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a week of tunnel protests

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It has been a dramatic week in Fitzroy with the tunnel protests on Westgarth St generating national news and much inane posturing from the bogan press. Protester Sean Bedlam has created a Tunnel Picket Tumblr that collects together the Youtube videos he has produced of the protest, including the one below.

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  1. I consider the actions of the protesters as heroic. They deserve the support of the whole community, as they are now one of the only tangible forces for civic good remaining in the so-called ‘democratic’ process. The building of the toll road and tunnel itself is wrong headed policy in every way, but the expenditure of billions of dollars of public money for a project with no mandate which the vast majority of Victorians do not support, is unforgivable, given the urgent need for public transport, education and health funding in Victoria.

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