Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

so we’ll go no more a roving


Perhaps the mortgage has been signed, or the first ultrasound image is being posted to Facebook. The freewheeling days of travel to distant lands are over. Perhaps the backpackers who outstayed their welcome and their visas have been deported. Whatever the story, a box of Lonely Planet travel guides was available for the taking on Bell St yesterday. Perhaps it’s simply a case of the travel guide book being over, with the extent of online information making books redundant.



  1. I thought I recently read somewhere that lonely planet “Australia” had to close it’s doors (?)..

    • Sold to the BBC commercial arm, at a huge profit to the founders, then sold again recently to venture capitalists at a great loss to the BBC, with all local jobs being terminated as I understand it.

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