Hyperlocal news about Melbourne's first suburb: Fitzroy 3065

the aftermath of the Edinburgh Gardens mess


So it’s obvious by now that the City of Yarra had a reasonable idea of what was coming, but it was fundamentally unprepared to deal with it. Providing more bins and toilets does not make morons behave once the mob mentality takes over. It doesn’t make the space safe. Council did nothing to make the space safe, such as by providing temporary lighting or ensuring that paths were kept clear so they could be used by emergency services staff.

The police should also have had an idea of what was coming but left the park significantly under policed. I don’t want people engaging in harmless activities like consuming drugs arrested, but I expect that criminal damage will be dealt with efficiently and the worst excesses, such as the playground being used as a toilet, stopped immediately. The police were also negligent, but nonetheless reportedly criticised the City of Yarra while excusing their own behaviour. The Fitzroy police probably just wandered through the crowd selling ice…

The employees who carried out the cleanup deserve praise for their work.

Some commenters inexplicably linked the criminal behaviour in the park with party politics and the Green voting preference of the federal electorate containing the park, as if only locals attended the event in the park. The man who was punched in the face was from Noble Park. It is plausible to suggest that that most people who attended the party came from outside the City of Yarra.

Others blamed NIMBY suburbans who have moved to the inner city for rejecting so-called ‘urban culture’, which apparently includes the freedom to make a mess. The irony is that suburban visitors, not urban residents, caused the trouble. The bogans should trash their own park in Noble Park.

There can be no excuse now in relation to new years eve…


  1. We walked across the park this morning. Unfortunately the cleanup has been superficial at best. While most of the large bits of rubbish have been removed, on the oval which is designated as an off-lead dog exercise area there are small pieces of broken glass every couple of metres, and thousands of sharp bottle tops. Barring a massive and detailed emu parade across the entire area, this area is no longer safe for exercising dogs (or children!)

    • They were going over it again yesterday afternoon with a vacuum machine and cleaners following with those pincer things to get to the glass.

      Be a difficult job – probably impossible to get to it all, but I guess the same thing happened to a lesser extent last year (twice) and the park seemed to recover OK, people running their dogs etc. afterwards.

      Maybe they need to squash it into the ground and then top-cover it

  2. Credit to Yarra Council, we had a response from both Mayor Jackie Fristacky and Stephen Jolly within an hour of sending emails to them along the lines of my post above.

    Stephen indicated he (as a individual or part of a Council team, I’m not sure) was to meet with the organisers that afternoon to see what could be done about preventing the problem in future.

    Jackie copied my email to the team responsible for the cleanup, mentioning the need for the vacuum cleaners and magnetic pickup machines for the bottle tops.

    They might have got this wrong, but I can’t complain about their responsiveness (especially given that they were probably getting deluged with emails about this matter) and efforts to fix the problem and get it right next time.

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