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a new Smith St Facebook page


I’m going to conduct an experiment. After writing a detailed critique of the recently launched Smith St Life (SSL) business directory website, and the Facebook page of the Smith St Business Association (SSBA), I’m going to see what I can do to build an online tool to promote Smith St businesses.

In my previous article about the SSBA and the history of its online efforts, I criticised their Facebook page for not following all the Facebook pages of Smith St businesses and sharing their news. Curating, not just creating, is an important social media content strategy that they have overlooked.

I made a new Facebook page for the Smith St business community and liked the Facebook pages of every Smith St business that I could find. That’s 90, and I’m sure there are still more to find. I will share a few posts from these pages each day, thus curating the collective voice of the Smith St business community. I will also post links to relevant news about Smith St from elsewhere.


The page will be simple and low maintenance, and should only take a few minutes a day to run. As an independent observer with no business interests in the street of my own, it will have no self-promotional agenda. At the moment the SSBA’s efforts seem to heavily promote a few businesses (presumably those of committee members and maybe a few early adopters) and this does not look inclusive or inviting to me. If you are interested in Smith St, please like the page.


  1. It’s great, Brian – using it already!

  2. Good for you! Also people are more likely to use that facebook page than visit a dedicated website.

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