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Stephen Jolly and Andrew Bolt should get a room


As I reported yesterday, one response to community concerns about the trashing of Edinburgh Gardens on new years eve has been to scornfully dismiss such concerns as NIMBY preciousness that is not representative of the ‘authentic’ spirit of inner urban culture. Yes I’m being sarcastic, but that opinion does exist.

Social and political conservatives including Andrew Bolt blamed left-wing green voters for trashing the park, when in reality it was trashed by members of the bogan population of greater Melbourne, with Yarra residents being a statistical minority within that population.

There’s going to be a public meeting next week and I urge you to come and tell council to pull its finger out and take responsibility for managing the park properly.

City of Yarra socialist councillor Steve Jolly has accused ‘elitists’ of wanting to limit access to the park. Jolly is known for his support of the bogan underclass, who were the real perpetrators of the problems in Edinburgh Gardens. He rarely holds them to account for anything, while he blames elitists for everything.

Bolt and Jolly claim to represent opposite political and social constituencies, and hate what each other represents, and yet they ludicrously manage to blame each others’ enemies for the Edinburgh Gardens problem.

You can’t expect anything more than pointless propaganda from Bolt, but we should be able to expect more from Jolly because we pay him. Jolly should be embarrassed to find that he makes as little sense as Bolt because, unlike Bolt, he’s meant to actually achieve things not just talk. These two ideological warriors should get a room and stop inflicting their nonsense on everyone else.

Jolly doesn’t seem to understand that he was elected to represent local residents, not a constituency of outer suburban morons who wish to physically trash symbols of inner city privilege like Edinburgh Gardens. I’m not the only Yarra resident to question Jolly’s inappropriate dismissal of his electorate and his duty.

Listen up Jolly and all you other useless councillors. We’re the people of the City of Yarra and we value Edinburgh Gardens. You have no business insulting us. We don’t appreciate being dismissed by Bolt as socialist thugs and simultaneously by Jolly as snooty toffs. We’re neither of these.

We so-called elitists (working professionals who pay taxes and rates) are a significant part of your constituency and we expect you to listen to our concerns and act on them. Stop whinging and do what you’re supposed to do – represent our views and values. If you want to represent the bogans, fuck off to the outer suburbs.

Imposing sensible measures to protect the park and limit the amount of ratepayers’ money that is wasted cleaning up after public holiday celebrations is not elitist, it’s common sense.

The people who recently limited access to the park are the thousands of selfish losers who trashed the park, smashed glass everywhere and shat in the playground, making the park dangerous and unusable for everyone else. Stop making excuses for them and do what is required to prevent it happening again.

If Jolly thinks that what happened in Edinburgh Gardens is acceptable he should be out there picking up the shit. The only way he could distinguish himself from Bolt would be to rub his face in it…


  1. So Stephen Jolly’s opposition to the construction of a new public toilet back in 2010 was based on his view that the Endinburgh sufficed in this regard.

  2. Bolt says in the article mentioned, “And when 15,000 people in one of the country’s most progressive and green areas hold a party in the local Edinburgh Gardens, they naturally leave the park looking like this”. The implication is that these were Fitzroy locals. The thing is, at the 2011 Census, the total population of Fitzroy, from age 0-85+ was 9,430. If we add Fitzroy North (@11,473) we get 20,903. If we remove the 2623 children under 15, we get 18,280. Now, assuming the green left environment loving people of Fitzroy are actually responsible enough to believe in babysitting, we can also assume that at least one parent (or other responsible adult) will stay at home with these children, so lets take off another 2500 for good measure. That brings us to 15,780. So by Bolt’s logic, assuming EVERY single available adult in Fitzroy went to the Edinburgh Gardens on New Years, then yes, green left, latte sipping Fitzroy and Fitzroy North is indeed a disgrace (not to mention the 780 of their out of town ‘friends’).

  3. Jolly’s extremism blinds him to the fact that those he supports defected in our park, lane ways, between cars (McKean St) and on the play equipment. Clearly he thinks this animal like behaviour is justified with the boring slogan of free access to parks. Like in all other functions in society, we ban and punish those who can’t treat their fellow man with respect, let alone themselves. Ban them and return the park to those in the local community who value it and respect it. Steven, give me your address and ill find a reason to piss on your lawn. You’ve embarrassed yourself and your supporters. City of Yarra, stop treating your CONSTITUENTS with contempt. Will be attending the council meeting on 7 Jan at Richmond Town Hall (close to all of us).

  4. No alcohol in the EG ; hence those animals who would otherwise hold no compunctions about defecating in someone’s front garden now have little reason to come back.

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