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new Italian restaurant on Brunswick St


File this one under the ‘what are they thinking?’ category. In a space that once housed Bala’s for many years, a new restaurant is doing exactly what the last one that opened there did. It has opened with a blank identity, an extremely amateurish look, no marketing and no online presence. The only listings I can find are for Menulog and White Pages. Fail.

I’ve walked through office corridors that have more ambiance than this. Latin Passion was a failure before it even opened and I predict the new Dibacio will suffer the same fate. What are these people thinking? It’s Brunswick St. It’s Fitzroy. There are many restaurants within a 5 minute walk of this place. The competition is immense.

Customers can get everything from a bowl of pho to a fancy degustation within 500m of here, so why would anyone choose this nothingness, this restaurant with no identity, its menu printed on plain office paper and stuck in the window, with the printing instructions ‘don’t print text in red’ intact on the printout? It’s an insult to the intelligence of every potential customer who bothers to read it. Next please…

dibacio2 dibacio1


  1. I am yet to see a single customer in there….I’ve walked past at different times on different days.

  2. I had a quick look at the MenuLog menu. It reads like a suburban shopping centre Italian bistro from the 90s and is full of typos (Bruscetta, Porterhousse, Polo, etc). There is also a mysterious menu item in the seafood section (it simply reads ‘Fish’) for $28.

  3. We tried this restaurant out as it is important to give our neighbourhood ventures a little support when they start up.

    Unfortunately it was a disappointment.

    I think a couple of young guys have started up this venture, my advice would be to find an Italian Nonna and get some authentic rich in flavour recipes happening…and fast…no one is going to come back as the food is now.

    Decor, maybe Nonna could do better on that too?

    And they must remove ‘Gourmet’ from their street signage, that is false advertising.

  4. I had dinner at this restaurant last week and it was great, the staff were really friendly and the food was good

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