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kebab apostrophe chaos


After the first collapse of the kebab shop on Johnston St about 18 months ago, history has repeated with the closure of the green Afghan themed replacement. Now they’re amusing us with superfluous apostrophes while we await for what comes next.


  1. I used my thumb to almost surreptitiously erase an errant apostrophe from ‘muffin’s’ on a Gertrude Street caf blackboard sign recently……

  2. How amus’ing ‘LOL’

  3. Passed by this place the other day. It appears to again be a kebab (or kepab) place with a new sign and a new name. You got to wonder what the business plan is for these places when the past 2 businesses failed.

  4. it’s all good – this new one has a purple laser drawing patterns on the wall. Can’t fail.

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