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illegally dumped


People are morons. The City of Yarra provides a free hard rubbish collection service, so why do so many residents dump rubbish on the street? This dryer was dumped on the corner of Brunswick and Cecil streets. I’ve not noticed objects marked with tape like this before. Is this new? It is suitably like a crime scene.

Part of it is ignorance of the availability of the service, but I suspect much of it is selfishness and laziness, and the urban recycling that occurs with dumped goods does not entirely excuse this. If you’re genuine about giving away working goods, there are online communities to facilitate this. If it’s broken and useless to the average person, call the council. Or just carry on being a selfish shit of a neighbour…



  1. So if Council pick it up either way for free then what does it matter?

    • Booking a collection from council means that rubbish is not abandoned on the footpath for extended periods of time and is less inconvenient for other people, including council. It’s all about sharing public space and making the best use of ratepayer funded services.

  2. This seems to be a developing trend, lazy fuckers who think it’s fine to dump stuff wherever, not just in Fitzroy either. Started with the mass discarding of redundant analogue TV’s and that seems to have opened the floodgates.

    Not sure what the tape achieves either, I mean how exactly do they investigate??

    There’s a parcel of land outside my place that became a dumping ground for shifty tight-arsed types in the dead of night, to the point that we contemplated making a statement by building an art installation on the land comprising of the different rooms of a house, there was that much household shit.

    The crime scene tape made an appearance there too.

    Eventually we used the power of social media to brow-beat the owners of the land to come and clear it.

    It really is one of my pet hates, no excuse and utterly selfish.

  3. And Chemist’s comment above perfectly exemplifies the attitude that leads to the problem.

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