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what’s happening at the Marquis of Lorne?


I was away in New York City when @bitsroy posted this tweet in January 2013 about the Marquis of Lorne’s licensee being investigated for allegedly receiving their liquor license due to fraud or false representation and I didn’t see it.

A Twitter conversation amongst several locals a few days ago led me to look for more information about the George St pub, and as a result I found that tweet and learned that in March the licensee was found guilty of this offence and he was fined $3000.

He had applied for the license under one name and said he had no criminal convictions (under that name) while having convictions under another (previous) name that he failed to disclose. Classy.


Its recent history is patchy. Comments on a commercial review site suggest a change of management in 2012 resulted in the quality of the food and the service crashing and burning. The most recent post, from 28 June 2013, sounds spammy but contends that the pub had recently reopened the upstairs dining room with a new chef. They didn’t last long, if they ever existed.

The Marquis of Lorne Facebook page was last updated on 30 July 2013. Since around that time it has been closed, with no sign of activity within. Inside it looks neat, like it closed up as usual one night ready to reopen the next day, but no one turned up (exactly like when Endis cafe on Brunswick St closed). There’s no note in the window for customers. Have last drinks been served?



  1. Having been a regular at the Marquis; there was a change in not only ownership but about everything you can possibly think of. Despite me still regarding this pub as one of the loveliest in Fitzroy, I haven’t sat foot in there after the management change. It would be interesting to understand why the earlier owners sold the business off.

    • I would hypothesise because they could see declining revenue and profit trends in the accounts and decided to get out while they could. Like with a secondhand car, you don’t want to be the final owner who can’t resell it and has to scrap it.

  2. I have walked past the pub a few times recently and it has never been open. I had assumed that they were closed but had hoped it hadn’t. As of Monday this week it was still closed.

    I used to love this pub but the last my wife and I visited (which was ages ago, probably last year) the tap beers were off, or the lines were not clean, either way it was undrinkable. I mentioned this to the barman but he couldn’t have cared less so we left and never went back. There are plenty of great pubs that take care of their beers properly in Fitzroy which are busy. The Rainbow Hotel is a good comparison as it’s not on a major street similar to the Marquis. Hopefully the licence will be taken over someone who is passionate about their venue (like the guys at The Gertrude Hotel for example) rather than turned into apartments. If you hear anything either way please post.

  3. Marquis has reopened this week 9/12/2013. Same management, was not sold just a little landlord negotiations required so they closed while they sorted things out. New chef coming very soon.

  4. I walked past the Marquis yesterday evening night and it was very much still closed. I peeked in the window and nothing seemed to have changed since the photo above. The only sign of life was the illuminated sign above the entrance. I’ll keep going back for to check any ‘progress’.

  5. I just moved into the area and the pub has definitely been opening. Well, it was in January anyway when I walked past and they were setting up tables. I have been away all of Feb but activity on the FB page suggests it is back open for business.. Probably very limited trading times though. Looks like a good little local for a quiet beer..Looking forward to getting down there.

  6. The freehold is for sale….just walked past.

    • The freehold is one thing and the tenant operating the pub is another. People are mainly interested in whether the tenant is making a viable business of the pub. They don’t care who owns the building.

  7. Had a few drinks and dinner with friends there on Friday. The place was pumping. The service was a bit haphazard, but friendly, and the kitchen got the goodies out in a timely manner even though it was being hammered. Food incidentally was excellent, and pretty well priced. Some interesting beers on tap and a good selection in the fridge. Plenty for the wine drinkers too.

    According to the waitress they had only been open a week, but that doesn’t seem to jell with earlier comments.

    I think once it settles it will be a great addition to the neighbourhood.

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