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do the christian fuckwits plan to tax the gay away?


Please read this real election statement from the Christian Democratic Party. Remember to breath. Try not to choke with laughter. Imagine the earnest little christian fucktards siting around their campaign office thinking up this idiocy. Pity them. Or torch them. I can’t decide. Probably the latter.


Let’s dispel with the obvious logical errors first. Not all couples, gay or straight, are parents. Not all individuals in couples are parents with each other. Not all taxpayers who are parents are straight. You can be a gay dad taxpayer, for example. Gay people pay tax too.

Earning less money than someone else is not a form of oppression. Earning less money than someone else does not mean you are being taxed more than them or that you are being discriminated against in any way.

They claim that this information comes from the 2011 census. Which it does, in a manner of speaking. But the census does not interpret data. Here’s a detailed analysis of their misleading and incompetent interpretation from Pauline Pantsdown.


Regardless of the specific numbers it is true to say, based on the data it has collected to date (the ABS has issued reports on gay couples in 2012 and 2013), that gay people are on average better educated (which makes better paid employment more likely) and are more active in the workforce (probably because they have less children and thus take less time out of the workforce to undertake unpaid domestic labour).

Because they are less in need of mcmansions to house children, gay couples are far more likely than straight couples to live in apartments, which are less expensive, thus leaving them with more disposable income to travel and enjoy life.

The Christian Democratic Party have correctly identified that the niche of the electorate they represent is comparatively stupid, and hence is less capable of benefiting from education and consequently earning high wages. It’s also stupid enough to believe their irrational nonsense.

The christians imply that gay people are oppressing straight people with their elitist high achieving ways and must be stopped, such as by being taxed more to allow a christian government to compensate the stupid straights for their mediocrity through more middle class breeder welfare.

By all mean covet thy neighbour’s lifestyle, but you can’t blame others for being smarter than you. If you want income equality, hetero breeders, you need to breed less and work more. While you’re at it, get rid of the pathological persecution complex, which is really just an excuse for you to retrospectively justify your history of homophobia and discriminatory behaviour.


  1. Hi Brian,
    I really enjoy your blog – thanks for all of your regular updates about life in Fitzroy. However, as a reasonably highly educated Christian (living in Brunswick), I’d like to take a gentle objection to the comment ‘The Christian Democratic Party have correctly identified that the niche of the electorate they represent is comparatively stupid’. Really? Because wouldn’t branding an entire group of people who vote in a certain way (and identify as belonging to a particular religious group) as ‘comparatively stupid’ be as intolerant and offensive as the CDP’s election campaign?

    Otherwise, keep up the good work.

    Warm regards,

    • I’m proudly intolerant of religious ideas being inflicted on those who don’t want it and as a christian you’ll have to get used to being on the receiving end of offensive language and ideas. You don’t have the right not to be offended.

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