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The Rickshaw coming soon to Gertrude St


The signage for this forthcoming restaurant on Gertrude St suggests some kind of Japanese / Chinese / Thai / Asian fusion street food theme. Does anyone know more? It’s where Tandoori Times used to be.



  1. Jesse next door at Anada said it would be Thai. Maybe Thai influenced like Chin Chin.

  2. Bumped into the former partners in Tandoori Times (Ahmed, Akash and Assim). They confirmed that they are opening an Asian Street food fusion + bar. It was meant to open today (Friday 22 Nov) but when I went past this evening it was still under wraps.

  3. Hi All,
    Yes that is right, Tandoori Times in Fitzroy has closed, after 12 years. We have been renovating to open an exciting new restaurant based on the travails of a Tuk Tuk or an auto rickshaw for some. And we are pleased to announce that The Rickshaw will be opening as of Monday the 2nd of December, serving modern Asian cuisine. It’s taken us months of hard work to get it right, but the wait has been worth it. Our chefs have had work experience from the likes of Chocolate Buddha, Long Grain etc
    Yordan Russev from Virginia plains will be looking after you with exotic drinks in the like of green tea infusions with Japanese plum wines or Mojitos with an Asian twist. There is an awesome selection of local as well as Asian beers. There will be tapas, small and large plates on offer. With locally sourced organic or free range meats and veggies. I am damn excited to invite you back in and take you all on an awesome ride on our Rickshaw!! You can also check us out on Facebook we have a page as The Rickshaw. Thank you all, Amit Tuteja

  4. So just to be a smartarse … why do they have a logo with a tuk tuk & not a rickshaw?

    • Hi Nicole, your point is valid, but in Asia mostly the Tuk Tuk or an auto rickshaw, is referred to as a rickshaw, and by using the Tuk Tuk or an auto rickshaw as a name we would have restricted ourselves to that particular country’s cuisine!! Hence the name Rickshaw. But do come down and try, I’m sure that you will be pleased, regards Amit

  5. Couldn’t find any sign of a website or Facebook page…

  6. Hi Peter, the Rickshaw is a modern Asian Fusion Restaurant. Wherever the Rickshaw travels (fondly known as a Tuk Tuk) we have taken a dish or two from that region and serving it. The emphasis is on organics, free range and freshness. You can find our page on Facebook as The Rickshaw Fitzroy. The website is We have had a soft open with a limited menu. My favorites are Ma Po Tofu, Five spice duck and the pork neck. Looking forward to serving you here at The Rickshaw!!

  7. I’ve noticed that Tandoori Times Fitzroy is still showing up as open for business and accepting credit card payments on a number of online food ordering sites (MenuLog, DeliveryHero and EatNow).

    Given it closed months ago, this must be frustrating for consumers who order their food through Tandoori Times (and presumably pay for it?), only for it not to show up – would be good if this could be updated!

  8. I went to Rickshaw this evening and it was a pretty disappointing meal. The menu looked reasonable and interesting, but the food was bland and tasteless. With so much competition in the area I’m not sure this new place will last.

    • Hi Sam
      I have been there everyday since it opened last Monday and so far I or my staff have tried to interact about our menu and food with each customer. In fact in the last two weeks I have already had a few customers come in more than twice to enjoy what we are offering.
      I was there all day today too and personally spoke to all the customers, they were all very happy. I don’t think you even came, so why write stuff which never happened.
      It is dissappointing when someone puts a false comment about a business. It has taken me months to build these premises, and all it takes is for someone to put a bit of lies because they are jealous of our progress!!
      Come on competition, let’s not stoop so low, there is enough business for all of us, so please don’t put crap like this on the internet.

    • Hi Sam
      What time did you come and what did you order.
      I spoke to every customer today and in to almost all of them since last Monday that we opened.
      Infact I am having repeat customers since then.
      I don’t recall having anyone DISSAPPOINTED today!!
      Come fellow traders on Gertrude st, there is enough for all of us, let’s not stoop this low, to put false reviews on the internet!!

      • Hi Amit, the comment is plausibly genuine so I allowed it to be published. I am aware that posting false reviews is common practice but I cannot dismiss this comment as definitively false.

        • Hi Brian
          I can understand that the comment might come across as genuine to you. But I am at The Rickshaw all the time, and a m enjoying every minute of it. And I didn’t meet any Sam today who was disappointed or had a bad experience at our venue. So I know for a fact that this is a false comment.


          • You learned and remembered the name of every customer today? Sorry but that sounds implausible to me. The legitimacy of the comment is unclear but I see no reason to remove it.

  9. Nothing has been indicated here yet that gives me any hope that Rickshaw (under the same management at TT) will shine … are you going to review the food Brian? Our one dining experience at TT was woeful … and our on site complaints were fobbed off.

  10. If you have a look at Urban Spoon reviews, it looks like there is some astroturfing going on with the glowing reviews, at least one of which is from someone who admits to being associated with the owners. And as for the owners claiming to know everyone’ name who has eaten there (which may not be the same name as the one they choose to use online) I’m with you Brian on calling it BS.

    I ate once at Tandoori Times, and it was one of the worst meals I’ve ever (reluctantly) paid for. It was an embarrassment to the Fitzroy restaurant scene.

    • HI Peter,

      The Rickshaw hosted many friends and friends of friends during its soft launch – and having been in the restaurant business for many years we were very lucky to have many people we know visit our venue. This will continue to be as we have now new friends in the community who have been back several times.

      Our friends mention our names in their feedback – so there is no pretence that they are a customer who doesnt know us.

      We are here to serve our food – and provide a pleasurable dining experience. We dont intend to deceive or mislead – if anything has appeared that way it wasnt intended.

      The street has been welcoming – our neighbours have been super supportive – and we hope this blog site can do the same for a newbie. As with any restaurant there will be people who like what we offer and some who dont, as much as we accept that – its sad when we read negative comments and speculation.

      Thank you for your feedback

      The Rickshaw

  11. Hi Amit, I’ll preface this post by confirming that I’ve not visited The Rickshaw as yet. However, I was interested to check out your website as my partner and I are always keen to try a new dining experience in the area and I wanted to have a look at the menu.

    Unfortunately, I have to state that your website ( is possibly the worst example of a ‘live’ site I’ve ever come across. To begin with, due to the confused formatting and content, I wondered if the website actually belonged to the right business – however the Gertrude St address on the booking page confirmed this.

    Part template and partly updated, amongst all the clutter, it contains issues such as:
    – A Thai inspired menu on the home page screen, along with a link to a downloadable pdf menu, which instead brings up a copy of Madison magazine
    – a ‘fake’ phone number on the booking page (8888 8888), and
    – several large photos of ‘sushi’ (which I doubt have made it onto The Rickshaw menu). Needless to say, it wasn’t a great user experience and has somewhat negatively impacted on my view of your offering.

    I appreciate that it’s taken you months to build your new premises, but can I suggest that you take some time to fix your website – ideally soon.

    • HI AdeleE,

      The website was not ready in Decemember, and was certainly not meant to be live. The developers had accidently left it public.

      Appologies for the bad experience. The facebook page has been the our predominant presence whilst the site was worked on.

      The site is now fixed and live. As with all new businesses and websites – there is always teething problems. We have worked very hard for months on this venture – and we hope got most things right, but more importantly with feedback we will continually get better at it :)

      We are a family business and we have always loved Gertrude St as the businesses and residents have always been a very supportive community. In the last month we have opened the comminity folk have walkedin and enjoyed our food and our conversation. We are truly enjoying our experience and have validated our appreciation for the street.

      We hope you give us a go, and thank you for your feedback

      The Rickshaw

  12. Hi Amit,

    I came in on Sunday 15th December at aound 6.30pm for an early dinner. I ate the larb, tri oysters, tokyo slider, spicy prawns, Penang (can’t remember what the full name was).

    No one talked to us (i was with a friend) except for the waiter. This is not a false statement – go look at your receipts for Sunday, we were the only people in the place at the time. We had to pay by cash as you didnt have a POS machine (and would need to process the payment via another restaurant you own).

    These opinions are my own, and yes, maybe other people might find the food great. As a local I always want to support local businesses and I do all the time.

    Take on my comments or ignore them, I won’t be coming back.

    • Hi Sam
      First of all I would like to say a huge sorry, because from the name Sam I established that it was one single guy who had come in for a meal. However that was not the case, I remember you and your friend coming in about 6.30 pm.
      It is completely my mistake on the misunderstanding.
      I have taken your feedback on the food and would definitely work on getting things right.
      Unfortunately the way your feedback was initially worded it didn’t add up. After reading your second comment I was able to establish who you were. It would have been nice if we were informed about your experience right there and then, because we would have done our best to make it right.
      If there is any way we can make it up for your experience, please do let me know and we would be happy to.
      Thank you

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