Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

vandalism and anti-social behaviour at the Fitzroy Football Club Grandstand


A Twitter account has recently been set up to report on vandalism and anti-social behaviour in and around the Fitzroy Football Club Grandstand near St George’s Rd in North Fitzroy. The unknown publisher of the account claims that the City of Yarra have been informed yet their cleaners have failed to come and deal with the problem and that the Police have also failed to arrive.

It’s understandable. The mayor is too busy playing obscure local government politics and the police station in Fitzroy must be almost empty after 6 officers were recently suspended for alleged corruption. They couldn’t give a flying fuck about the local community or historical buildings.


  1. That corruption article probably explains why the Fitzroy wallopers are always too busy to venture out when called, even when they are told about a group of drunk young bogans exposing themselves to passers by in the middle of the day not 100 metres from the station.

    • I’ve had numerous dealings with the Fitzroy police station, when boozing teens have set up camp in the street or an open space outside my house. I’ve also spoken with them in dealing with graffiti vandals tagging the walls of my heritage-listed house.

      In every instance their response was cursory at best. They’ve told me that most nights they only have a single patrol wagon to cover Fitzroy, Fitzroy North and parts of Carlton – incredibly poor if true, when you consider the potential for problems within that footprint. They’ve told me and my neighbours to call 000 if I want any assistance, as they might be able to assign it to a similarly stretched patrol service nearby.

      In one instance two years ago a pair of blind drunk country boys who could barely walk, climbed into their 4WD ute out the front and drove along the street. They lurched down the street, swiping parked cars and mounting the kerb as they flattened street signs before crashing into the side of a building less then two minutes casual stroll from the Fitzroy police station. I contacted the police with license plate and other details whilst it was happening, and was simply told that “it’ll be your word against theirs and we have other priorities”.

      • Now that we know why they are so indifferent to common sense and serving the community – the station is riddled with corruption. Too busy selling ice from the evidence locker to bother helping people.

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