Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

a new supermarket is coming soon to Brunswick St


The Coles / Woolworths duopoly is bad for consumers and producers throughout Australia. In Fitzroy, we have recently been subjected to this duopoly with minimal competition. I had great hopes for the IGA on Brunswick St when it opened five years ago, but it has proved to be a great disappointment, with its initial diversity and quality of goods rapidly declining and its deli closing, perhaps due to competition from the nearby Coles, which opened about half a year later.

It is therefore pleasing to see a new Foodworks supermarket about to open in the new Atherton Gardens building that was completed last year on Brunswick St. More competition amongst retailers is good for consumers. Don’t be too loyal to any one shop – spread your money around to different shops, including independent shops. If we want to maintain our urban village amenities, we need to support different businesses.



  1. Rember there’s the Turkish supermarket in Smith St. They’ve got a fantastic deli. You can buy homemade filo pastry, ricotta, best feta cheese in the district etc, etc. Their new butcher gives Jonathan’s a good run for its money too. Unfortunately their fruit and veg have gone way down hill though.

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