Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065



The scene below is Edinburgh Gardens on 27 January, the day after Australia Day. Celebrations that night trashed the garden and left enormous amounts of rubbish to be cleaned up.

The result is perhaps not as bad as after new years eve, when the garden looked like this, but it’s still a mess. In an article published on 25 January, the City of Yarra explained that it would provide many additional bins and rubbish collection services.

The standard sized bins in the park looked full and overflowing when I passed on the late morning after Australia Day. The larger 1100 litre bins mentioned in the council article don’t seem to be full though. That’s probably because they were to be collected end emptied or replaced daily. But if that happened, why didn’t they empty the regular bins? I’m somewhat suspicious about whether all these promised services were actually delivered.

Staff were also supposed to pick up rubbish during celebrations on Australia Day, so this is the aftermath. People are vile. It appears that plenty of bins were provided but people preferred to litter the park instead.


Riding past again in the early afternoon of 28 January, I noticed that the window of the Moroccan Soup Bar had been smashed. They’re due to repoen today after being closed for a summer holiday. I don’t know exactly when this damage happened, but I am guessing it happened over the weekend, perhaps on Australia Day. Well done bogans. Smash up the nearest foreign looking place. You’re unAustralian.



  1. That last paragraph is a bit of a leap of logic, don’t you think?

  2. Fence it off – iron bars and gates on a bluestone base would be unrealistically preferable . Australian’s cannot be trusted with beautiful public gardens and alcohol on ‘event days’ it is a simple fact. From Perth all the way to Melbourne you’ll see exactly the same thing the next day – lot of glass, mountains of plastic (very often in close proximity to waterways) and of course a veritable trail of vandalism in the immediate vicinity. Gates and locks are the national heritage after all, maybe amidst the relentless various revivals we could slip this one back in.

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