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introducing the Flipboard Fitzroy business Twitterstream


For years now I have maintained a Twitter list of Fitzroy businesses and organisations, and it now numbers almost one hundred accounts. I use it to occasionally browse through the stream without having to follow them all directly. I also used to aggregate it in the hyperlocal news sites I used to publish but I had to abandon that as Twitter stopped supporting RSS as an export format, and I eventually deleted all the hyperlocal sites.

For a while I have done nothing with it apart from adding new business accounts as I become aware of them. More recently I have been examining how to curate content with some of the new tools available, like Flipboard, and have learned that you can import a Twitter list as a publisher /  topic / channel.

So if you’re interested in reading the Fitzroy business stream I have curated, add @indolentdandy/fitzroy-businesses to your Flipboard. It creates a hyperlocal channel about Fitzroy published entirely by local businesses.

If you manage a Fitzroy business or organisation and would like me to add it to the list, please post the Twitter name as a comment below.

I’m keen to hear from users who try it. How does it look on your device? What information do you want local businesses to publish? Is this useful? Is the mix of content relvant and interesting to you?

I remain deeply interested in hyperlocal content and in curating, as well as creating, online content.


  1. It looks good on my iPhone (although tiny of course) and the content is useful. Thanks

    • I think you are confusing the screen shots shown here with the real Fitzroy business Twitterstream (on an iPad) if you add the list to your FLipboard as described. On a phone each tweet or story has its own page or screen.

  2. Twitter name: @fitzroypainting

  3. Looks great on iPhone and iPad. Thanks for your efforts.

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