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trains not toll roads


I will always remember attending my first political rally as a child. It was in 1979 in Fremantle, WA, in response to the Liberal state government closing the Perth – Fremantle railway line and replacing it with buses. The community hated the conservative attack on public transport and it helped the ALP to win the subsequent state election in 1983. Travelling by train was a constant throughout my youth in Perth.

So when I saw this picture in a window on Westgarth St I was most pleased as I imagined it to have been created by a child like I was, politicised for the first time by the stupidity of some adults. Nice work kid. Join the Trains not Toll Roads campaign.



  1. Let’s hope the current Victorian campaign leads to the same outcome – get rid of Napthine’s environmental vandals at the next election, please everyone.

    • No way this can be stopped. Binding contracts were signed while Yarra’s council and community were attending more urgent matters such as food van licensing…

      • Contracts haven’t been signed. There are 3 consortias still currently tendering to receive the contract.

        Councils are powerless against state governments although the City of Yarra is doing what it can to support businesses and residents affected by this corrupt project.

        • I was referring to the funding agreements. There was plenty of warning that a project of this kind will go ahead. Once such a project passes the fund sourcing stage, the time slot allowing for most effective intervention is gone. If there is true opposition to this project in council, they did too little too late to affect its outcomes.

          • You stated binding contracts. I’m curious to who these contracts are made to. The government in power decides where the funding for projects will go to. They don’t need anyone’s permission especially as both houses are Liberal controlled.

            Secondly, the City of Yarra has been fighting this and the Eastern for close to 40 years. Check out The City of Yarra mayor in 1977,, getting hauled away by police.

            The Comprehensive Impact Statement is going to be released in 3 days. I recommend that everyone read and write an official response to it.

          • Let’s not underestimate the complexity of major projects funding. Both federal and state budgets have to incorporate major projects in multiple annual budgets, and funding commitments are only made once the various pre-planning stages demonstrated sufficient benefits and low residual no-go probabilities. These funding commitments in itself are legally binding.

            Governments will not change these funding commitments for the sake of governance continuity and investment security. They convinced themselves during pre-planning that the projects are both beneficial and of manageable monetary risk. A sudden change of mind would implicate that their pre-planning lacked diligence and competence.

            So here we are: budgets have been aligned to provide funding, the impact statement for the tunnel is about to be published, tenders are reviewed and the EPCM contract is about to be awarded.

            This project was not planned and decided on in secrecy. Government provided as much information to stakeholders as it had to, and they accepted the proposal by not acting in a timely and decisive manner to defend their own best interests. And this stands despite the high likelihood of this project being next in a long line of Australian private-public-partnership project failures caused by incompetent and delusional pre-planning.

  2. I totally agree, and remember going to meetings and asking people to sign petitions for increased public transport ( train and tram extensions to the Outer Eastern Suburbs) as a child. The trams came many years later, no train activity as yet. Love your pic.

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