Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

cultural critique


This is on the Greeves St side wall of Alimentari. The author of the comment refers to a much faded and degraded paste-up by Miso, over which the Australia / Invasion day poster had been pasted. A slap-down from a disgruntled postgraduate tutor who perhaps has their own issues. I doubt wankery is the primary cause of Aboriginal dislocation and loss of sovereignty.


  1. We are walking on sacred ground. There are possibly three components.
    The invasion and brutality unleashed upon the aboriginal people.
    The convict stain and the very origin of our current supposedly fair and just contemporary, democratic society.
    The continued exploitation of the peoples of this land by the colonial forces that have run ramped around the globe for the past six hundred years and have now transformed themselves into the cult of economic fascism.
    Who has written what and why on the poster is up to the gods of wisdom to determine but as a parochial local I am heartened to see that the intellectual debate has arisen from within Fitzroy as it should of and that the final statement of “Fuck off” is most likely one of those Collingwood invaders dressed in black and white and carrying out terrorist acts in the middle of the night as would be expected.

  2. Golly if I’d gone to university instead of factories I’d have learned big words plus fuck. Thank God I didn’t or I’d be in Wanker Fitzroy, speaking it ever so perfectly.

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