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dinner at the Terminus hotel on Queens Parade


The Terminus hotel has undergone regular changes over the past several years. Pizza came and went. The latest incarnation has entailed enclosing the drive-through space to create a craft beer bar extension, which almost doubles the interior space, alongside an attached beer garden with a dedicated new kitchen space to serve it.

There’s a new (by new I mean sometime this year as I’m not sure when all the renovations were completed) menu with traditional pub favourites being maintained and Vietnamese influenced food being added. A couple of weekends ago I visited with a friend just for a drink and was so impressed I invited another friend along the following weekend to eat.


We ate (from the top down): bahn minis (2 in a serve), which were sweet brioche style rolls with pulled pork and Asian slaw; fries with chilli jam; and green papaya salad with chicken. All were good with the bahn minis being particularly delicious accompanied by one of the tart Indian pale ales from the craft beer bar.


I’m not sure anyone else has reviewed the current menu, but Foodscrazy and Where’s the beef? have previously reviewed the Terminus. I think they’ve created something great here at the Terminus. The bike rack out the front is packed with bikes and the buzz in the beer garden is most enjoyable. My only complaint is my old man whinge that the music in the bar was too loud and not conducive to coherent conversation.



  1. The food is great, both the pub standards and the vietnamese food. It’s a great mix of cool pub with a good selection of on tap beers, a traditional pub where you can get a parma and watch the footy, and beer garden. Also a distinct lack of assholes the few times I’ve visited.

  2. We’ll have to put it on our pub club list again! They were just completing the renovation when we visited, so it’s probable that the menu has changed since it has opened.

  3. A fine establishment, and I’m pleased you enjoyed it Brian. I will use this opportunity to have a small whinge though. Firstly, their policy of not allowing you to order from either menu is irksome. If I’m sitting in the Craft Bar and I fancy one of the excellent steaks, I must relocate to the front bar or restaurant in order to have it. There are two kitchens you see, but I suspect only a regular would have the wherewithal to order from a menu that is not displayed; this indulgence should thus be accommodated. Secondly, they banned pints and now force you onto a schooner, which makes it impossible to know how much you’re paying for your libations, relatively speaking.

    These are merely quibbles though, and I’m relieved to see this destination thriving, as it was touch and go for a while.

  4. The pulled pork rolls and papaya salad look great! I’ve been a few times for drinks – will be back ASAP to eat…

  5. I like your idea Brian. Perhaps next time, instead of quietly grumbling, I will ask them to deliver my meal to the table “over there” and see what happens.

    Yes Billy, I’ve no doubt that’s the reason the rule is in place. Maybe you can draft them a disclaimer that punters such as yours truly can sign, so I can order the 1kg rib eye for two in the beer garden, but waive my right to pout when someone’s Asian slaw turns up first.

    Is anyone interested in the reason for no pints? Hint: they do it for us.

    By the way, apropos of your earlier comment Brian, the room you choose limits your food options, but not your beers.

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