for some reason l’m guessing not.


    • Cheers Nick! I am always happy to hear another point of view as it helps to broaden my viewpoint sometimes and I am not fully appreciating how people have gotten so passionate (for lack of a better word) in response to my website setup last year.
      In response to

      “Yes l do own property in the city of Yarra (not that l think that matters in any way, all community members count, not just those who are lucky enough to ‘own’ a piece of it).”

      I couldn’t agree more. My wording was a bit shabby and perhaps did not convey what I was wishing to.
      Everyone has rights ,most are protected by law . I believe if you go and paint someone elses property you are perhaps walking over their rights,unless you get their consent, I believe the law agrees. I wasn’t implying money makes a person worth more, nor being an owner makes your opinion worth more that an occupier. Certainly all community members count! The community also expects a common code of behaviour or respect towards the other members of the community, in my understanding of it.

      There are a myriad of reasons where even ignoring council notices (which I thought could lead to financial penalties if not complied with ?) may not always mean the owner of a property doesn’t suffer other consequential loss. Take for example a tenant in a commercial premises demands that offensive graf be immediately painted over before council compliance date or they will stop paying rent or leave…..

      Do you expect a building owner who has been threatened with fines by the council for non compliance or with tenants leaving is going to be happy. I can understand why they aren’t myself and i know of many in that boat…..
      Even with a bigger brush I am a crap and slow painter, however I do note that it isn’t all bad, as sometimes meeting a neighbour in the locality whilst painting does offer some social benefit and also venting value at the same time perhaps lol.

      That said there is also a huge difference between a tag that has certain expletives and offends the masses vs one that is a tag but doesn’t draw the same disgust from a majority of the people who see it.

      Myself, I reckon that the people who are capable of real art should be encouraged to display it with the owners consent(ie seek permission of building owner perhaps even charge money for it! ). I draw the line at tagging!

  15. DN was a scumbag, plain and simple. He stole and bashed to feed his addiction, and when the heat got too much he’d fuck off back to mum in Toorak.

    One more dead yankee junkie. Cry me a river.


    “Sloane will be remembered for his quick wit, broad smile, and love of music and writing. “

  17. I have been on the wrong side of taggers myself and I can tell you it does make my blood boil when something I have worked so hard to restore is callously damaged by some arsehole who has pays no regard to those he sets out to hurt. My instintive reaction is that I want to catch this arsehole in the act and reciprocate the damage in a way that would affect him/her.

    But do I do that? No. Do I wish death on this person? Certainly not.

    In the end, my emotional response to the situation and the perpetrator is exactly that; an irrational emotional response. Wishing death on a person who has damaged some of my property is not only disproportionate, but it is at odds with my better intellect and my sense of humanity.

  18. No, you do not speak for all of us. Just because we live in Fitzroy does not mean we think worthless meaningless tagging is anything but an eyesore.

  19. I was reading through all of this hoping it would end with some sense, and then came along Brian’s comment
    “I wasn’t wishing death on him. I was merely pleased that he has died”
    How sad that you can take pleasure in someone dying. This fellow was who he was but he was still a son and friend to some. It seems this whole discussion has revealed more about the disturbing thoughts of writer of this blog than anything else.
    I suggest everyone just stops reading this blog that flits from trivial anecdotes about where to buy the best grilled figs to celebration of a persons death!

    • “I suggest everyone just stops reading this blog that flits from trivial anecdotes about where to buy the best grilled figs to celebration of a persons death!”

      Ridiculous suggestion noted and rejected. Sounds like an advertisement for the blog.

      Me, I came for the fig, but stayed for the deaths.

  20. Brian, I have to agree with Nicko, your narrow minded bigotry has no place in Collingwood / Fitzroy. I suggest you move to the docklands, it would be a better fit for your brand of cookie cutter society.

    • I am so amused by the resentful naivety of this vision of bohemian Fitzroy, where everyone hates property owners and complains about rent costs, expects to be able to damage private property with tagging yet be loved at the same time. You people are deluded. The people who work hard and earn enough money to afford property also pay the taxes that fund the welfare payments that support all you useless unemployable illiterate tagging morons.

  21. no no no, we don’t hate property owners at all.

    we hate yuppies like you who move to “vibrant” areas and then do their best to sterilize them and turn them into the beige paradise they just left, all the while fawning over which new and hip cafe has the scrummiest pesto eggs.

    • I don’t want beigeness. Your straw man argument is a failure.

      • Could have fooled me, you fawn over ‘street artists’ you like but on the other hand are happy when ‘vandals’ have died. Who are you to make the distinction? To the casual observer it would look very much like you are a campaigner for the bland cafe set invading once diverse and interesting neighbourhoods.

        • I do not consider tagging as ‘art’. It has no meaning. It conveys no message. It involves no creative expression. There’s the distinction. Furthermore, some of the works of street art I feature are legal commissioned works, which is obviously not unwanted vandalism.

        • To someone who lives in Fitzroy and has done so for over 30 years, after having read this blog ,it would seem obvious that the people who deface property with crap tags cannot call it art. Look like some of the real art( Graff paintings like say nightcat wall) which seems over time hasn’t been defaced by taggers (i always wonder why, anyone?).

          I interpret from reading this that Brian has pointed out the difference between the 2, and as an old Fitzroy boy i understand and appreciate Fitzroy the way it looked before all of this “tagging” shit began and agree with some of the posts here to that effect. Tagging is unsightly. In 1970 in Fitzroy we didn’t have these problems of people coming in from suburbs to mark up our area with something that has no artistic value or reasonable message to convey. Sure some of the post-ups or actually artistic grafitti i like, however, I am yet to find an “oldskool” guy from Fitzroy who says that tagging has artistic value.

          Taggers have only became a problem in the last 15 years in my observation, anyone care to correct me ?! Shit, most of them aren’t even from the area, makes it more laughable and annoying at the same time!

          Brian, Jackson , Jason, Worst of Perth and tim. I like your ways!

          I don’t understand what all this hubbub is about how tagging is so hard to differentiate from proper artistic grafitti (whether it is legal or not). Looking at a wall as i walk, whether the person got permission to do whatever it is i am looking at, I cannot see how anyone would defend tagging and try and say they dont understand the difference betwqeen tagging and proper art if they have walked through Fitzroy. Tags = ugly. Art = Cool.

          As a resident of > 30 years i am yet to find someone in Fitzroy who appreciates tagging, that lived here 25 years ago. Anyone here know of someone ?

          Tagging is not art!

    • Can I suggest stay in your area and out of Fitzroy then perhaps Kickz, or is that a problem ?

  22. sorry john, what makes you think i haven’t lived here for a long time and even own a business or two in the area?

    • Good point. I guess i should ask and not assume!

      Have you lived in Fitzroy for a long time Kickz?
      Do you own multiple business premises in Fitzroy ?
      If you do own a business or two in Fitzroy, does the business get tagged every weekend now (where perhaps it didn’t back in 1970) ?
      What do you think of all this tagging that has only become a problem for Fitzroy in the last 20 years ?

  23. Oh yuck, what disgusting corner of the internet have I stumbled upon? I don’t know DN and I don’t agree with vandalism on private property at all, but this post is revolting.

  24. yes, john – 2 properties are mine and both have street fronts on a main street.

    they get tagged a bit but you either call the Council to clean it off (it’s free by the way) or leave it if it doesn’t bother you.

    i’ve not lived here 20 years i’m afraid but well over 10.

    to my mind, things entitled arseholes speeding along George & Gore St in their brand new 4X4s on the way to their shitty, overpriced yuppie dogbox apartments or incessant complaining about noise by new arrivals are far, far, far more of a “problem” for the area than a bit of paint on bricks.

    • Deliberately causing other people distress by damaging their property cannot be excused. You can’t dismiss this as yuppie whining.

    • Yes speeding arseholes are a problem, but it’s incorrect to trivialise all concerns regarding noise as “incessant complaining”. If you have been startled in the middle of the night and then kept awake by inconsiderate drunken arsehole (bogan) neighbors to all hours of the morning as often as I have, you would probably complain too.

  25. sorry larry, i should have clarified – i meant complaints about noise from music venues & pubs, not partying to all hours (noisy arsehole neighbour behaviour is bound by no suburb demographic)

    • Fair enough Kickz. Complaining about local music venues in the area is akin to moving in next to Melbourne airport and complaining about noise emanating from jet engines when planes take off and arrive.

    • Kickz I agree with your point. Traffic and speeding drivers are a problem. I don’t understand why you think that neighbours complaining about venue noise is restricted to Fitzroy, it isn’t! I think you will find it happens everywhere, just like the problem with noisy neighbours which also isn’t confined to Fitzroy. If the people who are complaining about a club/pub moved in after the pub/club was established and operating then I understand your beef with them.

      I know the council has a grafitti cleaning service however it is most certainly not “free”. A certain amount of the rates we pay go towards the cost of paying the company who supplies the equipment etc and the wages of the fulltime graffiti cleanup crew. Sure it might only equate to 500k or more per year (I have no idea of real figures but expect 500k is conservative low) but this is real money and it is the cost of removing crap tags. I would rather the council spend that money on other things or donate it to helping the less fortunate people, it is wasted money to clean up vandalism, whatever the figure!

      Tagging up of walls is somewhat worse because it suggests utter disrespect for peoples property and shows a disregard for the law. Someone who has no respect for other peoples property or law in my head is more of a problem. I know what Fitzroy was like before all of this and I prefer the way it was ie without all the tags. The money spent on this issue could be better spent elsewhere I believe.

  26. Brian, you are a waste of oxygen. How does it feel to be hated by so many? Because you are. I’m sure your well aware of that.

    DN was a troubled guy with a big heart. He meant no harm to anyone.

    I think your should stop posting about graffiti or anything else culture related because you really don’t know shit. You are an ignorant, egotistical waste of space.

    RIP DN

    • The hatred of the inadequate means nothing to me. You are wrong again. DN deliberately caused suffering, annoyance, wasted time, labour and expense to people who wanted to get rid of his vandalism from their property.

      He would have been aware that people hate having their property vandalised and he continued to do it regardless. He was just another petty criminal.

      ps it should be ‘you’re’ in your first sentence.

  27. “ps it should be ‘you’re’ in your first sentence”, thanks Brian, your such an astute “journalist”. It’s a shame your so good at picking up spelling and grammar mistakes but you can’t see when someone is taking you for one hell of a ride, like the legendary “stencil cafe” fiasco.

    My point is, you don’t understand the nature of graffiti, vandalism or street art, yet you both promote it, and ridicule it.

    Not only does this show your ignorance and arrogance, it also shows how much of a hypocrite your really are.

    • Vandalism is easy to understand. What evidence do you have to support your argument that I don’t understand it? You fail to understand my motives and objectives.

      Sometimes I simply report what I see, including street art, without commenting on it, in the faux objective manner of legacy media. Sometimes I offer opinions in a far more personal manner in the style of social media.

      There is no reason why I cannot promote and ridicule different examples of street art. I am not trying to maintain a consistent point of view of the subjective. I react to each example as I see fit. That is not hypocrisy. It is merely diversity of opinion.

      If you don’t like it don’t read it. You don’t seem to like diversity of opinion anyway.

  28. Brian, you try to intellectualise every argument. I’m sure this is just another outer expression of your egotistical nature and the need to always feel like you’re on top.

    Instead of looking outside of yourself to constantly justify your need to put others down, maybe you should take some time out and reflect on how these comments may effect the people that read them.

    For example, the friends and family of DN. How do you think they would feel after reading your comments. There is no bigger loss then the loss of a mothers child. Would you not agree Brian?

    Do you have anything to say to Sloan’s (DN) Mother? Does she not deserve some kind of apology from you. Or can you not come down from your pedestal long enough to consider the feelings of others?

    • DN should have considered the feelings of all the people whose property he damaged. I have no obligation to be nice to the family and friends of a petty criminal just to make them feel better about themselves. I have nothing to apologise for. If you don’t like free speech go and live in a country where they don’t allow it.

      • …aand if you dont like graffiti dont live in fitzroy and spend all your time and energy fighting it.
        For someone who talks like a pretencious know it all ‘scholar’ you are not very bright are ya son?

        On twitter you describe yourself as a ‘social libertarian’ yet you are very clearly against free will and freedom. Don’t bother trying to show me up with your uni speak, I will never come here again.

  29. Just as i suspected, your ego is just too large and your pedestal to high. It’s hard to believe you are actually comparing a tag (or many tags) on a wall to the pain a MOTHER must feel for the loss of her child. The loss of her child Brian!

    You have demonstrated a complete lack of empathy for your fellow human beings. These are people Brian, not objects. They are not some shitty wall that can be re-painted a thousand times over.

    I hope your mother has read this Brian. If not maybe you should forward these comments to her so she too can see what kind of child she has brought into the world. For all the love she gave you, you have still turned into a callous, narcissistic prick.

    I don’t blame her though, she did the best she could with what she had at her disposal at the time. That’s what mothers do.

    • I’m not interested in your incoherent argument and emotive nonsense. That’s all you can do when you can’t contribute to reasoned debate.

    • So you want Brian to pay respect to a vandal who had none(respect) for others property (you’re joking right ?)!

      How has Brian showed complete lack of empathy for his fellow humans ? I don’t see it myself.

      How are taggers not guilty of real contempt to fellow humans when they choose to inflict damage to peoples property in the community ? Are you saying that the community should perhaps show them (taggers) respect for this illegal behaviour and damage they cause ? Well simply put that won’t be happening!

      Brian, I’m almost jealous! It appears that you are nearly as hated as much as or more than I in Fitzroy, by the group that doesn’t have normal community values and asserts it is fine to damage property ;) Kudos to you :)

    • The dude wanted to be hated. He wanted to be thought of as a vandal and a dickhead. You disrespect him trying to subvert his dickheadedness. Let his dickheadedness fly free like a mother’s love. A MOTHER’S LOVE! All these people who want to claim he was something more than a vandalising dickhead are showing utter disrespect for the vandalising dickhead. If you want to rename the vandalising dickhead as “beautiful artistic nose” in your own head, then keep it to yourself.

  30. Incoherent? How so Brian?

  31. And of course it’s emotive, what else would you expect? Almost every post on this feed is.

  32. So you have missed the point. This isnt about Dick Nose. It’s about common decency. That’s all.

    • You lie Shaun. it seems to be about your own sense of self importance. The guy named himself dicknose, wanted to be hated, had no talent apart from shitting up the neighbourhood, so exactly why should anyone who wasn’t a relative give some kind of sigh of relief that he isn’t around? If you were a friend or relative, yes, it is sad, (although why such friends or relatives didn’t try and suggest to the vandalising dickhead that he should, you know, not be such a vandalising dickhead and stop shitting up the place is another question) but for everyone else, him not being around is actually positive.

  33. As everyone else has mentioned, you are a class a wanker. Do you get a lot of satisfaction from your little life sitting by your computer all day writing badly written articles on topics you know absolutely jack about? This blog is not funny, witty, smart or interesting and all your articles about grafitti just show the world how truely ignorant you are on the topic.
    Whether you are just a sad lonely asshole, or just trying to get hits on your sad blog by being controversial, just remember maybe sooner than you realize you will be gone, wanna all we will have to remember you by, are your hateful posts. Maybe they will say:
    another heartless bastard dead,
    good. pass, and

    • Whether you are just a sad lonely asshole, or just trying to get hits on your sad blog by being controversial, just remember maybe sooner than you realize you will be gone, wanna all we will have to remember you by, are your hateful posts. Maybe they will say:
      another heartless bastard dead,
      good. pass and…

      Almost sounds like a threat ?
      Gees if i am remembered as the absolute mofo of all bombers when i am dead I think thats a good thing and here’s why! When i am dead i will feel nothing. Thinking i might achieve that before i die (rejection from the criminal element) in my mind makes me happier that as a POSITIVE citizen of the community i have done the right thing , ie i haven’t shown disrespect to the community that i am a part of). Can bombers say that ?
      Perhaps being famous is good but when you can’t make the grade apparently infamy is the way to go. No wonder i don’t fit in here! ;)

  34. Dear Brian

    After reading this post, and the subsequent comments as well as a quick browse through the rest of your blog, I was left with a rather negative impression of you and felt that I needed to voice my opinion.

    Now Brian, From my understanding of this post, your contention is that the world is a better place without DN (rip). Whilst this is up for debate, I would like to switch the focus upon yourself and analyse whether the world would be a better place without Brian.

    For starters there would be one less person called Brian which I think we all can agree is a fucking annoying name. You can argue against this all you like, but deep down you know this to be true Brian. This may not be your fault but it shows that at least one of your parents has disgusting taste in names and have more than likely passed on the same deficient genes unto yourself. This is not good, please do not change your stance on being child free by choice (sure). Secondly, unlike Dn, judging from the information I have at hand, you offer absolutely nothing to society. Dn tagged walls, forcing the government to pay money to some painter to clean it off. As a “socialist libertarian”, you should be all for this. Is it not effectively taking the money from those who have and giving it to a less skilled but nonetheless important human being. Thus I can only assume that your negative outlook on graffiti means that your socialist point of view is just a facade. This opinion was reinforced after browsing through your blog and noticing every second post is about you eating reasonably high class meals at some trendy Fitzroy restaurant. You are nothing but a selfish consumer. In fact you admit this in your “about me” section. This does not make sense to me that you are both for socialism and yet immersed in capitalistic greed .Whilst you were out eating a casual brunch (a useless meal for a useless person), homeless people across the world were starving and your fellow diverse Fitzroy commission house neighbours were arguing over who gets the last slice of frozen pizza. Do you think these people are worrying about trivial matters like graffiti, probably not, these concerns are left to those like yourself, who literally have nothing better to do. Furthermore, I have never once heard of anyone who defines their point of view as culturally anarchistic, value being a law-abiding citizen. Did this make sense to you when you wrote it? Please explain your anarchistic nature in your follow up response. Just as i thought I was running out of ideas for my response, Again your blog highlighted more Brian hypocrisy. I believe Rob too picked up on this one, This 7 year old’s drawing was illegally pasted upon a property owners wall. Therefore is Frankie better off dead? maybe in your world Brian. You were also quick to point out the lack of meaning in a tag, but can you explain the meaning of whatever the fuck you want to call this?

    In conclusion Brian you are nothing but smoke and mirrors. A conformist wannabe. Everything you think you’re not. It is people like you, who we would all be better off without. I think if you were to ask anyone if they would prefer a world without one graffiti writer, or a world with out pretentious lying fakes, we would all choose the latter.

    ps: If we are to go further into argument could you please provide some more background information and a link to your Facebook page. Perhaps you could update your about me section, it kind of sucks. Nobody cares that you have a Phd in literature and worked for some unnamed printing company. That’s boring, and a Phd in literature is about as useful as the condom tucked into your wallet. Put up some photos instead. Like a picture of you by yourself in your house, cross legged, reading one of your books whilst writing one of your blog posts and your glasses slightly down turned as you stare provocatively into the camera. Now that’s style Brian, the sort of shit you need to get down properly in Fitzroy.

    • My Facebook page is private and none of your business, and if you don’t like my biography here too bad. How or where you to claim I am lying?

    • Sounds like rant from someone who has somewhere also tightened up their facebook page perhaps if i got it right… Anyway seems this thing is continuing which is to be expected given some of the people who have large egos through academia but associate with vandals (i am not pointing this at Brian its aimed at other people who read this! Additionally this is pure gut instinct anyway so take it with a grain of salt(except intended recipients).

      With respect to the comment “. Dn tagged walls, forcing the government to pay money to some painter to clean it off. As a “socialist libertarian”, you should be all for this. Is it not effectively taking the money from those who have and giving it to a less skilled but nonetheless important human being. .”

      Taking money from rich people, councils and government is taking money that could be better spent elsewhere, the money the rich people spend repainting their walls is money that (perhaps) will not get spent on “the caves” and the council would be able to spend it on there if the graf budget wasn’t blown away

      Seems you are like others here who claim they want to help people yet support vandalism… I did mention in previous posts this is all money that could be better spent! Every $1 500 council doesn’t spend on anti grafitti has more chance of being put back into the community and perhaps other diversion type programmes. I can’t believe someone would run an argument claiming resource shortage (starving people) in the same sentence as defending vandalism (which takes money from the community) … but this threat has kept going for a reason and will do so for sometime i suspect ….

      As an aside and a random comment. a lot of unis have a set of standards they expect students and employees to adhere to. :)
      Cheers peoples.

      • My federal government taxes and local government rates that are wasted on paying for graffiti removal could be better spent teaching refuge kids and giving them a future. I resent seeing it spent to fix a problem that should not exist. Taggers who are caught should be forced to work in chain gangs cleaning their illiterate nonsense off our walls.

  35. “Dn tagged walls, forcing the government to pay money to some painter to clean it off.”

    Not from my experience. Had to take the shit off by myself.

  36. Jesus. If Fitzroyalty was a person, it would be, for those old enough/daggy enough to remember, Dorrie Evans. There’s a fine line between community pride and unjustifiably sticking your snout into the affairs of others, and this page proves it.

    You’ve lost a regular reader here, Fitzroyalty. If you want to run your mouth off about dicknose, at least wait for the smoke to clear and keep it offline, where you’ve put shame to this kid’s memory. I’m staggered that someone who is normally so articulate and nifty with their writing can come across so staggeringly insensitive that they sound like a Fascist. In a Melbourne suburb that thrives on a vibrant creative scene, you’d think someone in your shoes would at least have an ounce of empathy and understanding of what’s happened here.

    This isn’t an opportune time to get on your soap box. Let these kids mourn their mate. RIP DN, and goodbye Fitzroyalty.

    • Kid? He was 30. I claim that there is no creativity in tagging, only moronic vandalism. Why would I have any sympathy for a petty criminal?

      • What 30!? He was 30 years old and still tagging walls like a 9 year old? Fuck me drunk, I think the phrase “He’d had a good run'” might be appropriate. 30 years old. LOL.

      • The thing that surprised me through all of this is the actual fact that even though it is childish behaviour there are adults doing it (a lot of the people who are bombers are above 17 so courts consider this adult). I’ve seen many above 25 who don’t understand why it is wrong… Go figure
        Other thing that surprised me was the fact that a lot of people who are also adults don’t understand why it is vandalism and have no concept of respect as such (either for the person or their right to have their property untouched by shit tags).
        Oh well life is full of surprises as they say :)

    • There’s a fine line between community pride and unjustifiably sticking your snout into the affairs of others, and this page proves it.
      I’m guessing this is a joke ? If not please enlighten me.
      Sounds to me like another vandal sympathiser is no longer reading(good!)… What about the people who understand respect, ie the normal people, are they perhaps offended by this ? I think not!
      Perhaps post your address with a consent to graf and i can convince you why bombing is not a respectful behaviour ! If not then i propose you are showing a double set of standards ! Let me show you why Fitzroy residents are sick of graffing if you dare!

  37. @John
    ‘As a resident of > 30 years i am yet to find someone in Fitzroy who appreciates tagging, that lived here 25 years ago. Anyone here know of someone ?
    Tagging is not art!’

    Famous Australian avant-garde artist Mike Brown lived in Fitzroy 25 years ago. He constantly ‘vandalised’ walls, and his sons (now well past that) tagged the same streets amongst open minded thinkers and residents.

    To understand and appreciate the ‘street art’ which you contradictorily accept, you would have to have some education in graffiti culture- the core of which is tagging. Don’t criticise what you can’t understand.

    • Criminal damage is not creative expression. You do not have a right to vandalise private property and justify it with the excuse that such behaviour is part of your ‘culture’.

    • “To understand and appreciate the ‘street art’ which you contradictorily accept, you would have to have some education in graffiti culture- the core of which is tagging. Don’t criticise what you can’t understand.”

      Ok I won’t criticise you then as i simply don’t understand you! I must admit I am not worried by the fact I don’t understand your obscure way of thinking(supporting vandalism), however I have lived here much longer than 25 years.

      I understand what it was like before all the vandals ravaged the area with their illegal activities (which society rejects by virtue of law). I guess since he is such a “revolutionary” and good person he has paid all the owners for the money they spent back then removing the crud ? (council anti graffiti team didn’t exist back in the old days of FITZROY council as opposed to YARRA!)
      Is your point perhaps that one can simply ignore the rights of other members of the community and do what they want at the disgust of a majority of that community if they call themselves revolutionary ? Im trying to work it out…..

      Sounds like Sydney may be best for your thinking O, enjoy it ! Your logic certainly doesn’t fit in Fitzroy!

    • C’mon, are you really going to compare Mike Brown to dicknose? Seriously? Is it really that hard to tell the difference between deliberate vandalism and street art? Several commenters seem to have (or pretend to claim they have) some baffling difficulty in this. Surely intent at least counts for something? Dicknose was a vandal. He didn’t pretend to be anything else. Probably in frustration that he could never be a Mike Brown or anyone else with talent he just vandalised. He wasn’t creating some misunderstood art scene, as you pretend to try to claim. He was just vandalising shit.

  38. Jason my argument was not whether graffiti is right or wrong, that is completely subjective and there are many arguments for and against. It too had nothing to do with resource shortage you are simply nit picking. My argument was and still is along the lines of Brian being a moron.

    However I will respond to your point regarding economics.

    The money spent on the person to clean it off provides such person with employment. If graffiti did not exist, he would be unemployed and we would be paying him money anyway. On top of this paint brands for vandals and cleaners are also receiving money through the process and thus providing more sources of employment. There is an entire economic network based around that tag on your wall. Therefore money spent on graffiti is not lost money to the community, it does not magically disappear Jason, it is just circulating money that creates employment and increases consumer spending. The real loss that is caused by graffiti is the waste of police resources and the time spent worrying and winging about something that is not going away in the near future. Might I add none of these losses are the responsibility of the writer who does the graffiti.
    You may as well accept the fact there is and will be graffiti in fitzroy, it is the arts hub of melbourne and naturally there is going to be high levels of graffiti ( Please do not respond with a graffiti is not art post because that too is subjective). If you do not like it, there are plenty of other places in melbourne where you can live that is relatively graffiti free. On the other hand you could take a more constructive approach in accepting that graffiti will be in fitzroy and do your best to live with it. You could even educate yourself about graffiti for a better understanding and more well rounded view rather than all vandals must die. Trust me the amount of time and energy you spend on being angry about graffiti far outweighs whatever cost it is for you to clean it up.

    ( also… I have only 4 months more education than your average McDonalds worker providing they finished high school, I don’t see how you can judge me as being egotistical after one blog post and the assumption that I associate with vandals has no evidence to back it up.)

    Now back to Brian……

    Your intro section thing….

    “It features stories on the suburb of Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia, and reflections on life from a socially libertarian, economically socialist, culturally anarchistic and radically individualistic point of view.”

    What it should read…..

    “It features stories on the suburb of Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia and reflections on what I ate for breakfast this morning from a capitalist fascist, avid Herald Sun reader, uniquely retarded point of view.”

    Brian this is why you are full of shit, which was effectively explained in my rant. I can only assume you did not read it, and that is disappointing. Please read it and provide a response to my points.
    Also a point regarding your comment on money spent on graffiti actually being spent educating refugees ( it is even funnier when I write it). What country do you live in? The money not being spent on graffiti would be more likely be spent on a giant fence around australia with cctv and remote control drones guarding the perimeter.

    Please give up on having any politcal point of view and get back to talking about which fitzroy restaurant we should all spend our hard earned cash at next.

    • Ok well my point is that simply shit tagging is in my point vandalism that makes little sense, i don’t mind some graffiti, but senseless scribble being bombed onto bluestone buildings is too much for me to appreciate… as for your hilarious statement
      “The real loss that is caused by graffiti is the waste of police resources and the time spent worrying and winging about something that is not going away in the near future. Might I add none of these losses are the responsibility of the writer who does the graffiti.
      You may as well accept the fact there is and will be graffiti in fitzroy, it is the arts hub of melbourne and naturally there is going to be high levels of graffiti ( Please do not respond with a graffiti is not art post because that too is subjective). If you do not like it, there are plenty of other places in melbourne where you can live that is relatively graffiti free. On the other hand you could take a more constructive approach in accepting that graffiti will be in fitzroy and do your best to live with it.”

      Well the resources police allocate to it presumably lead to extra employment so that’s a plus!
      Private resources from business must provide more employment especially connex etc, once again surely good, do you not agree?

      I agree the economics side of it is good because it will provide a lot of other employment, eg. security cams, installers etc.

      I am not sure the courts agree with your assertion that it is not the responsibility of tagger to pay for cost of removal!

      Re the suggestion that I (and everyone else in Fitzroy) need to accept shit tags being pasted up our walls or move, interesting theory. Can’t see it happening, can you ?

      Perhaps if the taggers don’t like the laws of our state and country they can move to some other country can’t they?

      Shit tags are not art!

  39. Private resources I agree with, Polices resources not so. This is because there is many unsolved important crimes that are ignored which suggests police resources could be allocated better. When I mention losses I am referring to the “real losses” I stated which has no implication on the graffiti writer. The fact that some pay back parts of the damage fee, just takes away slightly from the community’s portion of graffiti spending (or increases government revenue which ever way you want to look at it) and has no relation to the losses. When I say you should learn to live with it, I am saying this for your benefit. Do you think graffiti writers care that the community is annoyed? your anger is wasted on such a minute cause. The only way any neighborhood will become graffiti free is if it would turn into a police state and thus your liberty sacrificed for security. No matter how much you complain and moan, graffiti is not going away. If you look at London, a city which is covered in cctv and train yards with motion sensors etc, it is still covered in graffiti. So, your opinion on graffiti is completely fine and I am not arguing against you, I am just saying your energy could be better spent.

  40. If the yuppies are such outstanding, shining examples of decent conduct, I’d like to hear their justification of rejoicing one’s death on a blog. Please. Humour me.

  41. In what way is this a vacuous indignation. I googled it and I am still confused.

    It is strange that you have a vast vocabulary, yet still unable to explain the contradiction between how you identify yourself and your actual beliefs and behaviour.

  42. You assume that graffiti writers are scum?
    Ive been writing for 6 years almost finishing a 6 yr degree of medicine and do alot more for the community than most.
    I didnt know DN personally but you assume to much, theres a man, a friend, and a son (or Daughter) behind that marker, so have some respect.
    Most graffiti livens the place up, not just pieces but tags too.
    If you want your shit clean, keep it buffed and nice, the quicker its buffed and the nicer its buffed the less it will attract graffiti.

    • What is this obsession with having ‘respect’ for people like DN who had none for me as a property owner? No one has an innate right to be respected. DN did nothing to earn it, and in fact did much to earn the hatred of many people. This idea that he deserves respect is meaningless and ridiculous.

  43. It is called having respect for the dead and respect for the people who are affected by the death, it is a fundamental part of universal human rights which you should already know.

    • Having read the UN’s universal declaration of human rights, I can find no reference to respecting dead criminals. It does however support my right to free speech: ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression’.

      This is the last of your comments that will be published. The rest of your semi-literate homophobic rants, and your DDoS threat, will be saved for later use as I have reported this threat to the Federal Police.

  44. It is a inherited cultural right to respect those who have passed away and those who are affected by their death. May not be in the Un’s rules but it is something the whole community does agree upon.

    • You seem incapable of differentiating between a right and an obligation. It may be a tradition to respect the dead and the grieving but it is not an obligation and the dead and the grieving do not have a right, legal or human, to be automatically respected. There is no universally agreed values in relation to this issue.

    • What absolute nonsense. There is no convention on that at all. People feel totally free to discuss and criticise the lives of the recently dead that – they are not directly connected with. Note the recent passing of Steve Jobs. Note any death of anyone in the public eye. That’s how it is. Your assertion is completely untrue. Just wishful thinking. And why should the fact of a death be allowed to obscure the fact that someone was a deficit to society? Again, yes very sad for his friends and family, but for everyone else, the fact he is not around is completely positive. Inherited cultural right? Jeez, this post has really brought out the self righteous knobheads. Perhaps you should direct your anger at those who were affected by his death that encouraged him to be such a loser and vandalising dickhead. Why don’t you ask them why they didn’t influence him to be something positive. He might still be alive.

  45. To Brian/Jason:
    It is so wrong to hold all these negative views upon a subculture you know next to nothing about. Whilst scanning through this ridiculous blog I picked up multiple viewpoints of typical people who know nothing of what they’re talking about. Most of these people who have had their minds changed (at least to an extent) when having it explained properly. Some of these common viewpoints include ‘tagging is not art’ or ‘only proper graffiti-art is good’. Sentences like these infuriate me. How can you say a form of art which you don’t understand and obviously can’t comprehend is ‘not art’? It may just look like mindless scribble to you, and hey in many cases it actually is, but there is just as many cases of that ‘mindless scribble’ being incredibly talented. A good handstyle takes quite a while to build up (and for those who are unfamiliar, a handstyle is your style of tag) and just because people like you can’t distinguish between the good and the bad, does not mean that they don’t exist. As for ‘proper graffiti-art’, same deal goes friend, you can definitely not say what proper graffiti art is. I mean have you ever even considered that all those people doing ‘proper graffiti art’ still are (if not, then started off) vandals? And that’s not even taking into mind that the whole idea was influenced off vandals. I just hope you know that all those people who have painted those murals, have had a whole lot of essential practice. Put it this way, in a hypothetical world where graffiti started tomorrow and people only did walls with permission, then everyone would be terrible at it and no house nor store-owner would want their wall painted by someone who has no idea what they’re doing. Plus in the same way that you say you feel angry and hate to see it on the streets as opposed to your feeling of neutral when walking down an ‘untainted’ street, a graffiti writer walks down the street and actually has a mood increase rather than walk around on neutral. People who do graffiti have bus and train rides which are 5x more interesting than you’re average pedestrian. Even though it may be wrong for them to average people into their lifestyle, they are creating art and indulging in a subculture which you couldn’t even begin to comprehend.
    To try and separate tags from pieces and say one is good the other bad purely because you don’t understand is wrong. And if you’re going to be ignorant and talk about how you’re glad someones dead, then I’m going to be ignorant and say graffiti will continue forever and there is not one single thing you can do about it.

    • Why are tagging proponents such bad writers? What I do is call the City of Yarra and they send out the cleaners and clean off all the rubbish tags from my building. Rates well spent.

    • And in all your circular nonsense, what people really need to get out of it is, to quote you, “It may just look like mindless scribble to you, and hey in many cases it actually is.”
      Why not just start with “I’m talking out of my arse.” and just leave it at that.

      • I probably didn’t start off with “I’m talking out of my arse” because I’m not. I don’t know, maybe that why, seems likely.
        I don’t understand why out of all quotes you chose that one to quote me on? I mean it makes perfect sense, there are shit writers who have no idea what they’re doing…and then there are actual good writers who don’t produce ‘mindless scribble’, the only thing is you can’t see the difference. So you guys can not use that as a reasons towards why graffiti shouldn’t be done.
        The only good argument you guys have going for you is ‘its on my property’, which really is fair enough. But what I can conclude from you people not understanding their point of view is you’ve all never done something like that, taken a risk.
        And as I concluded before, I don’t really care about your reasoning, if it’s your property. Perhaps I would be a bit more sympathetic if this whole thing didn’t start off applauding a mans death. How do you guys not see yourselves as ‘childish’ as the people writing on walls? I hope you all enjoy every last unpreventable tag/throwie/piece on your walls and equally enjoy cleaning them off :)

        • I don’t believe in cultural relativism. You can’t justify any and all behaviour by saying it is part of your culture. This is an irrational and unjustifiable argument. It doesn’t make sense. This form of argument is used to justify many unacceptable forms of behaviour like sexism and racism. You don’t have a right to inflict your culture on other people or on public or private property.

          I think the anecdotal evidence suggests that a majority of people think tagging is meaningless stupidity. Just because it means something to a minority does not justify the intrusion and inconvenience it causes.

    • “And if you’re going to be ignorant and talk about how you’re glad someones dead, then I’m going to be ignorant and say graffiti will continue forever and there is not one single thing you can do about it.

      Whether you remain ignorant or not of the issue, it will continue!
      There are a few things that can be done, most legal, some not!
      Why do you care what the normal people think if you purport that if they think normally (ie you own a wall its your right to have it vandal free) you will remain ignorant (apparently to their detriment) ?
      If you thought that, would you expect any different outcome (maybe worse) than what is the original point of the thread and the unfortunate circumstances that seem to surround this dickhead(sorry dicknose lol) that we have all debated for months now?
      If everyone remained ignorant and ignored laws then perhaps injustices would be allowed to occur. As much as i hate tagging, i hate thuggery more and this allows me support the laws of this community as they protect me. Does the tagger want to dispense with the same laws that are running for them atm (if you know the shit as they say ?)? I believe even taggers are owed respect at law and if they are killed via an assault someone should be held accountable (at law). I believe the same with vandalism. At least robbery has some sense behind it (usually financial gain). Only thing i can see vandalism satisfying is an avenue of anger against society or a bad way of thinking society (apparently) needs to appreciate you)…..either way robbery has gain vandalism runs against the fabric society is built on unless that same society re-mediates it. I understand mine is but one view, however all this chatter without an address from a tagging supporter supplied with consent supports some of what I understand. I do know that it certainly isn’t worth all the threats that have occurred on this topic towards people that have publicly shown more respect than the rest (and even some of the current taggers got his name wrong in the rip shit!) of the people around..
      grr. perspective please peoples ?!:)

  46. “Some of these common viewpoints include ‘tagging is not art’ or ‘only proper graffiti-art is good’. Sentences like these infuriate me.”

    How about:
    ‘Tagging is not welcome on my property, do your tagging on your own mother’s house instead’

    Does that infuriate you?

    • I just had an update from the man upstairs. TAGGING IS SHIT! Anyone who says otherwise should prove their commitment by posting the address of their property with a consent to deface/vandalise(tag) it…. no takers. seems there is no one so committed to this debate who says we need to live with shit tagging that is prepared to put their address AND an invitation to tag to prove their commitment, Am i to believe that perhaps no taggers actually own property and can/will give the aforementioned approval or that they own property and are not committed to that point ? Ideas anyone ? ;) I would love to see an address as a response so perhaps I could show them what it is like to have meaningless shit scribbled on their wall! If that didn’t change them then I believe they are brain dead, like some of the people here who suggest i need to put up with this by virtue of the fact i live in Fitzroy!

  47. “To try and separate tags from pieces and say one is good the other bad purely because you don’t understand is wrong”

    Yes, quite true and could argue that a significant component of this entire debate is based purely on subjective viewpoints. One point remains valid however, the point I am referring to is that many property owners don’t want unauthorised works on their walls, whether it be ‘art’ or ‘shit’.

    • And to Larry, I completely agree with that, as you can see I mentioned in the comment just posted. I don’t mean to be so irrational and rude to those who actually take the time to be subjective on this issue.

  48. Sorry for throwing this into the forum but I have no way of pinging the business card! ;), Tres, did you get my card ? Surely with the people following these forums someone can answer this or point him at it in order for him to answer, or doesn’t he follow this blog? I went to an effort to try and get it through, and would like knowing whether or not I was correct in the choices I made just out of interest! even though I was informed that the card would be passed on doesn’t mean it found you!

  49. you guys are gunna die fukin bitter pricks wasting your time on this shit. delet this thread n go out and help someone worse of than you. if your so fukin good for the community and socioty whatever the fuck you think you are stop wasting time talking bout this shit n help someone else. dicknose gave everything he owned to others. i can guarantee you do not have the same graciousness as he did. dicknose would be loving this shit. he loved u dickheads talkin bout him. but enough is enough. karma is a bitch and i feel sorry for you now brian. one day all this shitsguna blow up in your face and im gunna feel very bad for you. i wish you luck in your future cos i think your gunna need it dog.

    • dn got onto a crowded tram with a realistic fake gun, terrifying people and causing the police to called. Is that ‘giving’ to others? He was an illiterate anti-social moron and you’re evidently his twin.

  50. petty criminal is true, so what ? he was also a published author. just because you haven’t read him doesn’t make him any less of a working artist. He was also a regarded musician.

    let the first man to raise a hand in judgement be the man who has done no wrong

    he tagged, and it cost yarra council money ? only because the city of yarra has established a pro street art anti graffiti manifesto. which is smart, cash in on the big murals and top peices, with psychopathic disregard for the fact that all big peices come from taggers originally, without the tag there would be no peice. That wall you mentioned on night cat is done by a lot of people that still tag fitzroy.

    the street art culture carries on whether you hate it or not, you pissing on dn does only harm to yourself. you have you opinions true, but if you direct them with charm in intent to cause the suffering of others it will bring you down.

    it is hilarious that you keep going back to petty criminal so i will too, petty surely means not to be taken too seriously, but you take it so seriously, like he’s done some great wrong upon the greater society. dicknose was just a joke, a silly word.

    fitzroy was known internationally as a place where foreign writers could come and see the forefront of australian street writing and painting, this kind of reputation is highly lucrative, with the arts scene generating high influx of people staying and spending. With the “cleaning up ” of the walls that the council has taken to with such vigour this has been lost. It doesn’t matter that much but it’s less humane and more greedy to try and exlusify fitzroy in the way it has happened. Especially by cashing in on the cultural heritage that fitzroy had and continuing this sell when much of the artists population is evicted because they can’t pay the exhorbitant rents.

    It doesn’t matter, if you want fitzroy you can have it, whitewashed walls and all. but in having fitzroy you will have an empty shell with some rich food, socially acceptable paintings, a few rogue taggers, another urbane urbanity. A cultural desert. A loss for melbourne.

    it seems using inhumanity towards all these people that have been shocked at your response towards dn has been a bit of a joke. that attitude doesn’t phase everyone. this attitude of humourous insensitivity makes your argument personal not using logic or reason.

    ok thats enough from me.


    post script

    by the way the plastic gun was one of his mates and so was the bag it was in, it had a big orange end on it… you make it sound like he was waving it people faces. artistic liscence on part of the journalist i think.

    all mistakes in text left intentionally to leave flow of thought unchanged.

  51. Hi. I knew this guy Sloan. I Live in London. I met him in Paris on holiday 5 years ago. Then I met him in London. Im sad to hear he is dead! He was a nice guy to me and was very lively. I know he drank heavily n stuff…but he died of cancer? He did graffiti? Why call himself dn? If it’s dicknose it makes no sense? People are complicated and have their limitations…one thing I learned from him…he told me to always dress well…anyone heard his joke about getting the new years eve dj to play star wars? I miss this guy…

  52. Let’s go and tag DN’s mum’s house then.

  53. It seems apparent that “graffiti vandalism” only harms those with an attachment to the convenient illusion of property ownership and control. Writing one’s pseudonym on a wall merely demonstrates “freedom of expression”, an ephemeral expression of our equally ephemeral existence.

    • It seems apparent that graffiti vandals and property owners are mutually exclusive groups. Vandals attack what they lack and attempt to irritate those they despise. Their pathetic inadequacies are further exposed by their banal behaviour.

    • I want to write something witty but all I came up with is you are a fucking idiot, hope you get hit by a car tomorrow or drop dead like your mate

  54. These graffiti scumbags are a pimple on the ass of society, contributing nothing and vandalising homes that people have worked so hard for, I want to live in a world where one of these brainless idiots is dropping dead every day

  55. Folks,
    I stumbled upon this posting. I am Sloane’s (aka DN(s)) Uncle.
    He was a wonderful man, a brilliant artist and a complex individual to say the least.
    Any of you that claim all this boiled up venom just didn’t know him.
    He was like like many artists full of contradictions. But know he was a son, a nephew a cousin and mate and greatly loved. Because regardless of what you may think he gave with all his heart and his heart was huge.
    Peace to you from far away in the USA.

  56. Uhhh well yeah he was a person but fuck it… I don’t like having pricks “tag” their shit all over everything that is not theirs, and generally makes the world look worse.

    While DN may or may not be DED, his idiot mates and their bullshit and the crazy fucked up home he came from – none of them take any responsibility for tidying up thier own acts.

    So fuck them too.

  57. Man you truly are not only a heartless prick but one of the people that makes Fitzy shit these days to boot. I knew Sloane. He was a turd and I never liked him but no-one deserves to be bashed to death. Except maybe you. ‘Fitzroyalty’ you call yourself eh?……man you wouldn’t have dared wandered into that neighborhood 20 years ago. Yuppie Idiot.

    • But he wasn’t bashed to death. And I don’t call myself Fitzroyalty. That’s the name of this publication. It’s hilarious being called a yuppie. I don’t even own a tie…

  58. Wow. This truly blew my mind. Brian you seem like a real dork. I am no longer following Fitzroyalty after such cold & nasty remarks.

    Seriously, stop posting about street art mate. You have no idea.

    All the best.

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