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Berrissimo is closing on Brunswick St


It’s going to be a week of closure posts this week. As I predicted one year ago, Brunswick St doesn’t need two froyo providers. Although it opened first, Berrissimo looks like it is selling up and closing down (thanks to @bitsroy for the news). Frolic survives (for now).

Never mind the respective qualities of the consumable product, its interior design and branding is not as slick and shiny as Frolic’s across the road, and it is the image that gets people in. A good product keeps them coming back, but that doesn’t help if they don’t come in to try it. Then there’s the bigger competition from N2 gelato, which has made Trampoline look old in comparison.




  1. I don’t think Frolic is there for the long haul either, given the rate of custom …

  2. I’m a repeat customer (and blogger!) and I’ll be sorry to see them go. But you’re absolutely right – Brunswick St is beyond its carrying capacity for icecream/gelato/froyo.

  3. I can see N2 gelato going downhill slowly, limited choice of flavours, no sample before you buy, more nitrogen deserteries opening.

    Messina on the other hand!

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