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a car full of drugs, or a quiet news day

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Yesterday afternoon a story broke on Twitter that a car full of chemicals used to make drugs had been stopped by police on Brunswick St on the corner of Rose St. According to the Herald Scum there was a ‘high risk’ that the chemicals could explode. That’s why Channel 7 put its helicopter directly overhead. If only the car had exploded and sent a fireball straight up into the air, taking out the chopper. That would have been news.

The reality was far more mundane. People who I’ve never met, but who I’m much more likely to believe, like Asher Wolf, were at the scene and they made the situation seem far less exciting. She reports that police told her chemicals had been found in the car but that they believed there was ‘no danger‘. She posted what I think is the first photo of the scene. It shows a bogan preferred vehicle, a Holden Commodore, parked outside Bimbo Deluxe.

Photo by Asher Wolf / copyright: used under the fair dealings provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 / 2012

Numerous other Fitzroyalty, like Ross Hill, Adski and Jill Singer, were also on the scene. Bitsroy posted the link to the Scum article, which was presumably compiled from Twitter comments, as usual without any reference to the source of the news from the fucktard legacy media journalist plagiarist who did the compiling.

Singer wrote ‘Police have cordon around Bimbo Deluxe after allegedly finding pseudeephidrene in car outside.‘ Oneplanetmikey hilariously responded ‘It is hayfever season.‘ Fucking genius response.

Wolf suggests that the Scum writer was not on-site and hyped the story. More jokes abound about how the drugs are usually inside Bimbo’s, not outside. Someone makes a Breaking Bad reference.

Photo by Redvespa / Adski / copyright: used under the fair dealings provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 / 2012

Blue Lucine reported that the police moved the car and posted a series of photos of the scene. This happened between about 2pm and 2.30pm. By the time I got home about 6pm, I saw that the car had been moved across Brunswick St and into the west end of Rose St, which remained blocked off between Brunswick St and Fitzroy St. There were lots of police around.

Photo by Blue Lucine / copyright: used under the fair dealings provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 / 2012

I knew what the story was before I got there as I had been following it all afternoon on Twitter. I choose a spot to take my own photo, and a plain clothes police officer, in a vaguely annoyed manner, asked me why I was taking a photo. I responded that I am a journalist. ‘Who for?’ he asked. ‘Myself’ I reply.

He stared at me in a dull dead manner for a moment then turns away, evidently having dismissed me as a harmless smartarse rather than a trouble maker. But I told the truth. I was participating in the journalistic act of gathering content to later use in reporting on the story.

There must have been many people taking photos throughout the afternoon. How can a police officer plausibly be surprised at someone taking photos at a crime scene? I reminded him that I was in public space and had every right to take a photo. He seemed not to agree with that idea.

Citizen journalists don’t have a cosy relationship with the police like representatives of legacy media corporations often do. Our freedom to take photos in public space is apparently not appreciated or respected. But it is real and must not be threatened by government agencies, like the police, who don’t understand that we are all now the media.

We don’t fly around in helicopters and pretend to break stories that in reality have been broken by others on social media. This to me is the real story here, not the drug bust. It’s another example of how dinosaur media relies on social media and citizen journalists more than the reverse.

It was just another day in Fitzroy…

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  1. I was also here. The funniest thing I saw all day whilst standing out the front of Vegie Bar was a truck clipping one of the police cars. Let’s just say, the cops were not too happy =)

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