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lunch at the Vietnamese lunar new year festival, Victoria St Richmond

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Today I lunched on Victoria St amidst the Vietnamese lunar new year festival. The street was closed to traffic between Hoddle and Church streets (the 109 tram was not running) and the length of the street was filled with food and other stalls. There was also an excellent lion dance and firecracker ceremony to welcome the new year.

I ate banh khot (small coconut pancakes with prawns) for the first time and loved them! Is there anything better than meat on sticks? Is there any culture that doesn’t have meat on sticks? If so why not? From the top down: meat on sticks (bbq pork (nem nuong) and beef in betel leaves); calamari; banh khot; banh khot being made; and the lion dance.

Also, what’s with the Korean potato twist stalls? Why are they at the Spanish festival on Johnston St in Fitzroy and why are they also at the Vietnamese festival in Richmond? Why do these events allow such irrelevant vendors?






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  1. Every year the Spanish Festival attracts increasingly irrelevant cuisines, including African, Caribbean, Korean as you mentioned, and the ubiquitous Turkish gözleme stalls.

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